14 year old dating 17 year old yahoo

And be sure he doesn't want you to try to be. Age gap is actually a huge deal at this age. Think about these things - A 17 year old can drive, a 14 year old cannot - A 17 year old is almost in college, a 14 year old is barely in high school - In a year a 17 year old can legally smoke and go clubbing, a 14 year old cannot - A 17 year old will be an ADULT in a year, a 14 year old will not. I understand that you know this boy but i personally would not condone this because I've been in this situation and i ended up hurt that's all, and I would hate for that to be your case However if you do follow through with it make sure you look for anything that seems not right and address it right away it'll prevent issues in the future.

I am 16 talking to an 18 year old in the grade above me i have a late bday and even that is a world away.

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Feel free to email me for anymore advice. It's on my profile. I don't see why not. If you both get along, have a lot in common, has a nice personality, is nice to you, and hadn't hurt you once I would ignore the age. Age is just a number. But what's with him turning 18 still dating you is illegal? Although I would still keep an open mind about what kind of boys you date. Sure dating someone way older is not always a good idea but I have different opinions here and there.

I'm one of those people dating someone younger but I'm a girl. It's my first time dating.


It is not against the law for a 17 year old and 14 year old to DATE. However, the girl could be getting the guy in trouble if they are having sex. Not to mention that any 17 yr old guy that screws a 14 yr old has serious mental issues anyway I'm fifteen now, When I was 14, i was dating a 16 year old about to be 17 Shortly after, I dated a guy who was 18, for a few months before i turned He's now 19 and we're thinking about getting back together.

Then finally, i recently got out of a relationship with somebody who i started dating just befor my 15th birthday who is now 18 and was 17 at the time, who I'm also thinking about getting back together with. It's not bad in my opinion. My mom dated a 17 year old guy turning 18 when she was 14 and they dated for 5 years.

14 Year Old Girl Dating 17 Year Old Guy?

I think I helped, well I hope so: That's not called dating. Honestly if he can't find someone his own age and has to go after a little kid, don't you think that has pedophile status written all over his forehead EDIT: So you got one. And you say that like I care that ur offended. No MAN should be dating a child like you. I highly doubt ALL of the girls his age are like you say. If you seriously need to ask online strangers for their opinion on this then you KNOW you have no business being with him. If ur parents have met him and said is fine then fine. But what smart parents of a 14 year old will let her date an almost 18 year old.

Im glad you found someone like that!: D I started dating a guy who was 3 years older at 13 and Im 17 and were still together. Prove those basterds So to be Mrs. Well the ideal age gap is 3 or 4 years I think. Attract Beautiful Women http: Related Questions Is it OK for a 14 year old girl to date a 17 year old guy? If a 14 year old girl is dating a 17 year old guy is it against the law?

Is a year-old guy dating a year-old girl pushing it? Answer Questions My 16 year old son got expelled from school today? Relevant17 obvious signs you can often be the woman who both raised.

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