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Johnny — Andrew sort of answered the question. Is someone brave enough to post word for word openers and follow ups that they use? That is not my real email address by the way. Monogamy is not for adults, it evolved for the protection of children. But once you make the decision to become bring another living being in the world — the game changes. Ms Brava, please stop making off-topic comments. There are plenty of articles about monogamy on this blog. Feel free to comment about monogamy under the proper articles.

Now tones of them after i sent my opener come and check out my profile but i rarely if any get replies. There was one that i wrote twice because i was not sure if i wrote to her or not, and she replied that she was tired of meeting losers and was going to close out her account. At my age i look pretty good, i am muscular and most women that see me in real life give me a compliment about broad shoulders or touches me, i am not bragging i am just saying what happens. Now i had a few of my women friends look at my profile my pics, they made me change a few things, they said my pictures where good, i am not shirtless, one is my face the other one is me on vacation because i like to travel.

For one part the women that do message me are not interesting at all, and are scary, last week one of them message me and since i did not reply she started giving me bull about knowing she was fat and that i was missing on not going out with her just focusing on her look. From what i seen thus far you get the 5 foot 2 pounds fatty who is rated a 1 on the scale asking to meet a tall muscular men with a great smile confident and all.

I did a few tests on my own too, change my pics and more and it did not get better. I do believe that a lot of women on there are on theses sites for ego trips, and confidence boost, they have no intention of meeting anyone, they just savor every compliment guys email them. I have been on the site for 6 months now and have met 2 women so far, and both did not look one bit like there profile picture needless to say i did not get layed.

My BlackDragon style "blitz" ends in miserable failure. Need ideas for next time.

This is my honest review on theses dating website unless someone is lying telling me i look good for my age, i must be one ugly motherfucker hahahhahah. My first language is french, and my spelling on the online dating is perfect.

I use a spell corrector. Hope this clears some confusion. I used to be on POF Plenty of fish and Badoo and both site suck, i spoke to many women and when the time came to ask for coffee no more replies most of them are attention whores, i gave up online dating because it simply does not work. Dude, you actually miss one important poing in your response-to-getting-laid conversion math.

If you get better response rate you can achieve the same amount of dates and getting laid with less time invested into sending openers. So the final part of the equation is factoring in how much time you need to come up with a good opener vs how much time you need to send out more of them. The first part is individual and depends on your wit while the last one is more or less fixed for everyone. But sending openers takes minutes if not seconds per woman, while dates take hours. Also many factors affecting the response rate are outside your control.

Maybe something in the site attracts the kind of women that are only there for validation and not actual dates, etc. My point is that better response rate is good if you adjust number of the openers to your response rate.

The situation you describe where guy A has less net efficiency is the case only if guy A does not adjust the number of his openers to his response rate and wastes more time to convert all his shitload of responses into dates he has no time for anyway. Now in a follow up message I will start complementing appearance, since they usually see my profile and like it.

This takes roughly messages back and forth. Problem is, I do pretty much everything that BD suggests to do on first dates but nothing usually comes of it. Probably something to do with the bullshit in my head lol. Long term its crap and a huge waste of time. To actually meet them it was very demanding and a lot of work to honestly end up being disappointed.

Online dating is the bottom dump of the world where all the losers go to meet people. Most men will come out frustrated, insulted and worst they get insulted or turned down by very below average women with 2 kids full time and dead end job. I got tired closed all my accounts and never looked back, i am 44 very active train 6 times per week have a great shape for my age, i look good too and got nada from online. How much can that happen? I hate only dating here in Montreal even worst on plenty of fat fish most of them are butt ugly below average hoes that insult you even if you are nice to them.

My confidence was destroyed online but when i go out in the real world things happen. I am 44 and my age bracket as nothing to offer online they got kids full time they never go out, they have low end jobs and they turn me down haha what a joke. Last week we went out to a bar and the waitress asked me to slow dance with her she was 25 imagine never would have gotten this online.

Those openers may work but they compel responses from women who may engage ONLY out of politeness or until the banter gets old. After a minute first date I led each one of them to my place which by the way is 25km away from the place I met them. I manage to make out, touch them on or under their clothes and get their top off, but I get last minute resistance.

What do you make out of this? What is my mistake? Do they somehow have second thoughts later? I use a two-date system but only grand total hours of face time. Do some more reading around this blog and my ebooks for more information. Usually either a cool bar, nice coffee shop, fancy self-serve deli, or mall food court, in about that order of frequency.

Coffee shops are indeed free. I have ordered the ebook listed above and read it but I still have an unanswered question. I understand not trying for sex on the first date with a woman you meet online but have never met in person. However, I often meet women in a bar and talk or drink together for minutes.

If such a woman meets me for a date after that, I have a very high success rate of sex on that second meeting first date and keeping them around. In my experience such one night stands end after the first sexual encounter I have only had one exception where I had a one night stand and the woman kept meeting me thereafter. Exactly what to do varies based on the situation.

BD, I have a question about the definition of a first date. I met a very cute 23 yo at a beer garden event and sat near her talking with very very little escalation for about one hour. We exchanged contact and I invited her to dinner the following week which she accepted. When she came to our date she was very happy to see me and hold my arm as we walked.

I then tried to take her to a love hotel but she did not want to and we had drinks where I escalated and kissed. Although this method of first meet, then go all out on first date has worked for me before it scared her off. Do you think I should have considered our first dinner date as the first date, or as the second date where I try to have sex with her?

Day2 means you meet a girl very briefly during daygame or whatever, then have a date later where you can spend more time. She was so much my type that I rushed it and ultimately lost her. That is one reason I think your method is superior to Roosh who always advises to go for the lay on the first date, because if you scare her away by being too aggressive then there is no second chance in my opinion.

Maybe better belly than thighs, and about touching jewelry, well… hard to see the point to it. Man — I gotta give it up — this is an aggressive strategy. Personally, I think 3 and 13 are solid gold. Would this system still be as effective with a girl who is a virgin? Would it generally take the same amount of time to have sex if she is inexperienced. Girls are all attracted to Outcome Independence, confidence and so on, which is what these tips makes shine out of you. From personal experience, I can tell you that for me, it has taken longer time to bed virgins and girls with only 1 previous sexual partner than other girls.

However, it is still very doable within a short timeframe, and the path is still the same. Be careful not to break their hearts. Their first sexual experience can mean a lot to them, and since they are very bad at reading signals due to lack of experience.

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Sex on the second date. Her clinginess was a big factor in us not being together for long. Sex on the third date. I pestered her for some time and got a second date in a couple of weeks, on that date I came in her mouth. The second date resulted in her staying the night. She woke me in the middle of the night, horny, and gave me a BJ. I disliked just about everything I found out about her personality, so I performed an experiment by giving her The Talk. She did have experience, but all of it abusive. I live in China, and the women are extremely inexperienced overall.

Talk about things like their favorite male celebrities or music stars. Get them talking about what attracts them in men, irrelevant of sex. By the way, I have an Chinese Alpha Male 2. I had a conversation with my landlord, a middle aged guy, telling him a bit about the lifestyle. Online dating is VERY suited to the cultural inclinations.

Anyway, the point is the market is certainly ripe. I have often followed his advice, but then a high rate of no callbacks after the kissing on the first date.. But still……… what to do? There is conflicting guidance out there…. I was referred to an attractive girl from a friend of mine.

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I initiated and sent her a text last week. BD what if she asks what do I do for fun, hobbies etc? I am an active athlete and love some extreme shit and travelling around the world. Luckily I was born with good genetics on a decent wealthy family, and have had and taken many opportunities like this. I think travelling demonstrates high value? I love going to good concerts , I usually hate clubbing till I puke and only go to places I enjoy and dance and have fun.

Should I just redirect the question to her? The 1 priority when DHVing is to be brief and to be relatable. Does seeing a river give her wanderlust? Does she have a quiet pond where she goes to contemplate? Did she have a great time on the beach as a child with her siblings like you did—splashes in your face on your yacht remind you of this? The possibilities are endless. What is the theory behind not kissing on the 1st date? Why is kissing without sex such a bad thing?

According to BD it statistically reduces the odds of a lay, especially if your goal is to get laid several times. First off thanks to BD for an excellent source of wisdom and information. I have been following for a while and have learned so much here. My appreciation can not be expressed enough.

Minimal contact from then on until about a week later she wanted to get together again so I suggested a place about 10 minutes from me. We had a couple of slices of pizza and talked for about an hour. Another hour or so later it was game on. This stuff works, big time! I got married very young and had no game before, during or after. Once single I tried to be captain Save a Ho which worked out about as well as can be expected.

Since this is still relatively new territory for me I have some more things to navigate, mainly how to keep things from escalating too much or ending up with oneitis. Either way I doubt I would have seen results like this using my old method, which was basically Beta to the core. I really should try the Blackdragon method. Instead, I wanted to see how far I could go. Could I really make it happen.

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