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Dating, It's Complicated: Issue #48 - CollegeHumor Post

Before I even got a chance to see her wear them, she broke up with me and 5 days later had a new boyfriend. I found out the other day that my new phone's emoticons are slightly off. D" on other people's phones. This girl I've recently started dating must think I'm such an asshole because every time she's texted me about something sad, I've been grinning at her.

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She hasn't seen her dad in months! I have been on a dry spell for over five months.

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  • Dating, It's Complicated: Issue #48.
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I just wanna score 10 points for Gryffindor already. I was seeing a girl for about a month before we finally made our relationship official.

She broke up with me two weeks later because she felt that we rushed too quickly into our relationship. The only thing that changed when we made our relationship official was our relationship status on Facebook. So, I started to follow her blog and everything. When she did her non-nude photoshoot for playboy, I bought 3 copies, one for me, one for my brother, and one for a friend of mine and sent them in to be signed. Well it took a long time for the signed playboys to come back, and before they did, my girl and I begun to sleep together.

I had to tear the playboy in half and throw it away, then throw the trash in the dumpster to get her to stop yelling at me. I have been dating this girl for three years now so I decided to propose to her. One day I decided I was going to try and 'motor-boat' my girlfriend's boobs. The only issue which I didn't think about at the time was that I have very thin blood, and am prone to violent nosebleeds.

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Blood ALL over her boobs. My girlfriend hates the movie Anchorman because it's the only movie I wouldn't pause to have sex with her. My boyfriend is a very heavy guy. We play this game where he lays on top of me and I try to get out from under him.

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The first time my boyfriend and I had sex, he started humming the Super Mario Bros theme song while he put on the condom. I couldn't stop laughing, needless to say this has become a common occurrence. Do you like us too?