Dating girl three years older

Find your inner Madonna and come up with a good comeback to use on the fly with rude people and ways to stay secure in your new fling.

Haters gonna hate.

You need to be really clear about your goals — both professional and personal — and hash it out with them. If someone is still figuring things out, it might not be time to sign a lease together, or even be totally exclusive, just yet. You might find that a younger partner does want to get serious right away or that every fight seems like the end of the world.

A younger partner might be harder to break up with because of this. Try to be as diplomatic as possible. Even if you have sage life advice to impart, know when to just STFU.

Know when you can offer help and when they just want you to listen to them. Instead of fighting it, or worse, judging your new SO for their squad, soak up the fact that you both get some alone time with your respective crews. We know we sound like a broken record, but this, too, depends on the situation. Maybe your younger mate has more sexual experience than you do. I'd date anyone from 18 to 40, but the further from me they are either side of my age the more they're going to have to be something really special.

My ideal range is and that is who I get on best with.

How Young is Too Young to Date?

Originally Posted by writergal. They go through milestones together, like starting a family, buying a car or house, getting married, etc. Age isn't as important as what life stage you're at.

Dating a guy 3 years younger than me

Originally Posted by AVarma. I'm not so sure about that. If a 40 year old were to go back to college I don't think he'd be compatible with an 18 year old even though technically they are the same stage in life.

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It means almost nothing. The difference can easily be negated by life experience. I have had 2 relationships where the guys were 3 years younger then me. Had no problems with them because of the age factor at all.

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So I'll be the one dissenting voice here then I wouldn't consider dating someone years older than me unless she were absolutely stunning and looks after herself very well. I'm 31 and do look after myself very well. Dating someone mid-thirties also means the 'do we have kids' questions is an immediate concern, since female fertility is dropping fast at that point.

I'd normally date mid to late twenties, so a 35 year old is up to 10 years older than the sort of girl I might normally date. They would need to be exceptional for me to justify that.

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Dating Someone 6-7 Years Older Than You - LONG TERM?

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As long as you are at the same life stage, age is just a Share Share this post on Digg Del. Originally Posted by d0nnivain As long as you are at the same life stage, age is just a. Originally Posted by writergal This. Originally Posted by AVarma I'm not so sure about that. My SO is 18 years older Women who would you rather date: An woman older than me by 8 years.. Amazing Woman, 3 years older, need.