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Yearning to detach herself from the Brown drama and rebrand her image, Tran has started healing by moving away from her former musician boyfriend and focusing on her acting career. According to International Business Times , she wants the public to see her as a business-oriented woman. She notes that it's not an easy transition, but she's determined to transform from being a tabloid topic to a TV star.

The Muse would co-sign with Tran's decision to focus on her career goals. Afterall, success is the best kind of revenge! In April , former football player Hank Baskett snuck out on ex-Playmate Kendra Wilkinson , while she was 8 months pregnant with her second child, for a lurid tryst with transsexual model Sabrina London. Despite being devastated by the affair and even contemplating suicide , she decided to stick it out with Baskett.

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According to InTouch Weekly , Wilkinson said that she didn't want her kids to suffer a broken home. Wilkinson thanks her stint on Marriage Bootcamp for being partially responsible for her reconciliation with Baskett. On the reality show, she says she learned to alter her perception of the true meaning of forgiveness.

At one point, she believed forgiving meant "giving in" and submitting one's self to the other person. But according to Kendra, she now understands that forgiveness is about unity. Wilkinson claims she's now "very happy," according to US Weekly. In working with couples for nearly 30 years, Michele Weiner-Davis concluded that seeking quality therapists to resolve relationship rifts is the best option. When parents call it quits, Weiner-Davis says, the children suffer. They are ping-ponged from house to house, must deal with stepparents who may not have their best interests, and suffer financial setbacks due to the split.

Tina Campbell , one-half of the Mary Mary gospel duo, was enraged when she found out that her husband, Teddy Campbell , had an extramarital affair in What's even worse is that the woman her husband cheated on was someone she trusted - the woman was "like a godmother" to Tina Campbell's kids. Tina didn't take the news lightly. She destroyed three cars and even plotted murders.

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Yes, you read correctly - murders. Tina was, as you can imagine, livid. In the end, however, Tina decided to stay by Teddy's side and renew her vows. She told C Nikky that while she does blame her husband for shaking up the marriage, she also takes full responsibility for her own actions that jeopardized the relationship as well, including being controlling and not paying her husband enough attention. Her ability to forgive, according to the Christian Post , is credited to her Christian faith. Tina turned to her spirituality and Bible for practical advice on how to mend her marriage with Teddy.

Most importantly, Tina thanked her "praying family" for supporting her through Teddy's infidelity. According to Paul Amato , professor of sociology at Penn State, strong religious views are one of the main deterrents of divorce, along with economical dependence and children. Whether you choose to ride it out or jump ship, betrayed lovers should learn to let go of the pent-up feelings that overwhelm them after an affair comes to light. Affairs are so hard on couples to work through, but not impossible. The answer, of course, is different for each situation and couple but generally there are some guidelines:.

Everything You Need To Know About Cheating In A Relationship

Many therapists agree that one of the hardest parts of the affair is the secret that occurred between the two who had the affair and from the spouse. In order to heal that damage, the secret must be revealed. A willingness to talk, no matter how painful, is an important way that trust can be rebuilt.

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There is nothing that you can ask that I have not or will not answer. Until that happens, those who have been betrayed will find that they cannot let go of the questions and worries. Once questions have been answered then the obsessions can subside. The hurt partner should guide the conversation and information flow. He or she will know how much that they can handle at that moment in time.

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The one who had the affair should be open and honest. While it may feel cruel, it really is not helpful or protective to hide information. Talk about it whenever the hurt partner needs to … for the first few days. After that, find ways to limit the conversation to much smaller amounts of time in order to allow the relationship to heal and recover.

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Once all of the basic information has been uncovered, it is good to step away from affair talk and focus on rebuilding the friendship. The friendship is what brings couples together in the first place and that is what forms an important part on the path toward healing. Be sure to find time on a regular basis to continue the conversation but limit that time to no more than 20 minutes a day early on in the recovery.

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  6. Later, have increasing amounts of time between those conversations. The therapist will be able to guide you along the path toward healing and the controlled environment can make it easier for the conversations to occur. For many it will take months … or even years Most people report that they never forget about the affair; however, over time, they accept, forgive, grow, learn and move forward in their marriage.

    Experiences, memories, places and events can all trigger thoughts, questions, flashbacks and feelings. The betrayed person must be able to ask questions or share those thoughts and feelings without being scared that will be the end of the marriage.