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The first ship I ever LOVED in any fictional story of any kind only lasted 6 episodes and they were still that epic for me. So yeah, sad move but probably for the best. What the hell happened to Cuddy??? Back in the first two seasons and most of the third one too, she had a bit of an Eric Brockovich thing going on, she wore revealing clothes but she wore them with attitude and was perfectly capable of being bitchful to House when he was being an ass.

Go check out fucking episode one of season one, she didn't let House get away with walking all over her, the only way House got one over her was by ALWAYS being right about the medicine, not by undercutting her authority. It was never easy, it was always a pain in the ass for both of them, but Cuddy was somehow able to handle House as much as he can be handled, of course. I liked that Cuddy.

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But, like I said before, in order to make Huddy progress apparently the PTB had no better idea than remove Cuddy's spine and reduce her to a sexual figure with ocassional motherhood appearances some of them lame btw. Where is the strong professional woman we'd once known? I vaguely remember the times when Cuddy was the strong female figure of the show. I think she's ok when she's around anyone besides House, but when she's around him she gets this hurt-puppy and adoring look on her face and just lets him abuse her however he wants, it makes NO SENSE and it hurts my eyes.

I understood why House was attracted to her before, when she bitch-slapped him everytime she tried to undermine her authority, because he could respect her back then. Right now, I know that the PTB are hinting to the fact that House is in love with Cuddy and viceversa , I know that the fact that House hallucinated her saving him means he has deeper feelings for her than just lust, but I seriously can't see what House currently sees in her, she's not even remotely attractive as a character to me right now. And their interactions, I never feel any depth in them, I feel like I'm watching a soap opera everytime I see them together, when trying to make it fun they just end up making it childish and stupid, like kids throwing sand at each other in a sandbox: Season 5 also brought Foreteen, which to me is ok most of the time, but boring a lot of the time as well.

There's no real interest in it for me and part of me wishes Foreman would hook up with someone more fun and cheerful, like a female-Kutner, just because it would be so fun to watch x They've broken up on season 6 but I think they'll get back together, I am interested in how they are gonna play Thirteen's worsening symptoms eventually and how Foreman is going to fit in that storyline. Will he, just like Wilson, have to watch his girlfriend die? As much as I liked it, with all the doubts Cameron had had all over season 5, I knew they were doomed, I was a bit sad and I'll miss them together, but not terribly so.

My dear Hilson shippers, throw all the rocks you want at me, but it's a given that it's never gonna happen, not anything more than what has happened so far. Fox would never be cool with it and I don't think David Shore ever intended to go that way with the House and Wilson relationship. Personally, I think it has yet to be hinted that either House or Wilson are attracted to men, they've always been straight to my eyes.

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For people who disagree, I think it's not without good reason that Wilson fell hard for a female proxy of House and the women House has had good chemistry with not Cuddy in my book have had some Wilson-y qualities to them, not to mention that women come and go all the time, but House and Wilson stick through the years. But again, it ain't gonna happen, the world is still not ready for it, and I'm ok with that, I like their bromance just as it is. Bottom line, House will NEVER end up in a relationship with a happily ever after, he'll still be misery by the end of the show I'm sure.

And Wilson already left once and came back all by himself, don't think he'll ever leave again, he chooses House everytime. So House might end up alone, romantically speaking, but he'll always have Wilson. In the end, it's the winner ship, one way or another. I have no idea how anyone can choose any relationship over House and Wilson anyway, it is clearly the only thing consistently EPIC on this show, and it keeps getting better and better with each passing season.

This show will continue being awesome and as popular as it is as long as they keep delivering a good ammount of bromance, everything else is even if very enjoyable expendable. Without it, House M. I don't know what about Amber didn't jive with me, I don't think I even necessarily disliked her, I just didn't feel one way or the other about her. I liked, though, that she was good for Wilson. She did a lot to help him with some of his crazy-martyr-save-the-world complex, but as we've been seeing, he still needs more work. I get the feeling that Wilson was doing well, up until House's nervous break-down, at which point Wilson's confidence in his ability to help people got knocked into the dust when he proved incapable of helping the person who meant the most to him.

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Which would go a long way for explaining why he keeps trying to nail himself to a cross in season 6, like he wants to be crucified, or something. She was a weak female character who tried to act tough, and only ever succeeded in being walked all over. She was full of herself in more than one way, and was self-righteous with pretty much no reason to be. If they had done a bit more with her character, perhaps revealed a bit more about her reasons for doing things, maybe I could have sympathized with her more, instead of only viewing her as an annoyance.

Foreteen is pretty negligible. It didn't do anything for anyone, and I barely notice its absence. Hope you had a nice holiday: But yeah, just like you said, I bet almost everyone appreciates the help that Amber was for Wilson, a push in the right direction so to speak, and House is continuing the job now on season 6: You made me write too much: For it to work the way the Huddy fans want it to work, too much shit would have to change about their characters, and as you've pointed out, they already pretty much ruined Cuddy.

We can see the dismal effects this pairing has had on one of the only chicks on this show with any balls although I do have to give Thirteen props. She may not be incredibly interesting, but at least she doesn't take shit from anyone. She's like the only female who doesn't, now that Amber's dead. House cannot ever be a father, in any meaning of the word, and still be a House that anyone would want to see. It just doesn't work. And if they try and force it to work, they kill the show. It's just that simple. I approve of this pairing, because I don't hate Cuddy, I do wish she would be happy, and I know she can't feasibly be happy with House, which is one of the many reasons I wish they'd just stop.

She works well with Lucas. He's exactly what she needs. And when she inevitably fucks it up, I'm going to dislike her even more than I do. House and Wilson is the end. It's pretty much the only relationship that has and shall continue to succeed. And no, it isn't romantic in canon, and most likely never will be, but I think most Hilson fans are aware of that; they aren't fans of the pairing, so much as they are fans of the idea of the pairing. At least that's how I feel about it. I know it won't happen. I don't watch every new episode in the hopes of some guy-on-guy frottage, because I know it isn't gonna happen.

But I also don't think the show is gonna end with House being miserable. Will he be romantically involved? But that doesn't necessarily mean he has to be miserable. No, he probably won't be living in bliss, but who the hell ever does? I figure he'll be content. He won't have all the things he's ever wanted, his life will still be hard and largely sucky, but he'll have Wilson, so he can deal.

All I want, by the end, is there to be some realization that in a platonic sense, of course House will come to the conclusion that, when all is said and done, if he has Wilson, he doesn't really need anything else. That's all I ask. I might not get it, but it's honestly the end that makes the most sense to me.

Because, for one, if he's never content and always miserable, then there'll be no real reason for the show to ever end. The natural end seems to be when House just accepts things. To me, at least. Me,personally,I hope for them to get together,but at the same time,I don't really want for it to be canon. Their friendship is amazing,and I want it to stay that way. I'm too tired to read your whole post right now It's 4am , but I just wanted to say Happy Vacationing! I'm going on vacation in a couple of weeks myself, though it is most certainly NOT summer here.

I think a lot of Huddies are coming around to the fact that House and Wilson is the most canon ship on the show,even if it's not romantic.

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I mean,take KatrinDepp,the amazing fanvider who made "Anything for You". She started out as a Hameron shipper,but quickly moved on to being a Huddy shipper. And she's stayed a dedicated Huddy shipper from then,and only ever made Huddy fanvids. That shows you it's the one true pairing. I've always loved the good ship Hilson. I was pretty confused with the stories,having started out five years into the show,but it quickly became clear to me that the relationship between House and Wilson was the strongest thing on House.

I've now seen all the seasons of House except season 4,but I'm getting it today This was her last appearance in the show until her cameo in the series finale. Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune reported that many fans were disappointed the character received less airtime in season 4. Fox Broadcasting announced in September that Cameron would be written out of the series in the middle of season 6.

Before her final episode aired on November 16, , Morrison commented on the announcement of her departure, stating that it was not definite. So that's what I know," Morrison said at the Star Trek home video premiere party.

House Goes On Date With Cameron - House M.D.

Cameron was also present at House 's funeral, telling everyone that "somewhere From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Canadian composer, see Allison Cameron composer. For the American choreographer, see Alison Becker Chase. Jennifer Morrison as Dr. Allison Cameron in House.

You don't love, you need. And now that your husband is dead, you're looking for your new charity case. That's why you're going out with me. I'm twice your age, I'm not great looking, I'm not charming, I'm not even nice.

In House do Cameron and Chase have sex more than once in season 2?

What I am is what you need. The New York Times. Archived from the original on April 20, The Sydney Morning Herald. Cameron and Chase fans may not want to hear it - The Watcher". Archived from the original on Archived from the original on 17 March God " " Who's Your Daddy? Retrieved from " https: