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The dating guide was written to provide tools to assist the drum owner to figure it out for themselves. If you just want an answer in order to sell the drum on eBay or Craigslist, I suggest that you just provide pictures of the drums, paper labels, badges and other information in your listing and let your buyer determine how old it is.

Gretsch History

Let the drum speak for itself. Please do not then take this estimate and put in your eBay listing that you drum has been "evaluated by Gretsch expert Richard Gier" and he determined the exact moment your drum was made. They both are actively supported by great people who are happy to share what they know. Spend some time searching their old posts - you will probably get your questions answered with a little work on your part.

Gretsch Serial Numbers

This site is not associated with Gretsch, Fred W. Ludwig Industries, Conn-Selmer, Inc. Gretsch, great-grandson of the company founder, fulfills his promise to buy the company back and return it to the family fold. Gretsch establishes drum manufacturing center in Ridgeland, S. In celebration of a century of drum making, Gretsch releases a very special limited edition birdseye maple drum set.

Gretsch History | Gretsch Drums

Gretsch Artist Phil Collins joins the prog-rock band Genesis and begins a long and very successful career, reaching multi-platinum status with both the band and as a solo artist. Over 50 years later, Watts still plays Gretsch with the Stones. His nephew, Fred W.

Gretsch Drums Catalina Club 4-piece Drum Kit Review by Sweetwater

Gretsch, vows to buy the company back. Bill Gretsch dies from illness. Following the war, Gretsch resumes instrument production.

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  • Gretsch Drum Serial Number Dating Guide.
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Phil Grant, master percussionist and innovator, joins Gretsch. Gretsch and Louis Bellson team up to introduce first production double bass drum kit.

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The lack of understanding of Gretsch's use of serial numbers leaves the vintage drum owner relatively few tools for estimating the age of their vintage Gretsch drum. Some of these theories are contradictory and few are definitive.

Despite this, John Sheridan proposed a "rule of thumb" for round badge drums in which linked the number of digits in serial numbers to date ranges. Although frustrated by the lack of reliable information, RIck saw a solvable problem.