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A choroid plexus cyst, or CPC, is actually just a collection of fluid and in most cases is gone by week 24 of the pregnancy. These include kidney and abdomen issues, overlapping fingers, a strawberry shaped head, and abnormal feet. As with all chromosomal issues further diagnostic testing will need to be completed before a definitive diagnosis is reached. Trisomy 13 or Patau syndrome can be discovered during an ultrasound, however many babies with this abnormality do not survive until full term.

Those that do survive will have profound mental retardation and likely experience severe seizures. Other markers are nasal malformation, cleft lip and palate, and head abnormalities such as microcephaly. Many babies with Trisomy 13 also have extra fingers or toes. Sometimes an ultrasound is used to determine the age of the fetus.

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Many women think they know exactly when they conceived - even down to the day. But others might not know who, what, when, where, or how it all happened. Some dating ultrasounds reveal a shocking outcome when the baby is much older or younger than a woman expected. Establishing the correct age of a growing child is not only important for a precise due date, but it also needs to be accurate if there are concerns about the development of the baby later in pregnancy. Ultrasounds are accurate to within days of the actual conception date.

In most cases the earlier the dating ultrasound is performed the more accurate it is. A lot of moms to be will get the dating ultrasound even if they are fairly convinced of the conception date, just to be certain of timelines and the viability of the fetus. Some organs will also be visible. As with all ultrasounds, the baby does not always fully cooperate with the technology.

There are instances where a sonographer will not be able to find a limb of the fetus. If a limb or part of the baby is not detected in the first trimester it does not necessarily mean that the child will be born without it.

So, what IS my due date?

The doctor and sonographer will likely request an ultrasound during the second trimester, when these parts of the fetus can be seen more easily. The waiting between these two ultrasounds can be agony for any parent. During a routine ultrasound the sonographer will look at the functions of the heart of the fetus. If they notice any abnormalities a more in depth ultrasound called a fetal echocardiogram, which focuses directly on the heart, will be recommended.

If a mother has a history of heart disease, or has already had a child with a heart abnormality, the fetal echocardiogram may also be ordered as a precaution. A fetal echocardiogram not only looks at the structure of the heart, but also the function. It is usually done between 18 and 24 weeks of pregnancy. If an abnormality is found during the fetal echocardiogram more high level ultrasounds or a fetal MRI may need to be performed to fully diagnose the issue.

Spina Bifida is a neural tube defect that happens when the tube along the back does not fully close during very early fetal development. The initial red flag indicating Spina Bifida may be present is a blood test that shows high levels of AFP, a protein produced by the baby. Sonographers will look for an opening in the spine which indicates Spina Bifida.

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If one is found they will look closely at the opening and determine if there is a sac covering the nerves or if it is an open lesion. The technician will also look Inside the skull of the fetus for any deformity of the cerebellum, which is often connected to open spinal lesions.

The size and smoothness of the ventricles will also be assessed and can give clues to how serious the problem is. Another indicator of Spina Bifida is when the legs of the baby are not extending and flexing properly. Various organs of the baby are closely looked at in a prenatal ultrasound, and about 1 in births a defect in the kidneys or urinary tract is detected. If a kidney appears enlarged in the ultrasound it is most often a blockage restricting the flow of urine.

Another fairly common issue is with the valve mechanism which, when failing, allows urine to flow back into the kidney. Another problem which can be discovered with the kidneys during an ultrasound is that only one is functioning. The amazing thing is that in this case the other kidney will usually compensate for the problem, increase in size, and function at a high enough capacity for the child to grow into a normal healthy adult.

Of course if the child ever has a problem with this kidney later in life the situation would be much more severe than an adult with two functioning kidneys. A cleft lip and palate can be discovered during a prenatal ultrasound. A cleft lip is when there is a split in the lip that can go all the way up to the nasal passage. A cleft palate is when the roof of the mouth remains open instead of closing during the development of the fetus. If a cleft lip or palate is discovered in an ultrasound the pregnant woman will likely be sent for further diagnostic testing, as these defects can be symptoms of other abnormalities such as Van der Woude syndrome.

Treatment for cleft lip and palate varies depending on how severe the deformity is. The reason a pregnant woman is asked to fill her bladder for the ultrasound is a physical one. In early pregnancy when the uterus is still small-ish, it is often hidden behind the bowel, which inhibits the sonographers view of the fetus.

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When the bladder is full it actually pushes the bowel out of the way, revealing the uterus. If the bladder is not full enough a pregnant woman will be asked to drink more water, and wait longer. This creates a cyclical effect of waiting and holding because now the original appointment time has been taken by another patient, and the woman needs to wait for a new opening. In the end it is all worth it, but in the moment it can all be very frustrating. After heart problems, malformations of the central nervous system are the second most commonly discovered problems.

What can I do?

Some of the aspects of the central nervous system that are assessed during a typical prenatal ultrasound include the cerebellum, lateral ventricles, and thalami. It can be difficult to detect certain abnormalities in the central nervous system until later in the pregnancy as some parts do not become apparent on an ultrasound until as late as 30 weeks gestation.

Some disorders that can be noticed when assessing the central nervous system are, but not limited to, Microcephaly, Megalencephaly, Walker-Warburg syndrome, and Polymicrogyria. If a sonographer notices any issues in the brain of a fetus they will recommend extensive further testing, likely including an MRI.

If a genetic problem is discovered in a child all future children of that woman can be tested early on for the same abnormality, usually with a diagnostic test rather than an ultrasound.

Most people feel nervous about an ultrasound because the fetus might not cooperate and give the best images, but no one expects to find out that the baby is actually not alive. One of the first things a sonographer will look for in an ultrasound is the fetal heartbeat, to ensure the pregnancy is viable. If one is not found, it means the fetus has died in utero. Depending on what week the pregnancy is in this will be considered a miscarriage or a stillbirth depending on if it is before you after 20 weeks. If a miscarriage occurs the body will likely naturally pass the fetus in what somewhat seems like a heavy period.

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Can early ultrasound be wrong?

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My cheat sheet includes 3 additional calculation methods so that you can have a better understanding of your due date and how realistic it actually is. Your due date is wrong. Hello, I requested the download but the link says that the files have been removed from Dropbox. Are they still available? This was very helpful, we new parents are more often these days pressured into induced labour, based on a date that could be very wrong.

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