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Two celebs are paired together and have a pretend marriage: The couple go on dates and get to know each other, and although we know it's all acting, there have been many couples viewers have wished could become real. Celebs are sent into the wilderness and made to scavenge for supplies to survive. It tests everyone's patience and strength, and most get a bit loopy a few eps in, which makes it all the more fun. They play games, display their talents, dance at twice the speed and are forced to show off their aegyo.

Many an idol group has gained new fans from an appearance on this show. The cast, along with guests, take on crazy challenges that last two days and one night. They play silly games to win supplies and food, and there are a lot of jokes in between. Combining K-pop with cardio suddenly isn't so bad! Signout Register Sign in. Previous Next Show Grid.

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Hyena On The Keyboard. I Am A Man. I Can See Your Voice. I Like To Sing. I Live Alone Special. I Love You Kshow.

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  8. I See Your Voice Season 2. I See Your Voice Season 3. I See Your Voice Season 5. I Too Am Ceo. Idol Singing Contest Special. Idol Star Athletics Championships Immortal Songs Season 2. In Bed With Boss. Infinite Challenge The 13 Year Special. Intensive Tour - Sin And Punishment. Invincible Youth Season 2. Is Separation A Big Deal? Island Trio Season 2.


    Its Okay To Travel. Jam Live Quiz Room. Jeon Hyun-Moo Show Special. Jung And Shin Issue. K-Pop Star Season 5. KBS Entertainment Awards KBS Music Festival Kids Are Lifes Blessing. King Of Mask Singer. King Of Mask Singer Special. Korean Cuisine and Dining. Korean Traditional Music Concert. Kpop Star Hunt Season 1. Kpop World Festival In Changwon. Law Of The City. Law Of The Jungle. Law of the Jungle - Hidden Kingdom.

    Law Of The Jungle Season Law Of The Jungle Treasure. Learning The Hard Way. Let Me Beautify Your Home. Dream Team Season 2. Lets Eat With Friends. Lets Go Video Travel. Level Up Project Season 2. Line TV Surplines Exo. Lipstick Prince Season 2. Little House In The Forest. Live Info Show 2.

    Live Quiz For Dummies. Live Stream Blind Date. Look After My Dog. Macho House Season 2. Mamamoo x GFriend Showtime. Man Vs Child Korea. Master In The House. Match Made In Heaven Returns. Men In Black Box. Men Who Gather Wild Herbs. Mix And The City. Mnet Asian Music Awards Mom And Dad Are Alie. Monday Couple CF interview. Music Bank Hot Stage. Music Bank In Berlin. Music Bank In Chile. Music Bank In Jakarta.

    Music Bank In Singapore. Music Bank With Eng Lyrics. Music Video Bank Season 2.

    Korean Celebrity Reveals How You Can Tell When An Idol Is Dating

    MV Bank Season 2. MV Bank Stardust Season 2. My Daughters Men Season 4. My English Puberty Hours. My Father And I. My Husband Is A Foreigner. My Mom Is A Celebrity. My Money Partner- Next-door Ceos. My Room, Row 1. My Town Sheriff 4. Mystery Music Show Mask King. Mystery Rank Show Nest Escape Season 2. Nest Escape Season 3. New Journey To The West 2. New Journey To The West 2: New Journey To The West 3.

    New Journey To The West 5. New Journey To The West 6. New Late Night E News. New Yang Nam Show. Newlyweds Diary Season 2. Noh Hong Chuls Street Show. Oh My Girl Miracle Expedition. One Day Healing Trip. One Day Healing Trip Season 2. One Night Food Trip. One Night Food Trip 3. One Night Food Trip: One Night Sleepover Trip. Our School Of Life.

    Korean Celebrity Reveals How You Can Tell When An Idol Is Dating

    Outrageous Roommates - Rooms Available. People In This Household. People Looking For Laughter. Pets GO Doggy Trip. Photo People in Tokyo. Please Call My Name. Please Look After Me. Power To The Children. Problem Child in House. Produce Season 2. Real Class - Elementary Kid Teachers. Real GOT7 Season 1. Real GOT7 Season 2. Real GOT7 Season 3. Real Life Men And Women. Runaway Adults — Puberty In Their 40s. Rural Police Season 2. Rural Police Season 3. Same Bed Different Dreams. Same Bed, Different Dreams Season 2. Same Life Unlike Dreams: Sanlih Drama Awards Ceremony SBS Entertainment Awards SBS Gayo Daejun SBS Music Awards Search For Hidden Money.

    Secret Book Club Season 2. Senior Talk Show Golden Pond. Seoul International Drama Awards Seventeen One Fine Day. Seventeen One Fine Day in Japan. Shinee One Fine Day. Shinhwa Broadcast Season 2. Show Me The Money Show Me The Money Season 3. Show Me The Money Season 4. Show Me the Money season 5. Show Me The Money Season 6. Single Wife Season 2. Sisters Slam Dunk Season 2. Society Game Season 2. Someday, Suddenly, Foreign Comedians.

    The Romantic and Idol Episode 2 P (3/5)

    Son In Law Edition. Sound Of Grazing Grass. Star Documentary K-Pop Hero. Sugar Man Season 2. Super Idol Chart Show. Super Junior One Fine Day. Super TV Season 2. Take Care Of My Dad. Take Care Of The Witch. Teen Rapper Season 2. Aloha State Season 1. Thanks For The Food. The 25th Seoul Music Awards. The Boss Is Watching. The Bunker Season 5. The Bunker Season 6.

    The Bunker Season 7.