Man single at 38

Is your pic a decent representation of what you actually look like IRL?

Will single over 40s be single forever?

Try upping the age limit and choose more on personality and interests than looks, and see if you have more success with second dates. There's a disconnect somewhere. You get a 1st date based on looks. Did you come on too strong? Did you let your insecurities about your looks come out? You say on another thread you have turned into a "bitter woman hater", so perhaps that is your answer.

Once bitten, twice shy we all get that. BUT I guess, you cannot hide your misogynist feelings and your dates will sense that.

Originally Posted by oldshirt. I'm 50 and shaved bald. Here are some true words - bald is better than balding. Balding is something disfiguring that happens to you and generally looks unattractive and is the but of jokes women put down balding men like men put down fat women However taking a razor and shaving your head bald is an intentional act and there for is a "style.


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General Relationship Discussion Everything else under the sun. Not sure where to post? This is the place! Page 1 of 3. I'm a 38 year old man, single, never been married I haven't been with a woman in 6 months and I'm striking out getting second dates on Match. Originally Posted by d0nnivain How young are you trying to date?

He's 38 and Still Single, and Here Are the Reasons Why

Canada, Via London England. Originally Posted by Tayken O please Originally Posted by Tayken Most women who don't work, work part-time, or have no good career, will rely on state pension or the pension of some guy who they are able to convince to take them and their baggage on. Originally Posted by ponchsox My Match range was Originally Posted by elaine Your match range is far too young for you, if you consider yourself physically unattractive.

Originally Posted by ponchsox Had no problem getting first dates with attractive women, but no bueno for a second date. Originally Posted by d0nnivain There's a disconnect somewhere. Originally Posted by oldshirt I'm 50 and shaved bald. I was frustrated with myself: Why couldn't I just let go of that damn sweater -- throw it away for good so I could wear a new one that actually flattered my figure?

If you'd asked how I thought my adult life was going to look while I was growing up, I would have given answers full of hope and aspiration. At 4 years old, I was going to be Wonder Woman; at 10, an Olympic swimmer and the first female pro baseball player; at 16, a professional photographer living in a loft in New York City; and at 17, I was going to be on Saturday Night Live.

My answers would also invariably have involved this statement: I will be married to the man of my dreams and have a family. My father left my mother when I was 7 years old. Afterwards, my mother told me that not only had he left, he'd left both me and my sister.

35 and Single!

At the age of 7, I created a huge fear for myself about people leaving me. Then my mother became sick and angry, and I became her outlet: Since that time, she has apologized numerous times and I have forgiven her. My father has also apologized.

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Yet here I am, 38 years old and still afraid of someone I love walking out the door. I've been told that we don't choose our jobs or careers -- they choose us. I have both a career and a job. I'm upper management in an assisted living facility for people who have Alzheimer's and Dementia. I'm a dating coach, and a damn good one at that.

The irony is unmistakable: I'm in a career in which I take care of people and help family members let go of their loved ones on a daily basis. Yet here I am, unable to even let go of my last relationship. When I was a child I decided I wasn't being taken care of; to make up for that, I now take care of others. Not only that, I also coach people on how to find the loves of their lives, partly by becoming aware of where they are getting in their own way in their dating behavior. And I'm passionate about dating; finding the love of my life is my only dream.

Yet here I am, 38 and single. When I was 35, I began to take a hard look at my relationship life. What I saw was this: I was 35, single, and I was the only common thread in every relationship I'd ever had. I also saw that I'd consistently chosen men who verbally abused me. In other words, in my relationships with men I was always recreating my entire childhood with my mother. When I discovered this, I made a decision: I was going to choose differently the next time. Choose differently I did. I chose a man who was loving and kind.

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I chose a man who was funny and friendly and whom everyone liked. I chose a man who could give. The only problem was, almost three years later I discovered he could only give so much. As the relationship progressed, he admitted to me many times that deep down, he was all about himself. While he treated me well and loved me, it became apparent that he would always choose what he wanted first, and do what he wanted to do, when he wanted.

And I'm not saying anything he didn't say to me himself. We had a good run. We went on great vacations. We learned how to compromise.

I'm a 38 year old man, single, never been married - Community Forums

We learned how to forgive. We created amazing dates and adventures for both of us as a couple. We had amazing sex and most of all, we created love. We discussed being together forever and I really believed I could finally have it all: Then, two weeks after Valentine's Day of this year, we broke up. I had to move out of the home he owned that we called "ours.