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In terms of match making they have already explained why they do not include match making for raids.

28 Prison of Elders Matchmaking: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This also carries over to the higher pvp modes. If you are looking to level up or find people to play with you just ask on gamefaqs or head over to lfg.

Matchmaking destiny prison of elders

I have met some really cool people off both sites. It does stink that they don't have match making but it would most likely turn into a crap fest. So feel free to add me and message me to play or check out those sites! With a little help 34 is easy to get to; Currently playing: Destiny Feel free to add me! Matchmaking can't force communication, and the end game content requires communication. Add to that the AFKers just looking to get carried, and in the case of raids people who will just grab a specific checkpoint and bail.

Matchmaking is a horrible idea for these activities. Nothin' beats the hobo life, Stabbin' folks with my hobo knife There needs to be an option at this point for Nightfalls and PoE up to level I understand no matchmaking for raids and PoE Because good luck getting the majority of matchmade games to do a simple qodron, much less skolas.

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Hell, I quit archon priest the majority of the time on dragon strikes because I know that one of my teammates will inevitably stand back and glitch the 3 waves. LFG is manual and requires all of 30 seconds of additional work, but does a great job at filtering potential teammates to a relatively small pool who possess the right gear and, more importantly, the communication needed to do these activities. And there are enough sherpas on there offering help. In other words, keep it the way it is. None of my other friends were on and I got to easily complete the event anyway.

It was a great experience. Please more of this bungie!! Yeah, after long day at work where I have to talk to strangers all day long I want to start up Destiny and shoot stuff. I dont want to go on lfg sites first, having to sell myself only to find a team 20 minutes later that cant stop talking and kicks you if you're not communicating.

I just want to shoot stuff Bungie. Don't force me to talk to people when I don't feel like it.

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I also play destiny to shoot aliens in the face, and not to make relationships with other gamers. I would love matchmaking in one form or another to help me find random people to run through end game content with So Bungie needs to stop playing matchmaker in their efforts to kindle new friendships through lazy coding, and implement some group finding mechanics in game! I don't want to meet friends in a video game.

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I want to shoot aliens in the face. Too bad the game operates like it does. No easy communication, and no MM. Hope they change this in Destiny 2. Bungie has once again said "-blam! They know they need us yet they continue to ignore us because there are enough of us who will keep playing. A matchmaking option wouldn't hurt anyone who chose to not use it.

Everyone I've met online has either been a snob or a jackass and are not worth the time and effort to go hunting for. I've already effortlessly zipped through all the "new" content that can be done solo and have jackshit to show for it. As I'm beyond frustrated with lag in crucible, I really have no reason to play Destiny. I guess I'll just hope for better days when Destiny 2 comes out. Completely agree, we will friend people we meet in matchmaking just as we do matchmaking with strangers on LFG sites.

You can still join any activity with a pre-made team Plus it will allow many.. It may even bring more players back. I'm quite sure Activision are unaware of Bungies short sighted views on this that keep the player numbers so low. Its always needed to be in game Give players a choice! Just like you do with weapons in PvP Not.

The Division's incursion showed the main issues of having matchmaking for challenging endgame content. People get kicked because of their gear level.

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Sometimes they get kicked almost at the end, so the party leader can bring a friend to reap the benefits. People are less committed and drop after a few wipes well-advanced into the game. You can get kicked after a while playing just because the party leader thinks you're not pulling your weight. You can get matched with someone who is not pulling his weight and not communicating. You can still play with a team made exclusively on an LFG, or just friends, but if you choose to roll the dice with matchmaking, no one is going to stop you. I despise having to LFG.

Everything should have MM. Edited by joey big guns: It's been annoying since Vanilla. I don't buy video games to make friends, I have friends, I just want to play games. Kinda dumb this whole "forced" LFG and the forum. I have ppl on my Xbox "friends" list but half of those are ppl I don't know nor do they even still play this game. Bungie needs to get off their damn high horse and add optional matchmaking, which hurts no one but snowflakes and whiny hardcore chumps.

I also like the chumps who say, "it won't work". I find it funny that they have some foresight and the ability to tell the future and how MM would work but here they are on a video game forum talking out their asses.