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Sometimes I do wonder, every second lead with some real talent actor got their lead act after acts with famous actor. And every Idol who act with seasoned actor will surely gains something, I do think those Idol really afraid of their sunbae actor, so they really are trying hard, practices hard. Watching the two of them together was the main reason I finished watching that series, because there was really not much of a story.

This is pretty much the only drama for now that I go out of my way to watch as soon as possible. I am still surprised that Yoona has been able to pull this off so well - well enough that I really hope to see her a lot more in dramas. Pretty busy right now with some house rehab and fix-up projects that I want to get done before the summer heat comes back, so not watching as many dramas as I usually do.

Do you think that the PM knows that his late wife died with her lover? Did he keep it a secret from his Bro-in-law to preserve the memory and reputation of his wife? This is what I think, yes. Since he IS a particular, rather grumpy person who actually KNOWS that he is a particular, rather grumpy person - you take those feelings above and add it to his self-knowledge and then sprinkle it pretty heavily with a feeling of guilt toward his children and a desire to protect their mother's memory, let it simmer for 7 years, and you get a man who wants nothing to do with romantic relationships.

It might be that he knows, but prefers that the kids don't find out about it. But so far not enough real details have come out about the whole car crash thing or the possible other issues to really figure out what is going on. I am guessing, and it could be totally wrong, that In ho's brother was having an affair with Yul's wife or something like that. Maybe they were just friends but so far I see no other reason for In ho's behaviour. His brother was in a car accident that left him in vegetative state, Yul's wife was in a car accident that killed her.

We saw the flashbacks and she is in the passanger's seat but so far it hasn't been shown WHO was driving her car. I guess too Joon Ki has no idea what his sister was up to the they she died and Yul is keeping it a secret to spear him more pain. Da jung and Yul are great together.

And I love this drama for always having a fun twist up its sleeve and not going the dramaland rule way. Our leads, in a contract marriage, conffesing their feelings NOT at the eleventh hour?? I fully support it.


In the flashbacks, I think she also tried to get out of the moving car before it went off the cliff the door opened but then shut again. So if she was the passenger, maybe she wasn't eloping with her lover, but was trying to go back to Yul? It could have been one of those murder-suicide things also, which is why she was trying to get out? Really cares for his noona Nam Da Jung! Park Hee Chul, Da Jung's former assistant, is the only one I trust to take care of his noona, always.

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I feel he is a great character in this drama to always look out for her and be totally loyal to Da Jung. I hope the writer gives him a larger role in later episodes; this version of Lee Min Ho is really handsome and tall, I like him a lot as an actor. Isn't it ironic that the "scandal" near the end of episode 9 has all the serious reporters there, but not Scandal News? I hope Hee Chul will get to cover that for Scandal News. During the "exclusive interview" with the Prime Minister candidate, Park Hee Chul was just the recorder and Da Jung was the main interviewer.

So Park is Da Jung's assistant. I love his innocence and his do-good attitude even though he is in a tough business of exposing scandals. Isn't Park Hee Chul the photographer in that interview? Although Nam Da Jung also took pictures early on in Episode 1. But I thought Da Jung's dream was to be a writer like Jane Austin and she was college educated in that area. Yes, Man Se was the reason Scandal News got the exclusive interview. I checked it on Wikipedia, it says: So I guess that is another way to look at it.

But Hee Chul sure has a lot of respect for his noona. Lee Min Ho is just perfect in this episode.. Will this be a turning point for his character?! I think he will be angry for quite a few more episodes. He might become a "dark" character from now on. I think In-Ho was naive to think he could work on the same level with the veterans of the shady dealings.

The people he messed with has a lot more power, influence and experience. Being the Prime Minister, he would be a stickler for rules such as wearing head gear for safety concerns but he did not. Because he was the only one who knew how to skate well. Normally, I imagine even he would be asked to wear the gear, but given they wanted to visually emphasize his good skating skills, I understand it from a drama perspective.

Plus, if he did not want to wear them, who would dare tell the country's Prime Minister to obey? But my sister was side-eyeing me because head gears supposedly come in different sizes. I really appreciate this drama cliff hangers. If they cut off the episode where In Ho and Da Jung got surrounded by reporter, it would have drive everyone nuts waiting to find out whats next in following week. Instead the ep ended on a softer, but more satisfying note. Too kind for audiences like me, love it! This drama rarely ends in the conventional suspense omg-what-will-happen-next cut off but rather it usually ends on those meaningful, poignant Yul-Dajung scenes which leaves us wanting more rather than wondering what's next.

I honestly wasn't sure if such ending was a good idea because it's not much of a cliffhanger, but I grow to love it.

It makes each episodes really satisfying in itself, and makes the wait a lil bit more bearable I guess When the drama showed that scene whereby Da Jung's dad was actually playing alone, I can't help wondering whether it is hinting at the fact that his health is deteriorating? If it is, that would be so heartbreaking for Da Jung! Additionally, is that another hint offered when by the drama when the dad mentioned his dream whereby something bad happened to her?

Dad dreamed Nam Da Jung was wearing mourning clothes and that she was being chased by some creatures So, yes, the dream could be foreshadowing his death. The part about Nam Da Jung being in trouble could be the scene in the hotel room that happened later in the episode. But it could also be a bigger issue that could happen much later, as in other episodes. There's so much cuteness in this episode that I actually forgot the age gap between these two leads! I am loving the chemistry and Yoona is playing her part well that she seems actually at par with the acting LBS is doing.

I can't wait for the next episode! I am also very curious as to how she will win Woo-ri later because so far he's playing hard to get with his stepmom. I'm actually surprised that they didn't just make a joke out of the kiss from an earlier episode when Da-jung was trying to shush Yul though. Only the two body guards saw that and the chubby one was totally into it. The next morning at the curb he reenacted the scene with his guy coworker for others to see.

He went near a wall farther away, then he screamed, "prime minister, prime minister, It totally grossed out his coworker and Secretary Seo standing nearby. That was the first time Secretary Seo realized there are extra-curricula activities going on inside the mansion. I have been waiting for the OST since last week. And I love how every episode the main couple is getting closer to each other even with lots of issues in their way. I love how quick they resolve it and results to our OTP understanding one another.

I still can't grasp what is InHo's motive behind his actions, but I'll take it for now since we have little info about the past. Also, JoonKi may just be misunderstanding the whole thing regarding his sister. If his sister was his reason why he's so broody with Yul, that's too much. I love this drama so much, especially the subtle war these two are at the center of.

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They have allies and enemies all around and then there is In-Ho who is in the complicated position of being both. As I watched him yesterday, I thought, "This is what Shark should've been like. This is the self-doubting avenger I wanted. Glad the OTP is finally together but all that said, I am so hoping the drama doesn't make Madame Na into a laughing stock Thanks for the comment.

I am now totally confused by the names of the Finance Minister's family. I am confused why siblings would have different surnames. I have also written comments using Minister Na and Madame Na before, but the confrontation outside the golf course between the women all referred to the Finance Minister as Minister Park. Korean ladies do not change their names after marriage. Thank you for your explanation. I guess I got confused by too many "Na' names for a while. And ever since the first episode, he showed enough nuances in his interactions with Nam Da Jung which made it very believable that he later fell in love with her.

Or is it just me? Because most seemed surprised by this development. I started watching this drama in the first place because of Yoon Shi-yoon - damn, that boy can act! Doesn't hurt that he has good chemistry with YoonA, either. It never fails to amaze me how he's all kinds of goofy earnest puppy in real life, but can convincingly play such intense, brooding and adult roles. I never understood the love people have for Goong.

I recently watched it, and maybe because I didn't watch it when it originally aired, but I felt it dragged on forever! Plus, the chemistry was cute but a bit off. I hated that she was suddenly pregnant at the end too! I didn't enjoy it as much as people adore that drama. Hmm, I marathoned the Goong DVD with my mum and sister one or two years after it aired, and I still remember that I loved the first part where Chae-kyung was being all cute-bumbly-princess, but somewhere along the way probably at the point MBC extended it , it definitely started to drag. I especially hated that the extra episodes were filled by rehashing that whole plot point of her meeting Yul in discreet-but-not-really places and the scandals that resulted from those meetings.

From being a palace klutz with good intentions of trying to be the best princess she could be, she became this lifeless crybaby who kept having her strings pulled by others and still clandestinely went to meet Yul when they were just repeating conversations they'd had before and there were really no positive results from those meetings.

For constantly dragging her out of the palace, Yul, too, became so easy to hate after being so easy to like in the earlier episodes. I was, I think, ambivalent on the chemistry since Joo Ji-hoon wasn't bringing anything much to his side of the table in most of it and the pregnancy. Nothing much to say there. What's interesting is that I did rewatch the first half that I really liked later on, but I didn't finish it, which I usually do when I rewatch stuff.

Hence the random scrolling through and commenting: Im in love with this drama too I wonder why Kwon Yul bought a hair chip for Da Jung. From the old pictures, his late wife Na Young has the same hair style as Da Jung now. Replaying the ramen scene and the ending scene while squealing.

They do know how to end an episode and leaving the us wanting more. Seeing the preview for this ep, I was dead worried that the drama will turn darker but it's such a relief they managed to give it a lighter twist without making the problems meaningless. As always, the problems resolved very quickly and brings the PM and Dajung even closer.

I loooove how the OTP has their own bunch of resident shippers lol. Cute Manse was all, "My dad and ahjumma kissed! But keep it a secret while I tell everyone else!!! He gave her this nickname after the PM Banquet. DJ left her heels out in the patio while escaping from KY. KY saw and he picked them up and went in the house calling out to DJ. He asked if she is missing anything and she gleefully said "no". That's when he took out her heels and she look at her feet and opps It's at this moment KY said darn And why not change her name to Nam Guk Jung Ms Worrisome as in she always make him worry about her So many funny and touching scenes in this episode.

LMAO at the press conference where the slimy reporter got the runs! Love the sound effects. I loved him in Rooftop Prince. I hope he gets more screen time in this drama later. I'm going to be upset if it's a dream.. Everyone knows that they are crazy about each other except them. Da Jung realized it a little earlier and is always in the moment, but the Prime Minister hasn't admitted it to her yet because sometimes he thinks too hard about the past and should just follow his heart. Seems like forever until next week. I just love this drama and its cuteness. I havent seen such a feel good drama in so long!

I wish it got more credit then its given. I enjoyed this episode but the preview for next episode made my heart ache. It seems like Hye Joo is finally giving up on her crush. I've always wanted her to stop and just leave the PM alone coz she blew her chance many years ago but seeing her actually giving up somehow breaks my heart. And I don't mean that little peck in ep 2, but a full on romantic kiss.

Does the actor not do romantic scenes??? He kisses and well too. And in his movies, of course. You can see the 'Giant' one here.

Prime Minister & I

If we get something like this, I'll be more than pleased. Giant is on my que to watch, but I haven't seen it yet. Glad to see that he can give a good kiss, I was really surprised in HoS. I will wait until next epi then, let's hope it's a good one!!!!! I think the couple in HotS was more of a comedy duo, so they probably thought going for kissing would require more romance and lovey-dovey time, but they did not want to focus there.

The second couple functioned more as a regular kdrama couple than the leads. As for this one, Yoona seems fine with older co-stars, Lee definitely has no problem, so unless the creators mind, we'll get a normal one. I don't think the creators would mind, since they even made fun of the lip-smack type of kiss, so it would be silly to not give us a good one. I highly recommend 'Giant'. The length of the drama initially scared me, and I usually don't watch episode dramas, but it was a quick watch. I think I spent less than a week finishing it 'cause it was just too good to stop. Especially after the scene where he declares that what she gave him was a lip-butt, not a kiss.

And that as a man who was married, he would know the difference. I hope he can show us he really does know the difference! If not, how disappointing! The only problem for me in this whole episode was that, like almost every other Korean drama, she did not return his hug but stood there like a block of wood. And she is the one who is supposed to be more aware of her feelings. I know that Korean social mores are conservative, but would it kill them to let the actresses respond by putting their arms around the man's waist when they hug?

I hope we see more response at the start of the next episode. I have not watched Ep. But what's this, 'like almost every other Korean drama, she did not return his hug but stood there like a block of wood'. Oh No, I don't understand why they can't hug properly. It's my pet hate in dramas and almost always committed by actresses. Why can't they hug naturally? And their bodies are perfectly aligned with each other, so close that there was no gap between them and then IU moved her arms up to hug JJS's back and in doing so, her body moved even closer to his and you can actually see that both IU and JJS tightened their hold on each other.

And the best part It was the best hug I have ever seen in all my years of kdrama watching. She obviously feel hurt about this. And when Nam Da Jung and Kang In Ho were framed and then found by the reporters in the hotel lobby, obviously she felt scared as well as worried about a lot of things - mostly for Kwon Yul. Nam Da Jung would feel even more hurt, arriving to the conclusion that Kwon Yul thinks she is the problem and that he does NOT like her.

I was with the other 50, people admiring that kiss and hug in Lee Soon Shin. It was incredibly well-done between a year old and a year old. I think they might be right: I think because people are reminded of that series and both pieces are instrumental with a piano, they are hearing something which is not there. All songs use the same notes and depending on the type and mood, music directors use a certain style. I hear no similarity here. As far as we know, that is Noh Young Shim's music. That would be the music director for this series.

I hope they release a score, because it is a lovely piece. I really can't help it, Yoona and Yoon Shi Yoon looks so perfect together! When he shielded her from the press at the hotel, I was totally melting. And the look he aimed at the press; the-i'll-pulverise-you-look, squueee I would totally ship them in another drama and although possibilities are low, i hope they'll get to be the OTP in another drama. Best yet, a spin-off where DJ's father has a lucid moment and remembers that she had twin sister, named Nam Da Ling whom they lost in a crowd and happens to be adopted by a policeman.

And because of her abandonment issue, she has a prickly exterior and meets In Ho in a PM event where they fall in love and he lies about his identity. Then they find out that her adopted dad was involved in his hyung's accident and anguish ensues. Da Jung and Da Ling reunites, anguish hyung case is cleared and they live happily ever after. Little Man Se is an adorable shipper. And i love how Hee Chul tries to protect his noona bts. Go Min Ho, Go! Kwon Yul, 42 years old, is Korea's youngest Prime Minister. Yul is a widower who lost his wife in a car accident seven years ago and is now raising his three children alone.

He has a reputation of being an honest man with high integrity, but at home, Yul has a troubled relationship with his children, and has a tactless mouth that phrases nice things into horrible words. He is a world-renowned leader, yet at the same time, he cannot even cook a bowl of noodles. He speaks at least four other languages other than his native tongue of Korean - those languages include Chinese, Japanese, English, and Spanish.

Ever since the first time he had met Nam Da-jung, he found her unique and interesting. However, when she started pestering Kwon Yul to marry her, In-ho began to perceive Da-jung as just another woman who wants to get close to the Prime Minister, and despised her greatly. Later on, when he got to know the reason behind Da-jung's actions, he regrets misunderstanding her. Deciding that he doesn't want to have any more regrets in life, he falls further in love with her. He just wants to prove to Da-jung that when he said he would protect her, he truly meant it. Seo Hye-joo, 35 years old, was Kwon Yul's hubae from university and is the staffer closest to him.

She has also been his confidant since his assemblyman days. Calmer than anyone, she is a decisive and smart woman, but a fool when it comes to love. In college, she fell in love with Yul at first sight, but never disclosed her affection for him. She continued to hide her feelings as they worked together, and is satisfied with just being able to always stay beside Yul. Until one day, Nam Da-jung appears in their lives and puts herself on a path that Hye-joo has never crossed.

This drives her mad. He is a man full of confidence and ambition, and is currently in a political marriage with Na Yoon-hee. He works hard for his career, and awaits his time to shine. Prime Minister and I ended this week on a rousing high note for episode 9 which was every bit as funny, touching, nerve-wracking, and totally satisfying as every episode before it all wrapped into one delicious treat. Why oh why is this drama only two episodes a week? I should thank my lucky stars PM got an extension because it just means one more episode of Yul and Da Jung goodness plus a side of cute kids for an extra kick.

This drama shows us how to construct the most fanciful of plot devices like a contract marriage but make it so believable by tossing aside any misunderstandings and always letting two people talk. This episode gave us ramyun slurping cuteness, ice-skating bonding time, and a hotel room confrontation that ends with a completely pent up hug.

Joon Ki continues to be the epitome of a loser with a grudge and now he ups his own inferiority complex over being less of a man than Yul with a completely unwarranted anger that Yul has moved on from his sister Na Young. This rom-com continues to perfectly deliver both the romance and comedy as well as unexpected interactions. In Ho is supervising and he looks at the empty seat that Da Jung will sit in and thinks back to his confession to her last night.

Da Jung is in bed nursing a hangover and Yul is trying to get her out of bed. She tries but falls back clutching her raging headache. Yul walks out of their bedroom and then peeks inside again looking concerned and wondering if Da Jung is alright? The reporters arrive at the mansion for the press conference and Reporter Byun is ready with his sneak pictures of In Ho and Da Jung ready to pull a fast one. Da Jung is dressed but staggering around the mansion trying to compose herself.

He wants to bring up yesterday but she cuts him off and hurries away. The press conference starts and Yul walks in arm-in-arm with Da Jung. The editor tries to shake hands with Da Jung but she and Yul just walk right past them. The editor spikes the drink and gets ready to offer it to Da Jung. We see Reporter Byun drinking as well. Da Jung goes to greet her Scandal News colleagues and her editor pretends to be fine. He takes the drink and downs it to the horror of the Scandal News duo. After they walk away, the editor turns to Hee Chul and wonders what will happen.

The first question comes to Da Jung about how Yul is as a husband. Reporter Byun asks a question about their looking lovey dovey as the biggest fraud in the country. Yul asks what evidence he has?

Yul gets up and kneels to beg Reporter Byun to not reveal this fraud. Of course this is just his fantasy and the press conference is still continuing. He starts grimacing and can barely get out his question. The editor wonders what is happening to him and Hee Chul reveals that he gave the spiked drink to Reporter Byun instead. Reporter Byun screams out asking where the bathroom is and then rushes out to go poop.

Yul answers that their marriage is a contract, it is based on a promise and they promised each other to be a husband and wife when they got married. He concludes that their marriage is a contract for life. Yul and Hye Joo head back to his office and he confirms Hye Joo told all the reporters that Da Jung is just not feeling well.

Da Jung goes to rinse her mouth and then smiles when she thinks of what Yul said at the press conference. She giggles like a moony-eyed girl but then has to retch again. Da Jung runs into In Ho outside and quickly turns around but he walks up to her so she has no choice but to laugh and pretend to be normal. In Ho grabs her hand and asks to talk. In Ho walks away leaving Da Jung looking uncomfortable. He runs back to the toilet and we see that Hee Chul swiped the pictures. Yul walks by the kitchen table and remembers Da Jung sprawled sleep on it last night.

Da Jung comes by and she cooks a snack while he sits there and grumbles about why he has to keep her company. She notices he seems stressed and hears he is thinking about his own homework. But before he does his homework he can delay it a bit in the face of such delicious ramyun.

Prime Minister & I | Netflix

She cooked three bags thinking he could eat it all. Yul grumbles about the lack of egg in it and Da Jung chides him for not eating it right since they have to eat the original flavor. Yul reluctantly says its edible and the two of them lean in to wolf down the noodles. They end up biting into the same strand and Yul loses the battle and Da Jung slurps it up. Yul notices Da Jung has something on her face and they lean in so he can wipe her mouth clean. Man Se and Na Ra walk up and start singing that they are kissing. Man Se tells the bodyguards about Yul and Da Jung kissing last night.

The bodyguards adorably chase her to get more gossip. Da Jung corners Yul and says he wiped her mouth and she never asked him to so why is he blaming her now. Yul looks all scared of her being so close and Da Jung tells him to say it if he blames her for such gossip. Yul says its all her fault and then uses a finger to push her away while reminding her to stay a meter away from him unless absolutely necessary.

Yul goes back to the bedroom and decides he needs to stay away from her for the time being. Da Jung is in the living room and hears from the ahjumma that Yul took the kids out ice skating and she is fuming they left her behind. Reporter Byun meets with Joon Ki who is disappointed in his reporting skills. He orders Reporter Byun to hold his story for the time being. In Ho can sense someone following him and confronts the guy who turns out to be Hee Chul who has something to talk to him about. Yoon Hee and her cronies run into Hye Joo at the golf course and hears that Yul is out ice-skating which upsets her even more that Hye Joo could be here to see Joon Ki.

She pushes past Yoon Hee and storms off. Joon Ki talks with his aide and says that the pictures are not enough and they need to be caught in the act. He hears from the aide who says recent rumors are the Prime Minister is very close to his wife. Yoon Hee comes by with lunch and Joon Ki brushes her off.

Yoon Hee cries that she just wants to spend time with him and other couples even go ice-skating together. Man Se gives her a hug and she wonders where Yul is? She sees him skating effortlessly around the rink and realizes her hubby really can do anything. Yul skates up to the kids and asks why Da Jung is here? Yul says he has a good reason for not bringing her and she asks what it is? She is so he lets her stay. Yul shows everyone how to skate and then sends all of them off.

Da Jung is easily the worst of the lot and he ends up having to coach her one-on-one. She almost slips and he catches her.

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  7. Everyone skates happily as Yul watches with a smile on his face. Yul is about to make them keep practicing when they notice Joon Ki and Yoon Hee arriving with their son. Dude, you are a backstabbing ass, why should he even pretend. Yoon Hee thinks Da Jung is so close to Yul and Man Se further pipes up that of course they are close since he saw them kissing in the kitchen last night. Yul gathers the family to leave but Man Se wants more time to skate. Da Jung slips and Yul quickly runs over to help her up. Joon Ki does not look happy. Hee Chul hands the snow pictures to In Ho and says they need to be on the look out for Reporter Byun.

    Hye Joo is impressed and says she admits defeat, asking where he got his courage from? Joon Ki asks if he can invite the kids over to his place sometime and Yul says of course since he is their uncle. Yul broods at home later that night out in the courtyard before realizing its stupid to brood in the cold and goes inside the brood some more. He remembers Joon Ki accusing him of forgetting Na Young and he leaves the ice-cream untouched. Yul comes out to morning kendo practice and asks why Da Jung is here? He wants her to learn at a kendo studio and says he never agreed to teach her.

    Poor Da Jung tries to stay and practice but Yul barks at her some more.