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You'll have to find another snow plowing forum to blow smoke in, cause I for one can see right through your little smoke cloud pretty easily. Sounds like someone is using a snow plow for additional purposes, say bulldozing?

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In all my years of snow plowing, i have never seen anyone smash their blades up. I've seen rotted blades, blades that were stored outside all year round, never cleaned off and eventially decompose over time. My Western blade is one of the strongest blades, the design of it, and heavy weight of it makes it a superior peice of snow moving equipment.

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The paint has no chips on it at all and imo is superbly finished in one tough paint job. I had Meyer blades that would chip after first season and had to touch them up every season, but never with my Western yet going on 4 now. If you are smashing blades up, I can only imagine how careless you are when plowing.

Yes there is always the chance of hitting a curb when plowing, but to smash a blade up? You would have to hit that curb at a decent speed. As far as your opinion about Western all i have to say is go to their site and look at the specs of the blades and you will see why Western is way more superior then saltdoggy was it? I suppose if you were to ram the western into a block wall enough times, it might start to dent it some, but it is one hell of a HD blade.

And the hydraulic pump is excellent on it.

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To have an A-Frame bend, it would take alot of abuse by the operator, whether he is driving too fast while plow, getting hung up on curbs and smashing into shit. An angleing ran, I never had one fail on me, again it would take alot of abuse by operator to break one. Siezed solenoids, yes I had my share with Meyers, older Meyer generation plows.

I can only imagine how much stress you are putting on your truck's tranny by using a snow plow as a bull dozer.


I have a back drag edge on my plow, but it certainly doesn't come close to using a back hoe when it comes to jobs like that. And again, you have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to westerns, if you are refering to westerns older generation plows the difference is night and day between the new uni-mount generation. What would take your off brand plow to plow, it would only take one pass with mine with practically little trail off error to none.

Your blade performs like an older gen Meyers is leaves alot of trail offs when pushing snow. It probably trips as bad as older gen's too. Comparing your off brand to western is like comparing apples to oranges, oil and water ect.. The difference between my plow and yours is.. It's would not take me all day to plow a Lowes parking lot.

You could not plow a ft private road in only 2 passes, and under 10 minutes depending on snow depth conditons. By trammd Started 53 minutes ago. By allison Started 6 hours ago.

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Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Posted October 20, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted October 21, Thats a BIG money plow because of the stainless! But its still a oddball plow and I can see parts esp. Don't let it just being stainless a required option in your plow selection. Regular steel works as hard and lasts as long I have always had Westerns and had good luck. Posted October 22, Well since you know then just buy it!

SnowDogg® MD Snow Plow

Good luck and happy plowing! Posted October 24, Posted November 1, Posted November 6, Two capacity options are available to meet specific application needs. Stainless steel construction and durable design mean reliability and performance season after season. Superior design, construction, and components in a contractor-duty spreader. Also available with optional Swing-Away Gate for full tailgate access to bed and optional vibrator.

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The unique Hiniker C-Plow converts from a conventional plow to the ultimate back dragging plow. Perfect for backdragging docks, driveways, under semi trailers and congested parking areas. Call any of our Southside Trailer Service stores now! Blasdell , Bergen or Tonawanda Ext 3! The 29R uses the 29HD series commercial plow platform and has all the desirable characteristics of an extreme-duty plow: Include the hydraulically adjustable wings and you can make this plow flat out move more snow.