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I'm praying that God just keeps me , and moves me in the direction I need to go in. And so that's what got me through , and will continue to get me through everything that I'm going through in my life. Believe in yourself more than anything in this world, because that's what's going to take you further. Always have faith that things are going to get better ; and most of all, you have to be patient.

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I'm not saying don't work hard for it, but just be patient enough to wait for what's for you , because that's what's important. Always remain true to who you are , and never let anybody change Who You Are. To get to where you want to be , continue to be yourself. A lot of times it's hard to stay hungry and motivated I don't want to do this anymore ' It's just always been something inside of me , that just burns to continue on , to push on and be the best me that I can be.

I was always taught that as a child, that you always push on - don't ever let anything stop you.

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I had a lot of wonderful people - I have , a lot of wonderful people who keep me motivated to continue on. And it's not really that hard , because it's what I love to do. At the end of the day , if I'm sitting in my room and I don't have a record deal - I'm still going to be singing So when I get in those moments , I probably make a phone call! Call somebody close to me - my Mother , my Father , my siblings - I'll talk to them , and pray with them , and they'll make sure that I'm ok.

Then I can seem to push on through it, knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. How did you and Tyrese meet and come to work together? I actually met him through my Manager at the time - his name was Greg Parks. He actually discovered Tyrese I probably saw Tyrese about 3 years ago. I was in my group , and we ended up hosting a club together in Miami.

He was telling me about his label , and we were just having casual conversations. When my group disbanded , he was one of very few people who called to make sure I was ok , just checked in with me. A lot of people stopped calling my phone I was very depressed , there was nobody there for me, I really didn't have anybody to talk to - especially people in the Industry. He was one of very few that reached out , just to make sure I was ok.

Just looking out for me and whatever I needed - he was always there for me. He's my freaking Big Brother , I love him to death! That's kind of what swayed me to begin working with him, because he was always very honest with me, very straightforward It wasn't about how much money he could hand me ; it was about how much he believed in me, just as much as I believed in myself , and I hadn't felt that in a long time.

What are you most looking forward to achieving in your career? Speaking to young girls and just touching every soul that I can through my music - that's what's most important. More than making a lot of money , I just look forward to hopefully inspiring people that are on my journey , and on different journeys , to just keep on and be the best them that they can be. For those wanting to know a bit more about you as a person, how do you like spending your free time, when you're not working on your music?

I'm an ' In The House ' kinda girl. I like to spend my time watching movies, anything that involves me cuddling up in the bed , having popcorn - I enjoy it! Watching game shows , scary movies - I'm all into it! Reading your bio, and a little bit about your background, I read that at one point, you had to return home to work in retail. For a lot of people, that would have been their breaking point. You're back on the rise again, and I felt so much inspiration in that. What do you think is the best part about your comeback story?

I'm a big believer in ' everything happens for a reason ', so while I was working in that clothing store , folding those clothes, as much as I hated it, I had to keep a positive state of mind. Knowing that ' Ok; this is only temporary, it's only for a reason, I'm sure I won't be here long '. I always did my best , I always tried to be the best me that I could be. I wasn't singing - I mean, I was always singing , but I didn't have a situation record deal.

I said ' Ok. Let me make the best out of this, learn everything I can from this situation, at this store, and this line of work, so I can be the best, and whatever is going to come, is going to come.

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Because I just believed. I had so much faith that God is going to lead me in the right direction to do what I need to do. One of the other callers talked about the state of the RnB genre of the day.

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  • There is definitely a lack of good RnB music. How do you think your sound will evolve the RnB Game today? I have faith that it will, but I'm just excited about the singing again! There's not a lot of that on the radio right now. Nobody's loving nobody no more You're an RnB girl , I'm sure you miss that feeling I can't describe it, but whatever it is, we need to bring that back. I just knew , that to me, is what's missing right now - I need to do that. What advice would the Kristal today, give the young girl back in RichGirl, about her journey ahead?

    Should she be worried? Should she be patient? I had to learn that. I thought I was patient back then, but I would tell myself - learn to see the bigger picture.

    Learn to look at it for what it is ; accept it for what it is , and figure out how you can assert yourself and make it better. My situation with my group wasn't a bad situation ; we're all still friends , we all still talk to each other. I just talked to all three of them this past week. We never had a bad relationship , we all were just new , and green We all didn't understand the business ; so I would definitely tell myself in RichGirl , make sure you learn your business. Make sure you know about your contracts and what you're looking at.

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    She is the twin sister of former actress and photographer Cynthia Daniel. January - November January - January Dated Secondly: February - September Dated Thirdly: September - October Dated Fourthly: December - March Dated Fifthly: July - November Tyrese and Taraji began dating in January , when he was 16 and she was Leona Louise Lewis born 3 April is a British singer, songwriter, actress, model and activist. FamousFix content is contributed and edited by our readers.

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