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Most of the events of The New 52 are still understood to have happened in the post-"Superman Reborn" timeline, but Jurgens singled out the relationship as something that has not occurred. Given that Jonathan Kent is now ten years old and his parents were married before he was conceived, many fans noted that any relatively recent relationship with Wonder Woman would have had to be either an illusion created by Mr.

Mxyzptlk, or an affair -- the latter seeming very unlikely considering who the players are. Register - Forgot Password. DC Entertainment That's according to a tweet from Dan Jurgens , writer of Action Comics and the man who most clearly laid out some of the big story elements that do still count in the Rebirth era during the two part "The New World" mini-arc. After a year of mourning, searching and resurrecting in The Death and Return of Superman storyline, Superman returned to the land of the living and the arms of Lois Lane.

However, because Clark and Lois on the television series met as strangers when the show debuted in September DC Comics launched a series of stories designed to keep them apart in the comics, including a broken engagement arc. Although Clark is quick to embrace parenthood, Lois is more reluctant, until she sees how vulnerable and sweet Chris is, and the three of them become a happy family. When Zod invades Earth, during the battle, Chris along with his birth parents are sucked into the Phantom Zone , leaving Clark and Lois without their son and heartbroken.

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Chris later returned as a teenager under the guise of Nightwing. In the Superman: The paper has been in financial trouble since Lex Luthor controls nearly every media outlet in Metropolis and the Daily Planet is the only major newspaper that directly attacks him. In Superman's first public appearance, he saves Lois when she falls off the LexCorp building.

Eventually, Luthor becomes involved with General Sam Lane , Lois' father, so that they can defeat Superman, believing him to be an alien threat. Superman defeats Metallo , a U. In the aftermath, Clark and Lois become friendly rivals, while Superman and Lois begin to develop mutual romantic feelings. In , DC Comics rebooted its continuity with the New 52 initiative. In the relaunch, Lois views Clark as a friend and respects him as a journalist, but regards him as a loner who has difficulty letting people get close to him and displays no existing knowledge of his dual identity.

The couple is expecting the impending birth of their child, as Superman is called to protect the city after it is taken out of time by a powerful alternate version of Brainiac. Following Convergence , DC announced a spin-off comic book series Superman: The series focuses on Clark and Lois' relationship and their son, Jonathan, living in the New 52 universe. Clark and Lois operating undercover- Superman discreetly helping out in a black variant of his suit and Lois writing exposes under the name 'Author X.

The story arc Superman Reborn smooths over the discrepancies between the two versions of Superman and Lois Lane. Mxyzptlk , the creation of the New 52 caused Superman and Lois to be separated into two people: Mxyzptlk even provides a meta-reference to their relationship and says he couldn't keep Superman and Lois apart when DC Comics couldn't; obviously referencing the negative reactions from fans when DC dissolved their relationship at the beginning of the New Thanks to Jon, the New 52 and Post- Crisis counterparts of Superman and Lois merge into complete versions of themselves, rearranging their shared histories and accommodating them into the restored DC Universe.

The first live-action appearance of Superman on film is the Columbia Pictures film serial Superman. Both actors returned in Columbia's second live-action Superman film, Atom Man vs. The film Superman was released by Warner Bros. It was directed by Richard Donner with music by John Williams. The Quest For Peace Kidder's role in Superman III was greatly reduced due to her conflict with the producers of the film. She returns as the female lead and Superman's love in the fourth film. In , Superman II: One of the most important aspects in the first and second films was the romantic relationship between the two main characters; Clark was hopelessly in love with Lois and even gave up his powers in order to be with her.

She is introduced to his Superman persona when he rescues her from a helicopter accident. Lois quickly becomes smitten with Superman and accepts his offer to be interviewed for the newspaper.

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During the interview, she learns about Superman's homeworld, his abilities, and is taken into the sky for a flight over Metropolis. In the climax of the first film, Lois is killed in an earthquake caused by Lex Luthor. Superman is so distraught by her death that he flies around the globe at incredible speed, traveling backward in time and preventing the earthquake from occurring, saving Lois' life.

Superman and Lois Lane - Wikipedia

Clark tells Lois more about himself, flying her to the Fortress of Solitude and revealing that he loves her. Soon after, Clark and Lois learn that three Kryptonian have arrived on Earth and is threatening humanity. Clark decides to restore his powers and defeats the Kryptonians. Later, Clark finds Lois upset about knowing his secret and not being able to be open about her true feelings. Clark kisses Lois, using his abilities to wipe her mind of her knowledge of the past few days. On his return to Earth, not only did he find the world he left behind has changed in ways he didn't expect, but the woman he loves, Lois Lane, is a mother and is engaged to Richard White Perry White 's nephew.

Lois and Richard's son, Jason White, is later revealed to be Superman's son after the child begins to show superpowers.

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In Warner Bros. In Man of Steel , unlike in previous adaptations, Lois was made aware of Clark's identity as Superman very early on in the film. This was part of an effort to reinvent Superman in the modern world. Goyer insisted that Lois should know Clark's secret as Superman; because they are trying to depict Superman in a more realistic, more relatable way. Goyer said sidestepped the alter ego problem is not an issue with Lois. Moving forward Lois will be Clark's secret keeper and they will be involved in a real relationship.

Goyer also revealed a deleted scene that was filmed but was cut from the film, where after Lois is captured by the FBI, they interrogate her and she refuses to reveal Superman's identity. Director Zack Snyder said Lois needed to be a match for Superman, a girl who intrigues him. Because Lois is not the obvious choice. She's difficult, she's sophisticated, she's from the city, she's all the things that he's not. They make a really interesting couple, but a complicated couple," Deborah explained.

Deborah also stated that although Superman saves Lois physically, she saves him emotionally. Amy Adams saw a lot to like about Lois' straightforward approachability, a quality that would appeal to a Kansas farm boy. And then she's finally found this one guy who can literally sweep her off her feet," Cavill said. He opens her eyes to a world she didn't know existed and she opens his eyes to the idea of what he sees as a more normal existence. In the film, Lois first meets Clark Kent in the Arctic , while writing a story about a scientific discovery of an unidentified object found in the Arctic ice.

There, Lois follows Clark to the buried Kryptonian scout ship and became aware of his abilities, when Clark saved and heals her after she was attacked by a Kryptonian drone. Over the next several weeks Lois begins to search for Clark's identity, by tracking down his activities in the past few years. Lois eventually arrives in his hometown Smallville and speaks with his mother Martha Kent. Clark and Lois meet again in the Smallville cemetery.

And after revealing to Lois about his father's death, Lois decides to keep Clark's identity a secret. Clark agrees to hand himself into the government in exchange for Lois' freedom. Clark manages to defeat Zod's forces with the help of both Lois and Jor-El. At the battle of Metropolis Clark kissed Lois before Zod arrives and attacked him. Clark ultimately ended the fight by killing Zod, when Lois arrived she consoles him. Some time afterward, Clark decides to join the Daily Planet and is introduced to Lois as a new stringer , and Lois plays along with his new secret identity.

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Dawn of Justice Lois' connection to Superman has prompted some to use her against the Kryptonian hero, with Lex Luthor initiating his plan against Superman by arranging for Lois to be abducted by insurgents and threatened so that Superman's intervention would create a potential international incident. At the end of the film, after Superman's death, Martha gives Lois an engagement ring which Clark originally planned to give her.


On what role does Lois Lane fulfill for Superman, Cavill stated that: Lois is still grieving over Clark's death and is writing puff pieces for the Daily Planet. Batman and his allies decide to use the Mother Box to resurrect Superman to help them fight off Steppenwolf and his Parademon army but also to restore hope to mankind. Superman is successfully resurrected, however, his memories have not returned and attacks the league. Lois becomes Batman's secret contingency plan and helps calm Superman down. Clark leaves with Lois to his family home in Smallville where he tries to recover his memories.

Clark and Lois reaffirm their love for each other before Superman join the battle against Steppenwolf. Adventures of Superman was an American television series in the s. The show is the first live-action television series to feature the comic book character Superman and began filming in California in Sponsored by cereal manufacturer Kellogg's , the series ran from September to April The series follows Superman as he battles crooks, gangsters, and other villains in the city of Metropolis while masquerading as the Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent.

Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, Clark's colleagues at the office, often find themselves in dangerous situations which can only be resolved with Superman's timely intervention. The New Adventures of Superman was a live-action television series in the s and is based on the comic book character Superman. The show loosely followed John Byrne's six-issue comic book series, The Man of Steel , which significantly rewrote Superman's origin, with Clark Kent as the true personality and Superman a disguise.

The main characteristic of this series is that it gave special focus on the relationship between Clark and Lois. In the series, Jonathan and Martha Kent witness the crash-landing of a small spaceship in Shuster's Field near Smallville , Kansas in When they investigate the craft, they discover the baby Kal-El and decide to raise him as their own, naming him Clark Jerome Kent. There, he is partnered with Lois Lane, who at first considers him little more than a pest. Eventually, the two fall in love and marry, after a turbulent courtship: The series began with a teenage Clark Kent Tom Welling learning to balance the demands of his powers with his desire to lead a normal life.

It shows Clark's reluctance to accept his Kryptonian heritage, his responsibility for his abilities, his longing desire to be normal and his constant fear of people discovering his secret. Trevor Barnes kept Wondy's original flame's surname, but little else: Whereas Steve Trevor was a blonde, blue-eyed, caucasian fighting man for the U.

Superman and Wonder Woman's New 52 Romance Erased From Continuity

The change in professions made Barnes a much more suitable partner for the modern Wonder Woman, as she moved further and further away from her World War II propaganda roots and became more of a champion for the world than for the United States specifically. Writer Walt Simonson killed Barnes off in Wonder Woman , the conclusion of a six-part fill-in arc between the end of Jimenez's run and the start of writer Greg Rucka's. The event may have made the case for some readers that Wonder Woman's love interests should be super-powered if they want to survive her lifestyle for long, but it's likely that most DC fans would disagree with that, as I'll explain presently:.

Probably the last superhero one might expect to be a good match for Wonder Woman is the dark, grim and decidedly unlucky-in-love Batman, which is probably precisely why Joe Kelly decided to explore such a relationship during his run on JLA. During the storyline "The Obsidian Age," in which the Justice League journeyed into the ancient past in order to save a time-lost Aquaman, Batman and Wonder Woman prepared to fight their enemies to the death and, before doing so, they surprised one another and a lot of readers by sharing a kiss.

Once all the resurrection, time-travel, villain-fighting and day-saving was out the way, the two put off having to talk about their kiss for awhile, with Batman being the more reluctant of the two, even standing Wonder Woman up on at least one occasion. Ultimately, Wonder Woman used Martian Manhunter's Martian Transconsciousness Articulator, a doohickey that plays out various possible futures in dream-like fashion for the user, in order to determine that maybe she and Batman were better off just being friends and teammates.

The relationship developed remarkably organically for a superhero action series, with both parties falling for each other's obviously admirable qualities in a way that seemed to humanize them both. Memorably but weirdly , the sorceress Circe transformed Diana into a pig. In order to save Wonder Woman, Batman was forced to testify to his love for the Amazon princess in the form of song.

Perhaps the most lasting contribution to the Wonder Woman series that the much-heralded but ultimately short-lived writer Allan Heinberg made was giving Wonder Woman a new romantic interest in Tom Tresser, AKA Nemesis. The set-up thus reflected her original relationship with Steve Trevor. Heinberg and his successors on the title -- mainly Gail Simone, who ended up writing the bulk of the issue series -- kept Nemesis around. He was generally played a good-intentioned but goofy and sexually aggressive foil for Wonder Woman, and her courtship of him via traditional Amazonian rituals was mostly played for laughs.

Their relationship ultimately ended when Tresser realized Wonder Woman didn't really love him. As previously mentioned, romances between Diana of Themyscira and Kal-El of Krypton have until recently been non-canonical, but they have happened. Distant Fires , Howard Chaykin, Gil Kane and Kevin Nowlan depicted a post-apocalyptic Earth where Superman and Wonder Woman were among the only survivors, and where they had a son who, like Kal-El, was eventually rocketed to another planet to save him from his homeworld's destruction. In Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again , which also takes place in the future, Clark and Diana had a superpowered daughter called Lara, after Superman's Kryptonian mother, whom they protected from the government.

In typical Miller style, the relationship was memorably Indeed, there have been quite a few occurrences of this match, but October's Justice League 12 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee will be the first time the love between Superman and Wonder Woman will be presented as canon.