World of tanks unbalanced matchmaking

Like ships that are at least in my view poorly balanced in that they are rather obviously inferior to other ships in their respective tier and even compared to some a tier below them. I may give the game another shot and play the ranked matches. Or maybe I'll play some of the competitors games, which my son switched too.

I don't have time to play clan battles, but pub matches have are just not worthwhile, but since this is the only way to viably "grind" through the tech trees, I really hope this issue is given serious attention. Lastly, I'll say that there seemed to be a pattern that was fairly consistent and tolerable. It seemed that every other time I logged in for a serious of matches, or after a certain number of matches the matchmaking balance would shift from favorable to unfavorable and so on.

This meant that I could win most matches by playing competitively, usually with the matches being decided by the more skilled players toward the end of the match, which makes gameplay interesting and fun. I took a couple screen shots of a couple of the last matches I played before uninstalling. Yeah, lopsided losses as predicted. Skilled based MM is not going to come as WG has stated repeatedly.

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Improve your own skills to tilt more battles to your favor or in randoms get a division. WG has given no indication huge changes like this are in their plans. Especially considering 'balance' is a priority, yet the most obvious element of balance in a multi-player game is to balance skills based on measurable performance categories.

I am always looking to improve my skills, but don't have time to make 'friends' to division with who are skilled. Funny you hide your stats. Interested to know if you can back up your comment about improving my skills. I do not think it is remotely beyond the capability of the developers to create a matchmaking system that is balanced. Appreciate an actual somewhat thoughtful response, though your suggestions were addressed in my initial comments.

In small sample sizes under 25 games it is possible to be placed on the lesser skilled team 25 times in a row - but over thousands of games - the distribution will fill the sigma and you will have 25 games with the best team enough to counter your bad runs. There is nothing new about this, WoT had the same distribution - and it was leveraged by 3 man divisions of players with good to excellent skill.

So, the solution is to division as often as possible. If you are playing solo - sorry charlie - it's just much harder to achieve any consistency that way. Interested to know if you can back up your comment about improving my own skills. My stats are for my own use as are yours.

I fail to see how they would be tied in any way to the validity of my statement whether I be a below average player or super unicum the truthfulness of improving to influence matches remains. The screenshots you provide from matchmaker monitor actually show that your games are pretty closely balanced. Your first screenshot says that your team has an average xp of whereas the enemy team has an average of Thats a pretty closely matched game.

Wargaming CAN'T control the matchmaking - it's not that they Don't Want to..

The second game is 1. If you look at the screenshot however, you are playing at tier 10 where a lot of the experienced players reside so that makes sense. I don't see how you think that this is unbalanced matchmaking? I conducted an interesting experiment back when I played WOT. I wanted to see whether prem players get any perks when it comes to MM so I purchased two weeks 15 days of prem time. I kept track of my WR 10 days before I started prem, 15 of prem and 15 days following with standard account. It could have been a fluke, who knows. Your comment - Pure speculation.

I just seems weird to hide your stats to me. Good points, but I do not agree that skill balancing teams could not and should not be implemented. As I said playing in divisions and clan battles would be fine, but I have a busy life.

Unbalanced teams

This sucks to be on the other team that slaughters the opposing team as well. It just is not competitive and not fun and happens way too often and can be predicted using a third party software. WG certainly has the ability to repair this. I am stating strongly that they should. Ave experience reflects those who play with premium, which I and many others don't. It is actually the least relevant metric to consider. Very little is given of the other team, but can be assumed probably safely that they do not match up well with a solidly stacked team.

I have often wondered about this since I rarely pay premium. Just as I do not have time to invest in learning every mechanic of every ship and no time to join a clan or make time to schedule when I can play and division with others, I don't spend a lot of money on WOWS, especially with this issue that i my view hampers the quality of the game.

I think it could be better, much better. You said that even though you had little information about the other team in monitor that it was safe to assume that they didn't stack against the other team.

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Wargaming keeps denying that they can't do. The Strongest or the wimpy?

Consistently unbalanced matchmaker - General Discussion - World of Tanks official forum

But of course, Wargaming is so weak that they don't want a specific team to win because then the other team will be upset if they lose. Lets say that you start a game 1 with a tier 10 tank Then you start another game 2 in the same tier 10 tank Find me on Discord, [SpartacusDiablo ]. Rest in Peace CJ. You will be missed. Blitzowner, on 30 April - At least we now know that you don't know squat about software development. No, it is not.

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This problem will solve itself with time. But you will gradually collect enough Spare Parts to unlock new slots for purchased tanks in time. GableHawk, on 30 April - There are two issues with MM. The matchmaking is required to match a team of roughly equivalent Battle Tier and Vehicle tier.

There are two thing that can happen depending on how Wargaming goes about changing MM. The first is removing the system completely. This results in blistering fast queue times but will result in incredibly unbalanced battles think 7 TD vs. The other extreme of the spectrum is making MM WR based. This causes incredibly slow MM times upwards of 5min. So, in the end, right now the MM is as optimized as it can be without breaking the balanced between queue times and vehicle balance.

WG very much wants to control the WR - to make it harder for the players. As a player it would be nice, but again, that is not the money making route. This is not a complaint in the least. RommelTanker, on 30 April - You need to either explain what I have bolded above - or stop with the nonsense of how you think that MM works. WG has repeatedly told us that the MM for Blitz does not use any player stats or metrics at all whatsoever. So it cannot be "based on what is called Battle Tier".

BorisBaddenov, on 30 April - There's also vehicle weight, which is a big mess of numbers and percentages, but basically it acts as the balancing factor. Each team has to have a "weight" that is roughly the same. So those teams at Tier X with 2 Deathstars, rest assured the mm said that that was balanced and fair.

That's not Blitz my friend. Each vehicle, depending on its performance, type, and tier, is assigned a certain subset of these battle tiers that it is supposed to fight in. However, players often confuse battle tiers and their vehicle's tier.

Total useless unbalanced matchmaking is ruin this game.

The matchmaker does not try to match vehicles by vehicle tier. Basically, Battle Tier does exist in Blitz The way it works in Blitz is that Battle Tier is assigned to each vehicle, and that basically gives it the Min and Max tiers that it can see in battle All the vehicle weights were set to the same number, so that didn't effect anything. Basically Battle Tier in Blitz was just a way for the computer to pre-sort out which tank could get pulled for which battle.