American woman dating a turkish man

Another thing is that she is set to go back to Turkey in about 2 months, so I don't have much time. I haven't really thought about long-term, I just know that I like her a lot so far--if we're still dating in 2 months I will figure things out from there.

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Thanks for any help! Welcome to the forum Thomas. Wow, you are rushing things. Slow down and take your time. If you are very keen on her I suggest you try to find out more about Turkish culture as they are very family orientated which in the long run often causes problems in mixed relationships.

I suggest you take a look here. Hey Sunny thanks for the warm welcome! I think you may have misunderstood me, I'm not ready to buy her anything expensive, I had just read that this was customary to do for turkish women--probably more so when marriage is in question. I think that is good advice to learn about their culture just in general. I am seeing her again tonight, so I guess I will keep doing what I'm doing as it has gottene me this far.

We hit it off and were married 4 months later no, it was not a shotgun wedding.

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That was almost 11 years ago, now we have a beautiful daughter and are living here in Istanbul and I have no regrets whatsoever. I'm not offering advice, just sharing my story; I don't think I would ever advise anyone to marry after only 4 months, but in our case we just "knew".

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  • Hi and welcome to our forum. It's hard to know how to reply as we mostly deal with foreign females asking for advise. If she want's to pay her way when you go out and it seems that she does'nt need or want to be showered with gifts the answer is to go along with it. You say you have only been hanging out for a week and she goes back to Turkey in about 2 months as you have more than an interest in her, you might find you may scare her off if you start buying her expensive things. Culture can be complex here and a lot will depend on how she was brought up and what her family are like.

    Just take it easy, get to know each other and if you feel strongly about her when she leaves you could buy her something nice to remember you by. It may well be that your relationship might go on or once you get to know each other that the relationship flounders in time as it can do in any relationship when you find out the person isn't exactly right for you.

    American Man Dating Turkish Woman - Turkish Dating and Romantic Relationships - Turkey Central

    Good luck and hope you let us know how it pans out. They do tend to be fast movers when they have made their minds up. Never bought any gold. Some roses on valentines day. Can't think of any other presents at all. We had no dosh at that time. And it was 21 years ago when we started. As this girl has come to the US by herself to work for the summer, I guess she must have a certain degree of independence, which her family is OK with?

    I would say just play it by ear for now, and as others have said, try to learn about Turkish culture in the meantime! Thanks for the input everyone. I have asked her a little about her family, but do not want to make her too homesick. It seems like she does have a lot of independence, which I think is a really good thing. We hung out once again last night, and we're planning on doing the same tonight. I think I will continue to play it by ear and treat her with respect like I would any other woman.

    She said in her broken English that I love "for the next two months, you are mine. Thanks again for the feedback. Welcome to the forum from me too Thomas. Like the others have said just take it slowly and play it by ear. But even though Im from the UK if any man bought me gold or expensive gifts in the 1st week of being together I would go running!!

    How are Turkish Men in Bed?

    Enjoy your next 2 months together and Im sure somewhere in those months the 'what next' talk will come up. Hello all--Since I last posted on here a lot has changed with my Turkish girlfriend and I. We are planning on staying together despite the distance between us. She has one year left in school and I am already saving my money for a trip to Turkey--and I'm even kicking around the idea of moving to the country for a little while. My plan would be to find a job or continue my education in Turkey and eventually move back to the United States this is where she would like to eventually end up.

    I don't know that I'm necessarily looking for advice--but if you all have any, I'm definitely all ears. This is more of an update and proclamation that Turkish women the one that I know are simply amazing. It's great to hear from you again and glad to hear your romance is going well. We have a few male members who are married to Turkish woman who will I'm sure agree with you last comment.

    If you did move over to Turkey which city would you be thinking of living in. I don't know what you do for a living so don't know how easy it would be to get a good job. You will of course need to get a Work Permit which doesn't take long to get and is quite an easy thing to do. But I have to say that the hard part will be finding an employer who will apply for one for you. Maybe you can find an American Company that trades with Turkey and get an in house transfer. The other thing is if you don't speak Turkish that could be against you. Maybe your girlfriend could search out large International companies who you could contact.

    I can't comment on you continuing your education in Turkey as I don't really have the knowledge but there are other members who do, and hope they will advise you. Thanks for the advice. A little bit more about me might help the suggestion process: I have a bachelor's degree in English writing --so I'm definitely thinking of getting a certificate so I can teach English in Turkey. My girlfriend is attending university in Izmir ege , her family is from Samsun. I think Izmir is the city in question, I'm not sure what surrounding cities would be close enough for me to work in and commute to.

    I have a good enough job right now as a retail sales manager, but I'm not using my degree in any way--and most importantly, I'm not with my girlfriend. I don't really have any reservations about moving to turkey aside from finding gainful employment. Yes, Ege university is in Izmir, so this is where you'd be wanting to find work to be close to your girlfriend.

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    Readers: We love Turkish men no matter what

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