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Can you give me some examples of how to handle myself when he does reach out? Thanks you so much! It leaves me feeling really frustrated. When he comes back, your respond as opposed to react. Ask him no questions, just respond to what he says. If he offers up a lame excuse, just say okay. Get off the phone or end the conversation.

Give him no more attention than he is giving you. Start filling your life up with things other than him and be less available. Exactly what happened to me! So I just ignored any impulse to respond to him negatively or otherwise, and just stopped attempting to communicate with him period. Subsequently we had not spoken for two weeks until the day before Easter. I called to say hello, how are you? I ended up leaving a voicemail. I replied by saying, Thank you, and happy Easter to you and your mom also.

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BTW, this was my very 1st boyfriend also, when we were both 13 years old in Jr. No wonder why so many women feel so uncherished.

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When we like a man, we are flooded with grand visuals of how great it will be to be in a relationship with him. We think, mull and fantasize over and over and before we know it we are deep in obsessive thoughts about him…BEFORE we even know how he truly feels about us. The obsession creates emotional investment and as such we are ahead of him. We arrive before he does. Often we become needy and show signs of insecurity that repels him. Lean back and refrain from the temptation to over-function. The more you let your thoughts run rampage on him, the less you are able to be patient and lean back.

It never helps when a woman is ahead of a guy. When you do his work for him, what incentive is there for him to get up and move his ass? Learn how to mirror a man and follow his lead. These are the ways to protect your heart from the sad case trying to survive unrequited love so many women are suffering from.

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This way you really know if a guy is truly into you or just use you because you allow him to do so. For my coaching packages, click here. Click here and hop on the exciting journey as hundreds other women have been doing while turning their love life around no more neediness and insecurities because you hold the power simply by being a feminine woman. Image credit Deposit Photo!

He actually just texted to say hi. I told him I was free today so if he wanted to do something to let me know. I also said that as much as I like seeing him it would be hard for me to stay interested if there was minimal effort being put in.

Well Katarina, to follow up on my last comment two weeks ago, you were right. After getting a few emails from him along those lines I agreed to see him last Thurs. Hi Katrina, I had a coaching session with you the other day and wanted to update you recap: In a FWB situation with a guy — we dated on and off the year before.

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This FXB time around he lapsed into only asking me to hang out late at night after a month or two. I was letting him lead and enjoying it for what it was and so continued for the time being.

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I was genuingly perplexed because the time we did spend together was always relaxed, fun and crazy levels of attraction. I asked if we could get together earlier the next night we had already made plans because I was trying to go to bed earlier these days. He asked if we could get together that night instead if I wanted it to be early, I said sure…perfect. Well, that night he said he would be there by 8pm. I get a text from him at 8: I get a text 15 min after that asking if we could move it to the next night. I have plans the next night. Thought I said it would be a bit later tonight me: Kind of lame to be honest him: I can be selfish me: I guess I understand.

I hope we can be friends down the line him: I like seeing you me: I figured you were. Can we stay friends me: I think we could me: I think it was the right time to walk away. I think you are right: I understand you felt slighted and he was being an ass.

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But I bet he will reach out again. Get busy and see if he steps up. I have been following your advice, but I am still struggling. I feel like I am being taken for granted.

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Keep dating till he has a plan for both of you. Get my book and immerse yourself in the principles. Hey Katarina, thanks for the reply. Your thoughts are interesting… He asked me to be his girlfriend emphasizing exclusivity , introduced me to family and friends, etc. So it seems that, at least on the surface, he has tried to claim me. So continue to date him? I thought he was lukewarm. I have to know the whole picture to give you suitable advice and you can have it with purchase of ebook.

I have been dating a man for about six weeks now who has overall been respectful, romantic, and attentive. For the most part, I let him lead. Of all the dates we have been on, I have only initiated one. He prefers e-mailing and never calls.

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Demanding phone calls from men in the past has backfired, so I decided to let him call me when he feels comfortable. There are times, although rare, where he becomes legitimately busy and does not speak to me for 2 — 3 days. I have not seen him for a week because of legitimate personal obligations that have made it difficult for us to meet.

He recently told me that he missed me and would let me know when he was available. I have yet to hear from him, but I know he will contact me. After going 2 — 3 days without speaking and I hear from him, should I respond immediately or mirror him by not speaking to him for a day or two? Is this an example of mirroring? Individuals may believe that because one replicates the individual's gestures, that one may hold similar beliefs and attitudes as the individual. Mirroring may be more pervasive in close friendships or romantic relationships, as the individuals regard each other highly and thus wish to emulate or appease them.

Additionally, individuals who are friends may have more similarities than two strangers, and thus may be more likely to exhibit similar body language regardless of mirroring. Additionally, individuals are likely to mirror the person of higher status or power within the situation. This mechanism may be helpful for individuals in situations where they are in a position of bargaining with an individual who possesses more power, as the rapport that mirroring creates may help to persuade the higher status individual to help the person of lower status.

These situations include job interviews , other work situations such as requesting promotions, parent-child interactions, and asking professors for favors. Each of these situations involve one party who is in a more powerless position for bargaining, and another party who has the ability to fulfill the person of lower status's needs, but may not necessarily wish to. Thus, mirroring can be a useful tool for individuals of lower status in order to persuade the other party to relinquish goods or privileges for the lower status party. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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