Dating with severe acne

For some reason, the best product for me was washing my face with cold water whenever I wash my hands.

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My face is clear almost all the time. Also, especially before I go sleep. Also, I have better things to care about. I wouldn't mind too much. I have a bit of achne on my face too but I still get told I'm pretty all the timee. I wear lots of cover up.

Blend it in with your skin so there's no red marks and stuff. The bumps will still show but that's okay as long as there's like no redmarkss because if its blended in, you feel a little better about your achne ALSO its less noticable I agree, I do this alot! It gives me so much more confidence.

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I mean, even if you can still see a few of them, just knowing that mostly they're covered up helps me. It makes me feel like my friends are looking AT me - not studying me: And yes you CAN still be pretty with acne Just remember, that they should like you for you, not for your looks: This is what has gotten my acne off , washing my face with sugar and my acne soap. I don't know maybe it might help you.

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Guys, would you date a pretty girl with lots of acne on her face? Well people do tell me that am pretty both guys and girls..

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  8. At times I get insecure that a guy won't date or like me because i have a lot of acne on my my face. I have tried out a couple products to improve on my skin but nothing seems to be working. I sometimes don't like looking at people when talking to them because I always think that they are staring at my acne.

    Other than the acne ,everything about me is OK.. I mean am in great shape am slim.. So guys, is a girl with acne a turn off to most of you? Yes it's a turn off , I wouldn't date her. No it doesn't matter to me , I would date her.

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    Am neutral towards it but i would date the girl if we had things in common. Select age and gender to cast your vote: How many pull ups do u do?

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    Peeps, do you mind your other half having mental health problems? Or if you're single, would you go out with someone who has mental health problems? Does Ahley Gragham prove that fat women shouldn't be ashamed and that women are healthy at any weight? If you punch yourself and it hurts, are you strong or are you weak?

    Guys, would you date a pretty girl with lots of acne on her face?

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    Depends on the type of guy, and the amount of acne, no? I think I would if he were a very awesome guy. And what do i think of a guy with a lot of acne? Just a kid with acne. Like this wouldn't be very appealing right: I don't mean to sound harsh or superficial and shallow but it's just not attractive. If it's bad like that picture up there, then no. It's just a major turn-off. Personalities, matters and stays!

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