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We should definitely put ourselves in our date's shoes and realize that we would hate if he was texting his friend the entire time that we were sitting across from him. The point of a first date is to chat and get to know each other, and texting ruins that experience. We definitely hate to think that there are people out there who would be mean to a waitress or waiter or anyone else who's simply doing the job that they're being paid to do.

We wouldn't want to date someone like this and this would absolutely be a first date red flag. It's safe to say that there wouldn't be a second date. We get why this guy thinks that this is a terrible thing. We've probably all been out with at least one person who was really rude and we didn't want to see them again, so we get that both men and women can do this.

Relationship Red Flags You Should Always Ignore, According to Reddit Users

First dates can be tough since there's a fine line between talking about ourselves to share things and allow our dates to get to know us This guy is talking about the latter, and he's absolutely on the right track when he says that a girl talking way too much about herself is a first date red flag. Most of us would probably get really bored if we were just talking about ourselves since a conversation should be a two-way street and if we're on a first date at all, we probably want to get to know our date.

If we don't find out anything about him because we're too busy chattering away, that seems like a wasted opportunity for a love story. These things all sound totally horrible, and it's easy to see why this guy thinks that these things are red flags when he's on a first date. No one wants to date someone who is mean to anyone, let alone waiters, since it would definitely mean dealing with that every single time that we went out for brunch on a Sunday or for dinner on a random Wednesday evening.

That doesn't sound like much fun. It's also pretty awful to imagine dating someone who has no work ethic or who will stop at nothing to get what they want. And, of course, being sexist and all the rest is never going to be attractive. He's basically describing the worst person ever, and we agree that we should all steer clear of anyone who fits this description.

This confession's a little bit different from the rest. This guy says that nothing would be a red flag or dealbreaker for him if he was on a first date with a girl that he found "really really hot. Yeah, this sounds a bit sexist, because, well, it kind of is.

Would guys want us to talk about them that way? Well, maybe some of them would since they might be flattered, but for the most part, we wouldn't find this that flattering. We want guys to like us for more than our physical appearance. As in a lot more. So this wouldn't fly for most of us. It's also kind of confusing that a guy would honestly date someone that weirded him out because of her good looks.

Eventually, we're sure that relationship would fail. When this guy posted this confession in a Reddit AskMen thread, he got some answers from a few others and one guy said that "being a crazed anything" was a big turn-off. While it might sound sexist on the surface, a few guys explained that they meant that they don't appreciate when someone acts like they're horrible just because they're male. And, well, it's hard not to agree with that. Of course, everyone should be a feminist, including men, but lecturing a guy that you're on a first date with about how much men suck is not the best way to forge a lasting connection While this confession is mildly insulting because maybe those girls are actually good people even though they happened to grow up in a wealthy household, we do understand where this guy is coming from.

It's not fun to date anyone who is so rich that they don't get that not everyone has the same financial means that they do.

That's just ignorant and unfair. This confession also proves that you do meet people of all kinds and from all walks of life when you're playing the dating game. Even if you have a very specific idea of the kind of person that you want to be with, you're still going to meet other people, and you'll definitely come across people that you don't jive with.

It's just part of the whole deal. Do we agree that a girl who bites her nails is "nervy" and "best avoided"? Does this ring true or is this oversimplifying a bit?

When you've just entered a new relationship, it's important to look out for red flags. However, one of the downsides of the commitment-phobic culture that we live in today is that people give up on each other a little too easily. The minute that you tell your friends one thing that the other person did wrong, their response is, "Ditch him. The reality is that no one is perfect, and sometimes it's worth getting to know someone a little bit and figuring out the motivation behind some of their issues in order to figure out whether it's a deal breaker or something you can work with.

Not to mention, sometimes, opposites really do attract, and your strength can provide support for some of their weaknesses. That said, one Redditor recently asked people to share the red flags about their spouses and partners that they're happy they ignored—and their answers were very illuminating. Read on for some of the more compelling answers. We work so well together. I knew his store closed for reasons out of his control business partner had cancer, sold the store to pay for treatment , and that he was seriously depressed about it.

One woman was listening to a man talk about how all of his ex girlfriends were crazy, when she interjected to ask what he'd done to make them so angry. It was the man's girlfriend's reaction that appeared to convince him she was the crazy one, as she sent him angry texts and yelled at him when she found out. According to sex expert Tracey Cox the best way to respond to questions about exes is: On user didn't even get as far as face-to-face after he showed his true colors soon enough over text.

To which he then launched into how his day was worse than mine and whined intensely for half an hour. After which i never replied again. One woman used tricky questioning to get a guy who was trying to chat her up to reveal he had slept with his ex-girlfriend's sister stock image. Asking to track your movements. Another was a victim of her now-ex-boyfriend's past, as she revealed her partner had demanded she installed a GPS program onto her mobile phone so he could keep track of her. Phones were a common source of red flags, with a number of replies stating similar things had happened to them.

Getting too clingy too fast. He agreed but then he kept. Finally I stopped things because his pushiness and neediness was making me uncomfortable. Tracey explains that fast-tracking relationships is a huge turn-off for both sexes, 'making even the most attractive person seem desperate and clingy. Another woman ended her relationship when her new boyfriend demanded to install a tracking device in her phone.

One woman said there was a simple way to pick up on a bad partner, and it came down to their stance on phone sharing.

She said the man was going to be a dud: Being rude to servers. Reddit user Abaiyachi brought some sage advice to the table as to how to choose a prospective partner. Fostering distrust with those close to you.

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On woman, writing under the handle tryallthescience, described how she once had a significant other who was one day 'acting really upset, and when I asked him why he said it was because my mom told him a lie. I don't even remember what it was, but he was really upset that she lied to him. Said he didn't feel like he could trust her anymore.


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