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No one is forced to become a cop and deal with all these stresses. They choose that path. And there are plenty of cops who abuse their power anyway, so I find it hard to feel bad for them, collectively. I had a friend who was arrested and I was at the scene and the cop lied numerous times in the police report.

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This wasn't even a violent situation, it was just underage drinking, and the cop acted completely out of order. I saw it with my own eyes. I was willing to consider it but she messaged won't work she is under 5 feet and I am 6 but yeah dating a cop would be difficult.

Had a family member come close to LAPD and glad he isn't. Concur with Rae completely on this one. Originally Posted by ItsRick If you've ever seen the movie Unlawful Entry you might understand more. Although not based on any story per se, what happened in the film has been known to happen in real life!

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Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Additional giveaways are planned. Detailed information about all U. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with. Page 6 of 7. Northville, MI 11, posts, read 10,, times Reputation: For a happy marriage, splurging on the big day is unnecessary, said Andrew Francis-Tan, a professor at Emory University in Atlanta in the US who conducted research on wedding spending and marriage duration.

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The researchers surveyed 3, married people and found that those who spent more on the wedding had shorter marriages. Turns out that your credit score matters in more ways than you think. A study using data from the United States Federal Reserve showed that couples who were a match in their credit scores, could expect to be a better match romantically.

On the other hand, couples that had a larger gap between their credit scores were more likely to separate. Money Psychology Careers Why police are drawn to bankers and teachers marry teachers. By Alina Dizik 12 February Speed traps can really grind your gears, especially if you get caught in one of them. Whether or not there are sneaky officers hiding in the bushes and watching.

Why police are drawn to bankers and teachers marry teachers

They like ticketing Ferraris Police officers have their guilty pleasures, too. The one thing human beings have in common is our need to be liked. You might think this quality is something beyond your control — as There have probably been times in your life when friends are talking about a topic of conversation that makes little sense. Be it them talking about A single mother of four was taking her children to the library so they could study for finals. Suddenly, the red and blue lights of a police car Having a child is one of those special moments in life.

The beginning Long before the Duggar family became a household name with their reality television show, Jim Bob and Michelle were just two The history of bounty hunting in the United States is a long a storied tradition, and such a major part of the culture that it shows up everywhere It is a known thing that couples oddly appear to look very similar to one another.

Many of us try to recycle plastic bottles with the goal of helping our environment.

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Have you ever wondered what actually happens when you They use body cams for their protection. They hate breaking up house parties. Nighttime alarms scare them, too. They use their sirens for fun. Their uniforms are really uncomfortable. They avoid ticketing senior citizens.

They perform background checks before a date.

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