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That opportunity is never going away. In the meantime as others have suggested there are ways to get off without having sex.

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Mail will not be published required: You may use these HTML tags and attributes: The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except as expressly permitted in writing by A New Mode, Inc. Is it worth it to lose your virginity to a hookup? Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 of 9 total. March 3, at March 4, at March 4, at 2: March 4, at 6: It was Orientation Week at my university. I was a virgin freshman, still too young to buy my own alcohol.

I was pretty experienced in everything sexual except the actual penetrative act, and I just wanted to get the big first time out of the way. I wanted to be able to go to town and pick up boys and not have to worry about it hurting, or that talk. Everyone was dressed as pirates and he had a plastic pistol. He leaned in for a kiss that left me wet and trembling. He drew back and said softly, eyes locked on mine: His clear experience and the prospect of what was about to happen left me mute. I nodded, checked around me to make sure no one saw us leaving, and we went upstairs to his room.

My legs were shaking still, in no small part to my tipsy state, and I stumbled on the stairs. Casual sex is all well and good and has it's place, but I personally wouldn't have been happy losing it to a hook-up. There just wouldn't have been enough trust there. I wouldn't do it just to say you did, but there's nothing wrong with casual sex with someone you're attracted to.

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We're in almost identical positions. I guess the biggest thing keeping me away from it would be the fact that losing your virginity is uncomfortable to begin with. The best way to make it a good time is to be comfortable with the person you're with, which I feel like can only happen if you're genuinely comfortable with them or you're experienced enough in sex such that you can hook up with a stranger and feel at ease.

There's no shame in doing it just to get rid of it but also why? Especially if it's just a one time thing.

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Like i'd suggest waiting until you're confident that you'll at least be hooking up with that person for a while so that you at least get fun sex out of it. That being said, I have taken a virginity through casual sex, and had friends and acquaintances who lost theirs that way, and nobody was as cool with it as they thought they would be.

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  5. Could you explain a bit further on how they weren't cool with it? And were they guys or girls? I guess I have taken two male virginities through casual sex. I disregarded the first because we dated, but I guess we dated because he wasn't actually cool with losing his virginity to a one night stand and I caved. The second said he was cool, that it was basically me doing him a favor, and then freaked out on me when we didn't date and continue having sex and now projects all of his issues with women onto me like a year and a half later. The friends were of mixed genders.

    There's really no way to elaborate on that further. I was very close to losing it early this year.

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    Did pretty much everything except sticking my dick in her over two separate nights. Naturally I was a bit frustrated when she didn't want to meet anymore. She "showed" this by ignoring me for two weeks, in short. I wouldn't mind having sex casually and I would choose that any day over not having sex as it looks now. As long as I feel that the girl is attracted to me and I'm attracted to her. Optimally I'd prefer a FWB kind of relationship with some cuddles thrown in. I'm not sure I'm prepared or willing to do a serious relationship. However I do know that those sort of relations are very prone for one part to develop feelings for the other.

    I Lost My Virginity to a Tinder Hookup and My Only Regret Was Not Telling My Mom

    The reason for that is that I know I will improve a lot if I get some time to learn the girls body and what she likes. I can't possibly do that in one night. I know I'm pretty good and attentive despite not having experience but I want to learn so much more. Well, that's up to you. So long as you feel you can trust the person and are psychologically okay with the idea, I wouldn't try to convince you otherwise. If you want it, get some. I've never subscribed to the idea of losing virginity being a special thing, so I wouldn't worry about waiting for Mr.

    But Tinder hookups aren't my thing, whether it's a first time or a millionth time. I'd just find it hard to trust a stranger and wouldn't have any reason to believe that they'd be any good in bed or would care whether I enjoyed it. I'd recommend against it, but this is actually similar to how I lost my virginity. I was 23, socially awkward, and hadn't even really fooled around with anyone. It was the summer before I was going into a 2 year college program after a 4 year university program in which I made no strong social connections.

    I decided I didn't want to go to college a virgin. I found a guy I was attracted to and he gave me oral sex the first time we got together. The next time we had sex. I didn't tell him I was a virgin, but I was so inexperienced that he asked. I told him the truth and we did it anyway.

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    We wound up dating for three years, though in retrospect it was not the best relationship. Many people lose their virginity to casual hookups, so don't feel like you're unusual. However, I would advise at least going on a date or something beforehand so you know him at least a little bit.

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    Having sex for the first time can be very uncomfortable, so it might help put your mind at ease if you've at least had dinner with the guy. I'm no girl but I hear your first time can be quite uncomfortable.

    Losing my virginity to someone twice my age

    Would you want to go through that with a stranger and not someone you can trust? So, my best friend did almost exactly the same thing for the same reasons a few months ago. She was 23, didn't have any guy friends for a possible hookup, and not very comfortable with meeting new people in bars or at parties, that type of thing.