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Finally Sohan did tell them and his mother was like, 'Well, you need to get her a plane ticket and come to India.

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They were taking a bus and wanted to meet us for dinner, but canceled. I was a little annoyed that our plans were falling through a second time; I decided that we'd make the best of it and that it was a good excuse to go to a fancy restaurant that we wouldn't have gone to otherwise. Across the water from where we first met is the River Cafe, a charming restaurant in Brooklyn with a gorgeous view of the city. Once we get there everything is going well, and Sohan casually asked me about how I envisioned my dream proposal. I responded that whatever he did as long as it was thoughtful, I would love it.

We continued dinner and dessert came.

Lee So Yeon and Yoon Han Leaving “We Got Married”

The waiter brought little chocolate replicas of the Brooklyn Bridge, which included a chocolate sign that read 'Congrats' and a candle. I was so confused and turned to Sohan to ask what the 'congrats' were for, while he quickly blew his candle out and turned his congrats sign facedown on the plate. I still didn't realize what was going on until he got up from the table and got down on one knee, pulling the ring box from his jacket pocket. I started crying because I realized all the weird things that happened that day were because of this moment.

Julia, a project manager for a New York City real estate developer, joined Coffee Meets Bagel on a friend's recommendation. Tom, CEO of the restaurant-sharing app Truffle , had been on and off dating apps over the years.

4 Couples Who Fell In Love from a Dating App | Martha Stewart Weddings

They matched in October We spoke for a week, maybe a little more and then had our first date. I think what we figured out, at least for me, is that we're very similar people. We were very easy going and easy to get along with each other.

I was excited about getting a chance to meet up again. When we started planning things together I realized that she always wanted to do what I was doing. I think things just progressed pretty quickly and I just realized I had an actual partner.

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I learned from an event website that, Tomatina, which I sort of vaguely heard of—instead of the running of the bulls this was the Spanish tradition of throwing tomatoes in a sort of medieval, Roman circus, was happening in Bunol, Spain. Within two and a half minutes, we were both totally covered in tomatoes.

We just had pieces of tomato on us, but others who were there longer, who got hosed down a few times, were pink. Once we came out, we got over to where my mom was, and she had the ring in a bag. Connie, a buyer at Saks 5th Avenue, was hesitant to try app dating. Daniel, a tax manager at Pricewaterhouse Cooper, "liked" Connie's profile but got no response.

4 Couples Who Fell In Love from a Dating App

He tried again and sent Connie a "rematch" with a sweet message: Hi, this is Daniel. Connie noticed Daniel the first time around, but got so swept up at work that she forgot to like him back. I saw her and I thought she was so cute, I gave her a hug and we went to a nearby Korean restaurant.

Then we moved it over to Stout for more drinks. It was at the NYE party where I officially asked her if she wanted to be my girlfriend. And B—I didn't know what he was asking so I straight up asked, 'Are you asking me to be your girlfriend? But in December there was this unusual Saturday where it was really warm, really perfect weather in the 60's. So I decided to do it that Saturday when I received the ring from the jeweler.

But Connie had two prerequisites—she asked me to make sure she had a manicure and that there was a photographer. And the first thing he said to me was, 'You don't have your nails done. Do you want to get your nails done? He has two daughters, maybe 3 and 1. And just as I'm about to propose, I hear the older one go, "Mommy!!! I proposed and she said yes, and then we took pictures with my brother's family and went out to dinner to celebrate. Then we headed back into the city to Sons of Essex and partied with our friends. I took her to another restaurant instead.

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