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Services include all offshore work after lift-in of modules or platforms until handover to the customer.

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This includes operations like temporary facilities, logistic handling, construction activities and completion of scope of work and commissioning assistance. We have a market-leading execution model and toolbox, technology, experience, management expertise and the best qualified people needed for a successful completion of any project, anywhere.

We can do the job from start to finish, starting with engineering and procurement through commissioning and completion.


We offer the engineering, procurement, installation and operation of all temporary systems needed for the hook-up phase. Our team has extensive international experience and can use our own or our customers' completion system tools.

Well Hook-Ups

Imagine a metal plumbing elbow that slides apart in two pieces. This is a pitless adaptor and you can see how it works to the right. The other half of the adaptor shown above it in the illustration is connected to the black polyethylene pipe that travels down near the bottom of the well, where the pump is. Notice how the top end of the pitless adaptor is threaded? This detail is key. Removing the pump and water line involves separating the sliding part of the pitless adaptor up and out of the well, and for this you need that home made tool. The bottom end of the tool threads into the hole in the top of the pitless adaptor, allowing you to pull it and the pipe and pump up and out of the well.

Pulling a failed submersible pump teaches lessons, and one of the most surprising is the reason why many pumps fail. Every time the pump stops and starts as it hangs off the end of fifty, one hundred or two hundred feet of pipe, the whole installation moves in response to the torque of the motor.

Stop, start, rub, rub. After years of this action the wire insulation wears thin, exposing bare copper and creating a short circuit that prevents the pump from running. The image here shows what typical worn wires look like in a submersible pump. Another common problem relates to motor torque, too.

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Over time the repeated twisting force of the motor starting up can cause the threaded pipe fittings on the top of the pump to twist tighter and tighter, wrapping the wires around the poly pipe until they break. The torque arrestor braces the installation against the twisting force of the motor as it starts, preventing rotation, movement and swinging of the pump as it hangs off the pipe. And soldering these connections makes good sense. Properly crimped connectors work fine at first, but they are susceptible to corrosion over the years.

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Even with soldered connections, cover them with waterproof, heat-shrink tubing, just to be sure. I'd like to hook up a hose to it and water some plants that my sprinkler system cannot reach very well. Is it possible to do this?

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The lever on towards the back controls lawn sprinklers and the one closer to me controls the back lawn sprinklers. I am guessing that is a small pressure tank blue thing top of photo. The answer is yes yo can hook up a garden hose. I would add a valve so if the hose springs a leak you can turn it off.

The next bit of good news it looks like you have 2 ports on the pressure side top pipe right if they unscrew add a hose bib and you can water all you want. It looks like you can even go off one of the Tees already conveniently installed. You'll need an adapter which will depend on the hose, but very simple to install. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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Is it possible to hook up a hose to my well pump?