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Saris SuperClamp 2 by MtbrVideos. Suntour's new Axon Werx 20 kid's fork by MtbrVideos. Now my roof rack only gets used when I have three or more bikes on the car, also, my mileage is better with the bikes behind my carolla rather than on top.

Yakima HoldUp EVO Platform Rack Review

My other complaints against roof racks are, pain to load, especially for smaller riders, bikes covered in bug guts, and flying road debris. Fat Tire is an institution- gotta love the McCampbells…. Paul, As far as sunroofs go, my experience has been that roof racks make them horrifically loud, kind of defeating the point of having one. But, to each his or her own. However, behind the suv, I find it awesome. A swing away version would be heavy but awesome. I wish they produced their racks in Springfield like they do their designs. Girlfriend and I have an NV on both our suvs.

Going on over a year of constant use- rough off road driving, mud, sand, snow, salt, and over 20k highway miles. Flawless operation and still shine when cleaned up. They do this to insure parts quality and proper torque. Plus, I always get compliments on it. Also mixed up with road bikes and no problem. There is no adjustment really for spacing, probably because none is needed. After seeing one at my local trailhead, I purchased a Kuat NV because of the build quality. I trust my LBS though and they spoke highly of them. About three weeks later, I noticed the orange anodizing on one of the wheel trays was fading badly.

Consider offering the guarantee that all clients have been screened for criminal records or marital status, dating business businses through. The rack has a nice feature where it goes into the receiver hitch on your vehicle that basically "bolts" into the hitch and tightens the rack to the receiver so there is no movement or rattle.

I purchased this particular rack primarily because of the locking features, both the rack to the receiver and the bikes to the rack. These locking mechanisms, while they do lock your bike to the rack, are somewhat less than solid and secure in my opinion. I give the rack itself a 5 star rating, but had to bump it down to 4 star because the locks just aren't that strong.

The lock that secures the bikes to the rack has a plastic devise that the lock cylinder is housed in and the same plastic piece ratchets the arm down onto the bike. I can only imagine that if someone wants to give a good yank on this bike it is going to give. It allows me just enough sense of security to be able to stop at a gas station and go inside briefly, but not much more than that.

Obviously no matter how strong the lock system is, I would not expect to leave it out overnight at say a hotel, but based on how strong the rest of the rack it, I am disapointed they could not have put a little more into the locks. Outside of that, this is a solid choice for a bike rack. I'm disappointing in this rack because I have had issues with it melting.

I have been using this rack to carry my mountain bike from Phoenix to my cabin in Pinetop, AZ. It's about a 3 hour drive and mainly uphill. I noticed on the first trip that one of the levers used to lock the wheel tray to the cross bar was lose. I didn't think much of it at first. On my second trip, I realized that the exhaust from the truck was blowing on the wheel tray and hold down latch. The heat caused the latch to melt and the wheel tray to warp. This rendered the inside rack useless.

The tray and latch are about 2 feet from exhaust. I read many of the reviews and I didn't see any other issues with melting of the components. I guess I will just have to use this as a single bike rack. I read your review on the Double Track and wanted to follow up with you. We have not heard of this happening before with that much room, so thanks for letting us know. I have a replacement strap assembly and cam lever in the mail headed to you. You can set the cradle up with the latch for the strap and the cam lever on the other side of the cross bar.

Like we have it setup in our first photo on our site or step 6 in the instructions. That way the latches and levers are not exposed. All of the parts were included and we were able to follow the enclosed instructions. It took us less than an hour and we are not usually very good at this sort of thing.

We haven't taken the bikes out yet, but we like how the carrier can be left on the car and still gain access to the cargo area. We can even have both bikes on the carrier and still get the car in the garage. The upright tube and hook assembly bolts seem to be lose and we weren't sure if it should be tightened. Thought maybe it was lose in order to fold the assembly down when not in use.

The other thing we noticed is that the wheel tray can still be moved when the cam lever is in the closed position. Tried to tighten them, but then cam lever couldn't be closed. It is much easier to put my small woman's bike on this carrier than on the kind that hang off the back of the car.

So far we are pleased with our purchase and look forward to taking our bikes out on the carrier. Since the tray was loose at first, then after tightening it became too tight to close, there should be something in between. You can use partial turns on the cam lock to find the sweet spot so that the lever will provide some resistance, but not have to be forced down.

We really like our Thule doubletrack bike carrier. We have made a few round trips from MI to FL and we have had no problems carrying our bikes on the long trip. I would recommend this carrier to anyone. I have also been very satisfied with etrailer customer service. One of the wheel carriers fell off and was gone. I started to search online to find the part I needed and decided to contact customer service to be sure I ordered the right part.

The customer service rep not only determined the part I needed but also found out that the carrier was still under warranty so there was no cost. I received the part very quickly. I was concerned about knowing how to put the part on and they emaed me a link to a video to show exactly how to install it. Bike rack arrived with no packets of hardware!! Called e-trailer and an entire new package was sent. It arrived today and everything was there. The rack is on my car now.

It took me a little longer than most people to assemble judging from their reviews , but it was not difficult to do. Even though customer service could not just send hardware, everything worked out and the original box was returned via UPS. Customer service at e-trailer is first rate and I appreciate status updates and their helpfulness. One year later I still love it. It does wobble a little bit in transit, but I havent lost my bicycle yet! I have no regrets.

I researched a long time before settling on this rack and though it has only been a couple of weeks I am really pleased. I wanted a good stationary hitch mount rack that is sturdy. The XT fits that description. Received the XT a couple of weeks ago and lost no time in getting it assembled and installed. Assembly was a breeze, all the pieces were included and the instructions were clear. One thing that is good to know, the nuts and bolt heads require metric tools or sockets, US style won't work very well. Loading the bike on to the rack was pretty simple and must be done with the center hold down post in the horizontal position.

The center hold down post requires two hands to raise into position, so the bike must be leaned forward to rest on the trunk. This is a potential problem as the surface of the trunk might be damaged. I use an old floor mat to protect the trunk as the bike rests on it, a pretty easy solution. The hold down hooks are ratcheted and are pushed down to hold the bike in position. Each hold down has a lock for security of the bike, very useful.

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I've used the rack several times since I received it and and really pleased. The bike is secure, there is little or no side to side movement, and only slight front to back movement during transport. Overall, this is a really good rack. This is my first purchase from etrailer and I would recommend them to others. I received several e-mails with shipping and delivery status. The rack is still working great. I have used it a lot over the last year and the rack is still like new. Everything works great, keeping it clean and lubricated helps its working. This rack has worked well although I have lost a couple of levers that hold the wheel trays that fell off when the rack was in the up position no bikes.

You need to keep them tight even when not in use. I am particularly pleased by the clearance afforded my trunk which opens easily with two bikes mounted. I had a more serious problem perhaps unique to my Prius - the thin rear turn indicator lights are blocked by the rack in its up position, which led to a number of angry drivers honking at me and a couple of near collisions on the highway entering a lane that a driver two lanes over was also entering.

I found that expert Mike L of Etrailer had posted a suggested fix of mounting the Rola LED light kit for cargo carriers on the rack and connecting it to the car with the Curt Wiring Harness. My mounting is a bit kludgy but durable and functional. In fact, the lights hang so that they operate in both the up and down position of the rack. Thanks to ETrailer for making this safety improvement possible. Purchased this to transport bikes on our 09' Saturn Vue. We did stratigically add reflecters for both stowed and transport positions since the rack basically blends with our car.

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Arrived slightly damaged with some gouches and paint scratches that appeared to be the result of bad packaging but touched up with some Rustoleum paint which we had on hand. This was our 3rd purchase from etrailer. The shipment came within a couple days and the email communication from them was fabulous and informative. This rack works as advertised! I've had racks before,the kind that the bikes hang on With This rack however, no problem. Loads Easley and really secures the bikes well.

As long as you lock every thing down like your instructed to do, this rack system is ideal for carrying your bike. Easy to install, really nice with the built in locks that come with it,and the ease of loading and unloading is nice too. If you want to ride down the road and not worry about. Your bike banging into each other, this platform system is the way to go. I can say that this rack system has preformed well. After many trips down the road, I have had no issues whatsoever.

I am just getting into biking after more than 40 years and needed a bike carrier for my pick-up truck which has a 2" class III hitch. A carrier that has the bike hanging was a definite NO for me because I've witnessed them swinging from the backs of vehicles equipped with that type. I wanted my bike to be more secure than they allow. First off the shipping of my bike carrier was free and right on time!

Can't ask for much more than that! The box that the THXT was in showed no visible damage and upon opening the box no damage to any parts, which were all there. While it obviously took a little longer, the wrench that comes with the product did an excellent job which really surprised me! From the time I took delivery of the carrier, wheeling it up my driveway to save the UPS drivers back, to having my bike mounted on it to took me all of 40 min. The instructions, to me, are pretty straight forward and easy to follow.

I have read where some people had a problem installing the locks but mine went in just like they were designed to be installed. I did end up with one extra piece that I couldn't even locate on the parts list. It is plastic, coned shaped, about 1" long with a shoulder on the larger end. I have no clue as to what it is for but perhaps it fell off the hitch pin end where the lock installs and was meant to protect that end. Pertaining to the hitch receiver wobble that some people have included in their reviews I have absolutely none of that.

I had my truck shaking back and forth, up and down trying to replicate that but mine is rock solid in the hitch. The wobble comes from the looseness of the swing arms as they have to be a little loose to allow their pivoting features and may be a problem for some but I don't see it as a deal killer. I would think that any bike platform carrier that has pivot points would be somewhat wobbly where they pivot.

The locking system while good to have can be defeated and if you are the least bit mechanically inclined you will see what I mean. However, like my dad always told me, locks only keep honest people honest and thieves will find a way. The weight of the unit is what you would expect from an all steel unit. It installs in the hitch very easily. The bikes are easy to mount and I really like the ratcheting wheel hold down straps that even have a molded rubber adapter that fits over the rim making the wheel much more secure.

The ratcheting locking arms are a breeze to use as well and hold the bike very securely. Bottom line is that so far I am very pleased with my purchase, dealing with etrailer. Delivery was great, no negatives for etrailer. Locking washers and bolts varied from product list, but not so much that one could not understand the substitutions. I laid all the parts out to the provided chart and it was obvious which pieces were substituted.

All substitute parts are acceptable, but it is a little troubling when one is going by a part chart and there are substitutions. No product problems, just a mild unexpected. I drove with the new trailer hitch and bike rack loaded with my Kestrel and had no problems. Trunk access with the rack in place. I would submit that reflective tape be added to the rack for when it is on the car but folded for non-use as well as the outer rack bottom.

I will do this myself, but it would be nice for it to be in place upon purchase. Obviously, a minor critique, but a worthy addition. I purchased this rack from etrailer. Very pleased with etrailer. They got it right out the door, not like some places where you get put on the bottom of the shipping list if you choose the free shipping option and wait two or three days for shipping to happen. So I give etrailer 5 stars for their end of things! About the rack itself. Assembly instructions were simple and good, typical of what you would find with IKEA furniture.

Some of the smaller items were already assembled at the factory even though the instructions indicate you need to put them together so don't go crazy looking for bits and pieces that are not in the bag. Just note that they are already assembled and in place and that you don't have to put everything together yourself. The universal tool that ships with the rack will do an OK job but a set of real box end wrenches or sockets will make for an easier and more secure assembly.

I do love the fact that the universal tool has a bottle opener built into it, I wonder how many people even notice that. I have to give it to my ancestors the Swedes for always being prepared for anything! Once assembled the rack mounts very securely in the hitch receiver when you tighten the included hitch bolt.

As noted in other reviews don't depend on the simple locks that come with the rack for security. A mildly determined thief can over come them by simply unbolting a couple of the bolts that hold everything together. That said the locks are good for casual security if you are having lunch or getting supplies and not attending the vehicle but it's in a visible area. Otherwise run a cable lock through the bikes and through some secure point on the vehicle, use common sense here folks.

If you are traveling overnight bring the bikes indoors, this is a nice bike rack, not a bank vault. We love how easily the bikes load on and off the rack and how secure they are held in place while driving on the road.

This is a well engineered rack and I'm very glad the investment was made up front and not in something less solid to save a few bucks. I can mount the rack onto the truck, load two bikes and be ready to travel in five minutes.

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As far as how the rack actually secures the bikes I like how they are not moving around and banging into each other or the truck. The wheel tiedown straps are simple but secure and the ratcheting frame clamp lets you lock the bikes in place so they just don't move, period. I drive a Ford Ranger and my one complaint is I can't drop the tailgate fully without having the tail gate handle land right on top of the latch button on the rack.

Just one more inch would have done it but other than that I'm very happy. I've added some red conspicuity tape to the rack so that when it's folded up or down there is a nice red reflective surface to attract attention of the driver behind. You just can't be too visible, every bike rider should know that. My truck has a 2" receiver and the rack does not wobble or bounce around with the bikes on it with the hitch bolt torqued securely. Off road it does pretty well too but no point in beating your equipment to death so we go easy and everything is fine.

Another nice "feature" is when we are done for the day and we want to clean the trail dirt off the bikes they are at a great height and position to wash them down and clean them up. Can't do that with roof racks or most other style racks! I give that a big plus for usability! If you can lift a standard bike on and off the rack you can handle the weight of this rack just fine.

Overall we are very pleased with this bike rack and have recommended it and etrailer. It has well thought out features, is solid and rugged and after a couple of months of real world use we can honestly say this rack was worth the price! Still think this was a great investment! We now leave the rack on the truck for the season unless I need thetruck for hauling other stuff. My wife and I love how we can just popthe bikes on and off and go hit a new trail on the weekend or stop atone of our regulars on the way home after work.

Everyone that sees it is very impressed and we have recommended etrailer. Here are some pics. The bike rack is exactly what we wanted! We are "older" adults and need to think about ease of lifting the rack and a bike I like my back in the good shape it's in and work to keep it that way.

Rack assembly was easy and it is easy to lift the bikes into the frame and secure them. Personally, I just hauled a single bike miles and like the stability of the platform rake very much. Still very happy with the bike carrier. We used it for a trip to the Outer Banks last fall We are currently using it to get our bikes to trails locally Communication began as soon as order was placed with follow up emails. Rack is doing great. Rubber plastic parts are surprisingly durable.

Main vertical bar hinge still working well despite some play. All in all a very good product. Bicycle Rack that Begs you to take your Bicycles! This is a great rack. It comes with 3 locks hitch and bicycles , is easy to assemble, easy to configure for your bicycle, can secure bicycles in a matter of minutes. Previously, I have used a Hollywood and Saris bicycle rack that hangs off the trunk. The Saris rack is much better for securing the bicycle to the rack but you still have the fact that you are dependent on the hooks to the trunk that tend to move around once you put weight on the rack and are moving.

Also, you still have to secure the wheels and the handle bars from moving with bungy cords or straps. With the Thule THHT after you assemble and make the initial wheel well adjustments to your rack, screw the supplied bolt to the trailer hitch, you lift your bicycle into the wheel wells, cinch the attached straps across the wheels and push down the bar which has foam padding as to not scratch your frame you are good to go.

It takes all of 30 seconds and is very secure. You do need to have a trailer hitch in order to use this rack.

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I think this is a much safer, easier way to load and secure your bicycle. I installed this on my Honda Accord. Hi, first of all, thanks for your nice review. A couple of questions for you though: Easy to assemble, mount to vehicle, load, unload bikes and remove mount from vehicle. I purchased this bike rack in January along with a hitch bar for my Acura Integra.

I usually use it to carry my bike at least 3 times a week. Overall it's been a decent rack, but I have a couple of concerns. After just a couple of months the foam rubber covers on the top tube hooks started polishing the matte black finish on my bike top tube into a shiny spot. Shortly after that, the foam wore all the way through, making a hole in the foam, and now has irreparably damaged the finish on my bike top tube.

I now have 4 spots of missing paint on the top tube of my brand new bike. My wife's new bike also has a large spot of missing paint after using this rack and carrying both our bikes on a 1, mile road trip. I have to use a piece of foam pipe insulation with velcro straps around my top tube just to keep the hook from further damaging my bike finish.

There also seems to be a good bit of movement in the rotating joints, especially between the middle horizontal support and the vertical support with the hooks. I added a couple of washers on the bolt to help take out some of that movement. I was quite nervous at the amount of movement of the whole rack with 2 bikes on it during our 1, mile road trip, but everything made it safely, except for the damage to my wife's bike's top tube finish.

The other thing is that this rack is very heavy, and quite cumbersome and difficult to move around in the garage when the rack is not on the car. I prefer to take the rack off the car when not carrying bikes, so it gets removed and installed quite a bit. This has also caused the black paint to get quite scuffed or come off completely in several spots where the rack fits into the hitch, and in the hitch receiver itself. I did add a good bit of safety reflector tape to help the rack stand out more to vehicles approaching from behind.

I would say this is a good rack for weekend use, but probably not for using every day or even every other day as I do. It would be nice if Thule offered replacement foam pieces for the hooks, or something of better material that won't wear through so easily and damage the bike frame finish. Foam covers on the hooks continue to wear holes in them despite my attempts to twist the foam around to different spots. All 3 of our bikes have damage to the top tube paint finish from this rack. Also, the rack itself has a HUGE design flaw.

Even when your bike is locked in place, someone can simply remove the carriage boltsnuts holding the vertical arm to the main hitch bar a few seconds with a power driver, and BOOM your bikes are gone. I do not recommend this rack to anyone. Look for a platform rack that secures the bikes by the tires only. That way the rack doesnt touch the cars paint or the bikes frame. This rack works great! Here are some pi ctures. I am very pleased with the Thule Doubletrack I purchased from etrailer.

I have only used it one time so far and it performed flawlessly. Assembly was pretty simple and the directions provided were easy to follow. I originally ordered a different bike rack from another manufacturer but it was back ordered. I received an e-mail from etrailer with details of the back order and expected ship date within just a couple days from when I ordered. Well, nothing is fast enough for me so I called etrailer's customer service and got through immediately since a direct phone number was in the e-mail. After reviewing some other bike racks over the phone with Erika she's the best, thanks Erika I was able to change my order over the phone and the order was promptly shipped and received within a couple days with their standard shipping.

Their communication and customer service is second to none. I've already placed another order with them and will receive it tomorrow based on the tracking results I reviewed today. I would highly recommend etrailer to anyone. They have a great selection of quality products and very competitive prices. Thanks again to all involved in my purchase, especially Erika. It's good to know there are still outstanding American companies selling quality products and excellent customer service to back it up. After a year of using the Thule Doubletrack bike rack I have had no issues at all.

It has been used at least 30 times, including one mile trip with no problems. Im definitely pleased with my purchase and would recommend this bike rack to anyone looking for a high quality rack that performs flawlessly. Thanks again etrailer for the excellent customer service and quality products. After reading many reviews on bike racks and going to several stores looking for a bike rack I decided on purchaceing the Thule model number THXT.

I was very happy I did. First of all doing business with etrailer was great. Ordering on line was easy and following the tracking was kind of fun. I received the product on the time stated in excellent condition. Putting the product together was not difficult. I took my time and it took me about a half hour. I have just used it once to take my wife's bike to the bike shop to have some work done on the bike. The bike rack cinched the bike down well, no problems. The things I like about the bike rack is its built well.


It has some weight to it but not to heavy that would make it difficult to put on or take off. I like the three built in locks, one for each bike and one for the hitch, which gives some sence of security. I like that it was made in the U. My wife and I like rideing our bikes at the beach so that will be what we will use the bike rack mostly for. It is a perfect fit! Special thanks to Karen for assisting us.

We originally ordered a different carrier on line without speaking to anyone and our new TREK bikes did not fit. She assisted us in the return and also with the measurements, assured us this carrier would work. It is so easy to install and the bikes mount easily and fit securely. We are planning it use the carrier to enable us to ride the rails to trails in our area We really like it, however, my bike needs to have an adapter bar on to turn it into a boys bike to fit.

The frame holder does not go low enough to support my bike. Otherwise it works great. It should be noted we do not leave out in the weather. Even took it to Fla last winter and used it to both transport and store our bikes on. Looks to be a great product though I've not had the opportunity to use it yet. From opening the box to complete installation took me 30 minutes. Only one minor complaint. I can't open my tailgate on my Honda Element with the rack on.

Before purchasing the rack I tried to locate a video on your website that showed a Honda Element with this bike rack and the tailgate open but could not find one. Over-all though I'm pleased with it. I like my Thule bike rack a lot. My only disappointment was that one of the caps on the end of one of the tubes came off almost immediately while driving which now allows moisture inside the tube, I know it means eventually itll rust.

Its the biggest tube, that when the rack is lowered to accept bikes, faces backwards from the hitch - the main tube. Other than that Im happy! I can anticipate needing replacement parts at some point and Im sure Ill be looking on the website to order them! Thanks for following up! Thanks for taking the time to follow up with us. We have replacement caps available for the end of the shank. The backbone tube of the rack that all the other parts attach to. It is part , item S in the instruction set on the DoubleTrack. If you have any questions, give me a shout. You can get a converter extension but that reduces allowable tongue weight to half lbs and our old rack without bikes weighed about 50 lbs.

The trailer hitch installer said "don't do it, not safe," so decided to buy a new rack. The great folks at Etrailer suggested this rack and I tend to take their advice. It arrived quickly, is extremely well made and went together without effort. It is perfect for our needs. The Thule description says it is for standard bike wheels The bike folds up to a very compact package so I bought this rack really for my wife's standard road bike. Turns out my 16" wheeler a Brompton fits just fine. The hitch installer gave me good advice and this works out well Have purchased at etrailer several times.

Great products,service,and on time shipping. I was thrilled to find this rack on sale for such a great price and to have it shipped so quickly! It arrived faster than I had hoped and was so easy to assemble. My husband has a Thule rack of the "hanging" variety on his truck. I wanted something that would hold both of our bikes and not break my back lifting the bikes up onto it.

This rack is perfect for me. Easy to fold up when not holding a bike. And easy to take on and off when I am not going to be biking for a period of time. The communication from etrailer is also terrific Thule makes good stuff. This rack seems like it will accommodate just about and regular bicycle. I have a Rivendell JA with a long wheelbase and it fits in the rack. All the assembly parts were not in the package.

This is not the product I thought I was ordering, it is fine product for what it is but i wanted a rack that would also fold away from the car so i could open the trunk. Although the entire rack doesnt tilt rearwards, once the bikes are removed, the center mast lays down flat to allow access to the liftgate or trunk of the vehicle.

So easy to assemble! Works great for the RV and so much easier for us old folks to load and unload after using a rack that hangs the bike from the top. We had a bike stolen from the old one because I had an add on bar attached to the girls bike and ran the bike lock around it. The thief just undid the bike from the bar and dropped it down. It was easy to put together on my van. I have 2 reg. The rack folds up close to the van back out of the way easy. I love the locks to secure it to my van and the bikes to it. This is a durable well made high-quality bike rack.

Takes less than 5 minutes. I'm so satisfied with this rack its the second one I've purchased. I recommend for transporting mountain bikes and cross cycles but is less ideal for road bikes because of the thin tires which may not fit snugly in the tire mounts.

Product great , Greg in customer service excellent! Give him a raise! People make the difference and this gentleman needs to be credited with doing an outstanding job with order prep, and follow up. Give me his I sure would hire him! The build quality is fantastic, it feels very sturdy. Unfortunately it does not fit on my car. I have a Camaro, and the black plastic piece that's just above the tailpipes sticks out about an inch too far to be able to get the rack into the hitch and locked in place. Easy to assemble and seems to work as intended to.

I'm very pleased with the excellent job Adam did making sure that I got the proper rack for my Kia Rondo. Delivery was super fast, and all parts were in the box. Also the instructions for assembly were clear and I had no problem doing the job myself. Also when it comes to ease of access or ease of use. While the HoldUP does have the foot pedal as well as the handle that makes it easier to tilt away from the vehicle. With the Rocky Mounts Monorail, the handle is right at the end of the bike rack, which you can easily grab with your hand to tilt it away.

Now that we've gone over some features of the HoldUp Evo, let's go ahead and show you how it installs. Simply lift it up and slide it in to the shank of your hitch. You want to line up the pin hole like so. Then we'll take our push pin here with the gray knob and just push that in place. Then we'll come to out anti-rattle knob here to start tightening that up.

And as you tighten this up you may need to move it around a little bit.

It's going to help it tighten up just a little bit better. Get it nice and snug. You see all that play there as we're tightening it down back and forth. Now you see all that shake and play is gone. So we'll take our included key. Lock that in place and now it just free spins, so it can't be loosened up and now it's secure. To fold down our bike rack, it's very simple.

There's a pedal here at the front, you just push down with your foot and let come towards you. Wait til you hear that click and then we'll fold everything out. We'll start by folding out our wheel cradles. And then we'll fold out our hook arms as well. Next we'll loosen up our wheel straps here. You push in the gray tab and that'll release it. We'll keep them in the open position.

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We'll do this on both. And now we can grab our first bike and set it in place. Then we'll bring our hook up. You want to have it about an inch or less from our forks or from our frame here. And then push it down nice and tight. And then we'll strap up the rear wheel. With our rear strap here, we just want to make sure we're not damaging the spokes once we install this. Our final step before we install our second bike is we're going to secure our bike at the rear here in place.

We'll wrap around our lock and make sure it wraps around the frame. Then we'll bring it back up front. Then we'll take our included key. And now it's secured to our bike rack. Now we can install our second bike and repeat this process. Now a quick note when loading up bikes.