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Anyways, so many people have au pairs because they are too stingy to afford a real nanny and because they know au pairs won't say anything against the parents and do whatever the parents want because they are too afraid to get kicked out and sit on the street without any help! But wait, theres still the agency who should help you, right?

The agencies are always on the side of the family - obviously because they bring the real money except it dangers the life of the pair. And then you should think "What if my daughter is sitting couple hundred miles away, alone, homesick, surrounded by host parents who are just naive, selfish and arrogant and I can't help her at all from my home country? If you do really like this girl, then she'll be worth the wait. I suggest you have a conversation with her about her feelings for you, and tell her you're not going to be mad if she doesn't like you, but that she needs to be honest with you because you don't mind waiting for her and being patient, but you don't want to waste your time.

Now, regarding her situation. One of the host families I worked for were god awful. I was called on the work in my free time. Once, twice, three times is fair enough. Heck, even once a month wouldn't have bothered me. But I was called on constantly to work last minute. Like this girl, I could never make plans set in stone because my schedule would change at the last minute. Given how her host family sound, her mentioning to her host mom that she's seeing a guy will not help things.

You may get along famously with parents, but these people are not her parents. Sure, some host families are like family. The last family I worked for were amazing, and they would've welcomed somebody like you with open arms and they would've been considerate. However, they let me have time off and let me do my own thing. They were more like family than employers.

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But please understand when I say that from the way you've described this girls host family, they see her as nothing more than an employee. As for your issue with how little she's being paid She signed up for that. She agreed to it. She doesn't pay bills water, electric, rent, food. Phone bill is at the discretion of the family. Sure, it seems so little, but the host family have to pay a ton to the agency, which is unavoidable, and as mentioned, they also pay for the au pairs to 'live' with them, on top of the au pairs wage itself.

Lmao Says the ones who's probably also one of those host parents who think they are saints and such nice people because they provide cars or a gym memberships. Well it's not that hard to just give money rather that showing actual appreciation. But what do I know? What is this soapbox about?? It doesn't have anything to do with OPs question. And just because you apparently treat your au pairs well doesn't mean they aren't widely abused and paid peanuts.

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Get your head out of your ass. Seems like you expect them to just know things as soon as they arrive. It means out of every au pair I've ever known, hired, and all of my au pairs friends have never seen the terrible long hours and working conditions that get touted here. I think the worst I have seen IRL is some of our au pairs friends have been hosted with families that don't give them the car on weekends because they need it. The anecdotal experience of super long hours and terrible working conditions may indeed exist in some cases but they certainly don't represent the program as a whole and as PeteandNatB pointed out above it's illegal.

And we do give our au pairs guidance on lots of things but there is a general consistency in their work ethic being basically the same as a teenage babysitter. I normally respect your answers, you seem like a really reasonable dude. But this is just insane. You enable au pairs crappy behavior. You can literally pick and choose who you want to join your family. You have that power as a host parent. If you don't like an au pairs lack of work ethic, then suggest rematch. If it doesn't improve, then follow through with it. Au pairs from certain regions tend to have the same patterns in personality.

As for saying "It is not difficult work. The very last family I worked for just felt like I was hanging out with siblings. But the family before that? It was hard work. So while you may not think that being an au pair for your family specifically isn't hard work, it doesn't mean that that is the case for everybody.

There are host families who do use au pairs as slave workers. Your last sentence of "Mabe her family is Hitler but the job isn't nearly as bad as you think" does not hold any truth unless you have worked as an au pair yourself. You are a parent, yes. But despite the duties being very similar, being an au pair is entirely different. Just because the duties match up, being in a foreign country and living in your employers house is an entirely different ball game than parenting. You saying that the job isn't nearly as bad as OP thinks, would be like me saying a nurse doesn't have it as bad as they think because all they do is walk around all day talking to people and administering medicine.

I'm fully aware that an au pair and nursing jobs are entirely different, and that nurses hold significant water above au pairs, but the analogy still works the same. No matter how menial it may seem. I need to add.. Having the responsibility for children that are not related to you in a different country with a different language for most of the au pairs can be really nerve-wracking.

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The safety implications are clear to me, but seem inconsequential to her. What role is a hostmum to take? Welcome to Au Pair Mom! Please be sure to check out the "Welcome" tab to see how to navigate through all the goodies here. Use the two search boxes to find posts on specific topics, and Sign Up to get posts by email. Join in the conversation! Maybe suggest her taking a male chaperon with her, a friend close to her age and male would be good. At the end this is an oportunity to either grow or damge the relationship between her and your family.

I also met people online and met with them, for example other au pairs. How do you think most au pairs meet? They meet online and then visit each other or have meetings with many others attending. And tell her to call you every day.

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Of course you cannot really keep her from doing what the wants here but you definitely can talk to her about how you feel about the situation. Make clear that you really try to be open minded about this and that you want to support her but that you also feel like you shoul point out the dangers as you care for her.

You thinking about this shows you care and since you both wanted to have a family-ish relationship, she most likely will appreciate your concerns. I know I would. I think that the Skype meeting is a really good idea. If he refuses to meet via Skype, something is up. Honestly, it seems a bit premature that they want to spend an entire week together after 2 months. At 18 or 19, I was a complete fool when it came to dating safely.

On the other hand, she may need to figure out things through experience. Our au pair 21 years old and longer with us or part of the program was engaging in a relationship online with another Norwegian boy. She first made it sound like she has been friends with him since childhood, and that they grew up spending summers in the same resort town.

They were planning to stay at a hostel near Union Square.

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She told me they were planning to drive to Vegas, and she would like to take her vacation week to go with them. She would also be the only girl in the car and in the Vegas hotel room. Turns out, she never met the guy in person. He contacted her over Facebook.

Fortunately in our handbook, we expressly stated that our names, images, and address were never allowed to be posted; I had friended her before her arrival and frequently checked her page while she was with us to confirm she abided, which she did. The moral of my story is that a girl who appears to have her head on straight can still get a little thrown off by a cute boy with a good line.

He and I worked as a team to, yes, sometimes manipulate her when she started getting a little too floopy with boys or situations. I personally still believe Mr. Norway was working towards getting her alone, and who knows what could have happened then, but I was not willing to find out. Get nosy, and dig deeper when your instincts suggest a red flag.