Borderlands 2 matchmaking not working pc

How is the solo player? Does the game still hold up? If you have friends to play it with, I'd say definitely yes. If not, it really depends on how much you liked it. I personally find games like that kind of a drag when playing solo, but Borderlands 2 has some neat character builds to play around with, and especially with the DLC, has a good amount of fun content. May 17, Borderlands 2 is an all time favorite for me. Don't let Pre-Sequel be your metric. That game was a struggle, but, Borderlands 2 is a damn blast, especially with the DLC.

I played it almost entirely solo, and, so I don't think that'd be a problem for you. Oct 25, 3, If you don't like refund it. Oct 25, 2, Borderlands 2 is pretty much the perfect chill-and-podcast game to me. It's colorful and weird and and there's lots of colorful numbers that go up and up. I think it sort of is somewhat tired now, but it has its moments.

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Also has a ton of content especially with the DLC although some of the DLC is better than others Borderlands 2 is not my most played game on Steam, but it may be the game I've left installed for the longest amount of time. Imitation Of Life Member. Community patch is awesome. Still a very active game. Oct 25, 5, Omni. Its worth it - even if you play SP for it - a lot of great content. Even better with a friend or two. Oct 27, Florida.

Unable to host or join games.

I just bought it because I like podcast games. I enjoy the series but haven't truly played a whole lot of 2. I own it in ps4 with the Handsome collection but wanted it at high fps. I was intrigued when I saw they added a few new classes to the game.

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I started a psycho and it's pretty cool. I've only been fucking around with it like 4 hours but I'm still deep into The Division at the moment.

Borderlands 2 Angry Review (w/ Guest Claptrap!)

Use -nostartupmovies command line argument [10]. Edit configuration file [11] Go to the configuration files location. Find [FullScreenMovie] Change values to: Edit configuration file [ citation needed ] Go to the configuration files location. Find the following lines and set them to these values. Use -NoLauncher command line argument [12]. No cross-platform syncing to prevent version mismatch when patches are delayed for OS X or Linux. Does not scale weapon models. Protanopia has problems; use deuteranopia for protanomaly or protanopia. Download and open Nvidia Profile Inspector.

Under Profiles select Borderlands 2. Under Ambient Occlusion compatibility insert the compatibility code 0xF. Under Ambient Occlusion usage select Enabled. On the top right hand corner click on Apply changes. Notes This setting can have a heavy impact on frame rate depending on your specs, if you get unplayable frame rates with High Quality try lowering this value progressively.

To set sensitivity lower than 10, use this python script.

Anybody else having trouble finding public games? - Borderlands 2 - Giant Bomb

Find the following line and set it to 1 for an Xbox controller or 2 for a DualShock controller. Auto configures up to 5. Russian users get two versions of the game on Steam. The Russian version is only for Windows and multiplayer incompatible with the base version. Set the desired language in Steam.

After the download has finished rename English US back to its original name. Go to the configuration files location. Find the following lines and set them to chosen values. Simply swap the two original parameters, for example: Co-op Use either this tool or follow this Steam Users' Forums Guide on hacking splitscreen into the game.

Add the IP address as a command line argument.

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Check the ports [22] May allow people to join your game. Will cause decreased network protection. Game seems to use strange ports for networking which aren't covered by most routers' 'unblocked ports' by default. Disable your firewall or add an exception [ citation needed ] Will allow Borderlands 2 and associated ports to go through system firewall. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How does mission progress work in multiplayer?

Quest tracking in multiplayer has been improved in Borderlands 2. I recommend trying it out and seeing if you still have the same issues.

Anybody else having trouble finding public games?

I do not have a tested list of changes so I am refraining from posting this as an answer. In particular though - you should be able to quest with the host, no matter if you are more or less progressed in your game. You should be able to return to your game and have the option to play or skip quests completed in multiplayer. I tested this today. Here were our findings: As a host, the game progress is the same as if you were playing single player.

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  • Once you catch up to completed Story Missions, you get a dialog asking if you'd like to 'fast forward', skipping missions you've already completed in other sessions: So yes, in my opinion, they "fixed" the ineligible mission message from the first Borderlands. Mufasa Mufasa 4, 6 30 This is borderline off-topic of the original question.

    If a player has already finished a mission, will they get experience for it if they play it again in coop?