Dating a law school guy

Dating in law school: The dos and don’ts

Sometimes it's inspiring to see them invest their time and efforts on law school. Most of the time, it's a bit heartbreaking, especially when you just need them to be there. A simple conversation about the weather can sometimes turn into a serious argument about the RH Bill, women in politics, and the state of the nation.

He can really get upset on some days and you know it has nothing to do with you. Since they need to be able to discuss their ideas and the different laws in class, they would sometimes practice their arguments on you and with you.

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You should think about getting paid for that, srsly. Are you his personal assistant? It feels that way sometimes because his friends and even his family! They haven't been in contact with him for ages and tell you they miss him.

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You wish you can do something about the whole situation but you can't. Things may not always be rainbows and he may not always be your unicorn d'aww!

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Basically, the most fundamental observation about dating in law school is this: Post image via Shutterstock.

On Dating in Law School

Most law school broads are gross, and unless you just want a warm and wet place to park your pecker, look elsewhere to get laid. I agree it is very tough for the law students to love, considering the time constraint they have and not giving enough quality time is a sure shot relationship killer. I wonder if lawyers should vow to live a celibate life during their course to avoid heart breaks? On Dating in Law School.

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On dating another law student: This is one of those things that seems like a good idea.