Dating a self-absorbed person

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The red flags of a conceited and narcissistic man are there for all to see. Find yourself a man who is generous and who thinks more highly of others than he does of himself.

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You deserve a man whose whole world will revolve around you and not around himself. Whenever there are decisions to be made, he never includes you in the process.

Here are 13 traits of self-centered people you should watch out for:

Whenever achievements or recognitions come your way, he always tries to one-up you. He prioritizes his wants over the feelings of everyone else. Forget about asking him to go down on you. All he wants is for you to pleasure him the best way possible.

11 Dating Red Flags You’re Bound To See With A Narcissist

He still wants to prove that he has the game to land other girls. He thinks he has the great ability to swoon any girl that he fancies and so he does give it a try every once in a while. Forget about him shelling out cash for a grand dinner with you. The kinds of guys who are attracted to living in New York City—driven, ambitious, self-starters—can be the same kinds of people who can be challenging to date.

It is incredibly frustrating. Your perfect scenario would be meeting the guy who is the last in his group of friends to be single and is looking to settle down.

He might not be as flashy in his profession, but he might be more willing to build a life with you and be invested in your happiness. Pay attention to the answers he gives on his profile.

11 Dating Red Flags You’re Bound To See With A Narcissist | Thought Catalog

As for how to screen for a more emotionally available man, you can tell a lot by how he talks about his friends and family. Is he close with his parents? Is he a loyal friend? Does he express interest in having the kind of relationship his parents or married friends have?

13 Warning Signs Of A Self-Absorbed Partner

And pay attention to the kinds of questions he asks you early in your relationship. Weed out the duds earlier. My younger brother and I, after years of not really seeing eye-to-eye or getting along, are finally on really good terms with each other. But because of our history, I feel nervous about rocking the boat and creating tension by calling him for the things he does that really bug me.

Is The Guy I'm Dating Self-Absorbed?

How do I talk to him about having better manners, without coming off like the naggy older sister with a stick up her ass? Your challenge is to minimize points of potential conflict. Keep your hangouts short, before his quirks get on your nerves.