Dating clock movements

But everything goes nicely together and displays well.

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Thomas the Tank Engine. All you need is a screw driver and a bit of glue. Temporarily all sold - new batch soon keep watching. Nice smaller dial dial with smaller size rococo style spandrels.

Dating Antique Clocks

Good resonant antique bell. Dial 24 cm 9. Old wooden pulley and drive chain present.

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  7. No pendulum, drive or counter weight p Frodsham long case clock, Movement no. Frodsham, number which I think dates it to around the 's.

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    • Antique Clocks: Tips to Help in Dating Antique Clocks -.
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    The clock can be viewed by interested parties at. Stunning Very tall dutch grandfather clock case. The clock is in good condition and dates from around Lovely Pitch Pine cased grandfather clock.

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    The gearing makes winding easy. This clock will fit in most reasonable size hatchbacks etc. This would help a lot dating the clock. Besides Lepine and the number etched under it, are no other marks or stamps. Thank you very much! Without further information it is difficult to tell. The clock has an old style count wheel movement, not the newer rack and snail movement.

    ᐅ➤ᐅ Dating clock movements

    Annular clocks were popular in France around but I don't know how much earlier or later they were made. Jean Antoine Lepine worked as a clockmaker during the 18th century. His company went through multiple ownership changes after his death but the name of the company, Lepine, remained the same until at least I hope this helps a bit. Others may know more. Nov 13, 3, 63 web developer oakland, ca.

    The square and the round movements were built for some time in parallel, with the round movements being much more common. The pendulum suspension might be a clue.

    Tips to help you estimate the age and date of your antique clock.

    It is a Brocot suspension, patented in and widely used beginning in It doesn't have the spring that was added to make the adjustment "click" which was patented in So I think dating the movement between and makes some sense. Again, there are specialists on this board who know a lot more about French clocks than I do.

    Antique Clock Collecting: Boston Styles : Dating Chelsea Clocks by Serial Numbers

    Uhralt and Bruce, thanks for the info! Jun 1, 3, 44 48 Devon Country Flag: Very nice clock and it would be good to see the whole clock as it looks to also have a high quality case and that may help with dating. I don't know when they were first made but I know French annular clocks were produced in the 18th C. The movement looks like it may be early 19th C , it is not unknown for a silk suspension to be subsequently converted to a spring one.