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When we got there a neighbor said that we have been scammed. And we were the second family that week that thought they were renting the house!! Her neighbors were away and the scammers new it!!! We were SO mad! Luckily we found a place for the night. We canceled the check immediately. Called the guy and left a nasty message and contacted the police when we got home. Could you imagine if we were planning on staying there for the whole week? We had the whole family with us. Poor family before us!! This is a great topic to discuss.

Thanks for bringing it to light Allie! Dear Tracy - I remember you telling me about this when it happened. You guys were SO mad. Can't imagine anything more maddening than to get where you're supposed to be staying for the night, out-of-state with all your kids, and find you've been scammed. Good for Dave not giving a credit card number and insisting on meeting in person with a new check. It would've been terrible if you were planning to stay for the whole week.

So glad you were able to find a hotel at the last minute. At least they didn't get a dime, but they sure did inconvenience you, to say the least. Thanks so much for sharing your story, it may help someone else to not get scammed! Keep in mind that businesses wait until a check clears before finalizing a transaction.

We need to follow their lead. Thanks for the heads up Allie. Good news you didn't get caught out and a shame to those who have. Hopefully the scammers get caught and spend time in jail.

Don't Get Scammed on Craigslist Like I (Almost) Did - Through Her Looking Glass

Although I'm in UK, Im sure there will be the same or similar scams here. The net is good but has a lot of disadvantages. Eyes peeled and ears up!!. Hi Craig - so nice to hear from you all the way across the pond. Unfortunately there seem to be plenty of scammers to go around, so it doesn't really matter where we live, they'll find us. Incidentally, my husband's parents are from the UK. They emigrated here in ' We have many family members still there, aunts, uncles etc. Wishing you a very Happy New Year in and so glad you dropped by, thank you! Same thing happened to me, I remodeled my kitchen and was trying to sell my appliances.

Received a text just like you but new right away that something was not right. Always do cash only transaction day of pickup. I agree lots of scammers an its unfortunate that we cant trust anyone especially those on the web. Sorry to hear it Ester. Glad you picked up on it right away, wish I had picked up on it a little faster. Live and learn, right? I am learning all the time. Amazing how inventive they are, good that you noticed in time! Inventive is a kind word Adina.: I was very thankful we figured it out before it was too late. Thank god Allie that you realized the fraud happening in time.

We definitely need to keep our eyes open, while selling or buying things. Ugh, I'm so glad you caught onto this scheme before it was too late. I wish we didn't have to worry about such things, but we do. Thanks for sharing your experience! Dear Allie, what a terrible and scary experience but I am so glad you acted quickly enough before they could scam you. I've never used Craiglist because of all the scary and crazy stories I hear from it. I must admit, they say technology is supposed to make our lives easier, and I suppose in many cases it's true, but it also brings on a whole new set of frustrations and inconveniences.

You just never know these days who to trust.

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Thank you for sharing this story. My niece uses Craiglist quite often so I will be passing this on to her. Though Craigslist is one of the easiest most popular site to sell and buy items, I never dared enter that market because of some stories I heard. There are some other sites like Etsy, Ebay, Amazon and the likes where you can sell the items easily but with fees. I would just usually put-up items for sale in Facebook where my friends might be interested in getting them or in doing Yard Sale. Doesn't cost a penny too.

I have used the FB yard sale and gotten some great deals! Thanks for dropping by. Allie - I am so so glad that those certified check transactions didn't go through! And am so glad you wrote about this! Of course, I never thought to write about it - it was before I started my blog and I completely forgot Fantastic post my friend! Hi Allie Hope you and family are well. From across the pond we have rain, sleet, wind, sun and everything else you can imagine. Well as I said in my last pst, the conmen are out and about here in the UK. FYI, the latest ploy - a guy arrives at your door and advises that he is there in advance of a delivery coming your way, he tells you a parcel is going to be delivered to you later and advises that there is a delivery charge to be paid but he can't take cash due to company rules but he can take a credit card.

The person gives the credit card as they don't want to offend the sender of the present. However, yes you've guessed, there is no parcel and he has the credit card details. As Shakespeare said "he who steals my purse steals trash. But he that filches from me my good name Robs me of that which not enriches him And makes me very poor indeed" Best. Thanks Craig - we're doing pretty well here. Got a lot of rain this past weekend which washed away a lot of the white stuff we had.

Thanks for adding this new scam going on in the UK. No doubt it will surface here, if it hasn't already. I really appreciate your taking the time to write about it and alert others too, because there has been quite a bit of traffic to this post and it will definitely help others from getting scammed. And what will these scammers think of next? They are very busy conniving. Love your Shakespeare quote - hadn't heard that one for a while - it's a good one and true. Have a great week! Thanks for posting this! I just tried posting my first item on Craigslist and ran into this scam immediately.

Became increasingly wary over my conversation with the scammer, and at one point decided to Google scams to see if I could find anything similar. Luckily, I didn't get too far with the scammer, but finding this post was exactly what I needed to get out of it. Kris - I am SO happy you did not get scammed. This is exactly why I wrote this article, hoping to stop a few of these scams before it's too late. Thanks so much for dropping by. Well this kind of scams have been going on for a loooong time and you just found out about it?

Here's what I did years ago to play with the scammers. I pretended to agree to accept their "check". I provided a fake address and a fake name, and they mailed the check by FedEx. Days later they asked if I received the check. I said I misplaced it and ask them to FedEx it again, and again. Good for FedEx I guess.

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Good for you Angel!!! Yeah - I guess I haven't sold anything worth enough in the past that was worth a scammer's time. First time for everything, sigh. It was actually on Facebook yard sale. Like I said I almost fell for her sending me the check via fedex, BUT another sorry person sent me the exact same message. The check was already shipped by the time I caught on. I received an email asking if the check arrived.

It makes me so sad that people could be so heartless. Hey Chrystine - good to hear from you. So glad you didn't get scammed. I think I figured my scam out in time too, because there were so many similar out of town offers to buy our cabinets sight unseen. It was too good to be true. And some of the lines were almost identical. So glad you didn't fall for it and hoping these Catherine Oliver creeps get caught in their schemes swindling others. It's so maddening, and like you said, sad. Sad and heartless that human beings are so willing to steal from other human beings and seem to have no remorse.

Hello thank you for writing this article! It was my first time selling something on Craigslist, and I almost got scammed.. I received a cashier check from the scammer. And the amount of money that's on the check is a lot more than the price of my item that I'm selling. I went online and Sarah of there's anyone had this case, and J realized it is such a common method scammers use. I texted back to the scammer that I don't feel comfortable in selling the item to him, no deal.

I also told him my bank says to wait for 10 days for the check to clear. The scammer was so aggressive, and by this time I confirmed that he is totally a scammer. I just ignored his texts, and he never texted me anymore. It just happened today. So Allie, what did you do afterwards?

You ignored the scammer and nothing happened afterwards, right? Sorry to hear that Michelle.

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It's a terrifying thing. Yes - I never heard back from the scammer again. You're right, they're very aggressive. Once they realize they aren't going to get your money though, they rush on to find a new victim to scam. But this will make you laugh. My brother is trying to sell his cabinets on-line this week. He had read this article here, and so he was very wary of scammers. Here's what he sent to the scammer that tried to scam him: You better change your e-mail address fast because you have already been reported Especially the pants part.

Try to relax, and realize these crooks spend all day long every day sending these aggressive e-mails to people in the hopes that they'll succeed with just a few. And sure hope you get a legit buyer for your item on Craig's List, good luck! These scams are truly terrible!! I recently posted two items for sale and almost immediately received scam text and emails!! Good luck to all on Craigslist and for sure be careful. What a pain, huh? Unfortunately there are plenty of dishonorable people out there.

Dating scams on craigslist

Interesting, I was once told about a scam involving a famous golfer. He had just won a 5K grand prize check and there was a woman at the gate as he was leaving who told him her child was dying from cancer and she needed money for medical bills. He handed over his winnings on the spot. Later that night another golfer mentioned to him that he had seen the woman he was talking to at another big tournament, and heard that she's a scammer, and doesn't really have a child with cancer. And the first golfer remarked "How wonderful that there's one less child with cancer in the world than I thought.

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I guess maybe we can be thankful we're being scammed and not the scammer? That's been working pretty well for me lately FYI, seems to be less scamming. Good luck to you too and thanks for dropping by. After a second "I'm out of town but want it" type text, I went looking to see if there was a Craigs List scam going on. That's where I found your message and responses. I had Googled to see if a Cashiers Check could be voided somehow, but never thought about it being a fake Cashiers Check. Thanks so much for watching out for us! These thieves sure are annoying and they must be succeeding sometimes, or they wouldn't bother to keep up with it like they do.

Many thanks for dropping by, glad to be of help in stopping one more scam. I just got replies to two big ticket item listings asking for my full name and address and offering to send extra money by check or money order so that I would hold it for them. One was a coat -- no one offers to buy that without trying it on! I didn't even send my name because it raised my suspicions. Glad I found this article. I'm just wondering if it's safe to accept payment through Paypal or Venmo.

Craigslist dating site scams

I'd wait until it clears, of course, but is there any danger in sending one's account name? Thanks for posting your story. Unfortunately, I also got the same type of buyer and once I received the cashier's check for 7X the amount I was asking for, I googled craigslist scams and your post came up.

It's a shame because I had other buyers who were also interested and the fake buyer was the first, so I felt obligated to play things out with them first. Kim - so sorry to hear about this. It ends up being a big waste of time for people like us, as long as we figure out the scam before depositing that check. If not, then we're out the cash too I think these con people figure everyone else is as greedy as they are. That cashier's check coming in at 7X the amount was a pretty big giveaway.

Who would be that stupid to send 7X the asking price? So glad you figured it out before getting taken! Its so heartless that people you trust and invest a huge amount money with them expecting returns and profit always find a way of paying back evil. I met Vldimre Luka on a diamond investment forum because I really wanted to invest my retirement funds in Diamonds. Unfortunately for me, I made the worst mistake of my life. To my surprise, Luka blocked me from contacting him. Suicide was the only option I had until I was referred to a group of professional recovery experts on wealthrecovery94 gmail.

I don't know how to appreciate this group of agents than referring this professionals to victims that have suffered financial fraud. I too almost fell for this, but it felt kinda sketchy, so I started researching Craiglist scams, found this article and it reads like a play-by-play of what is happening to me. Fortunately, no money has changed hands and I still have my item. I just really wanted to say thanks for sharing your experience! Thank you Kevin, I'm so glad you figured it out before any money exchanged hands.

It's such a shame how many people fall for this stuff, and I was one who almost did too. It's even more of a shame how many criminals are lurking out there using these same methods to scam others. They must keep doing it because they're having success. My dad used to say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Good luck on selling your item and thanks for dropping by.

Had we not spoken about it I would probably have taken the check, arranged for the movers and ended up in the whole for it all. And as I research a little, this is going on for years at least since It is just shameful to make money in this way! That is a lot of money. It really is shameful. The scammers keep doing it and must be having continued success or they would change their tactics. I'm doing my little part by sharing my story here, I hope it helps someone else avoid getting scammed. Thanks so much for dropping by! This is a scam. It allows the person to send phone calls through google voice to other people using your phone number.

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