Dating someone of a different race culture

She was confined outside the camp for 7 days and then restored. I have talked with many wives who are in this situation: But can you handle the consequences? This can be a very frustrating and difficult obstacle to overcome. It is not impossible.

The TRUTH About Dating Outside Your Race or Culture

Are you able to embrace his different culture and enjoy it? Are you willing to consider his tastes and preferences and not just do things your way? Are you willing to learn to speak his language a bit so that you can communicate with his family?

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Are you willing to observe how his mother takes care of her family and how she keeps her house and consider that your husband would probably feel most at home if his new home with you has some of the same comforts he had growing up? I hope that this is not an issue in your community. Unfortunately, in the deep South of the United States of America, there is still racism lingering from years ago.

4 things you need to remember about mixed relationships

I looked up from my plate once to see a Caucasian couple staring at us disgusted. Come on people, it is While I think it is important to address negative reactions, I would also like to acknowledge the wonderful people who have expressed approval through smiles and have encouraged us to ignore the status quo. One night I was out with Anthony.

His buddy was in town, so we brought him out to the bars for a couple drinks. The three of us stepped outside to get some fresh air on the patio. She looked at me momentarily shocked and embarrassed at her assumption.

Dating Someone from a Different Race/Culture | Peaceful Single Girl

People always expect you to be with someone that is like you, whether it be race, religion, demographic, or political status. I remember first telling my mom about Anthony. He was handsome, smart and had the same sense of humor as me. I was bursting at the seams with excitement talking to my mom about him and then all of a sudden I hit a wall.

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A month later she told me something that broke my heart. It may have caused me to be less open to you dating him. Anthony still has not met my entire family and I still worry how my older relatives will react. I grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, a diverse area that surrounded me with different cultures and races. In school we are taught about what people have been put through because of the color of their skin or ethnicity, but I was never taught how to have a conversation about race.

Are the objections related to: Make sure that you are independent and mature.


This way you are coming from a position of responsibility and maturity. Give your family and yourself room to digest the situation. Lean on your significant other, and, other family, and friends for support where applicable. Have a question or questions for us? Write us at growingupgupta gmail. Like our content subscribe! Feel free to post a comment below and share this post! You really come with outstanding writings.

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