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What I'm looking for: Someone who is totally cool with me cheating on them while they are brushing their teeth before bed. Latest Fails Funny News Awesome.

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Online dating can be hard, but these hilarious profiles will ease your pain. Published July 17, Some of the Most Hilarious Tinder Profiles These people aren't taking their love life seriously and it's hilarious. You May Also Like. Your first date will be a romantic evening at the old abandoned rock quarry. During my recent internship at the Literary Arts organization, I worked with the head of the Writers in Schools program to contribute content to several projects, such as their award winning reading series and their educational outreach program, and managed my own research by interviewing visiting writers, creating online copy for their readership, and editing education material for their outreach program.

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  • 10 Great Dating Profile Examples (Templates For Men To Copy!)!
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  • Some of the Most Hilarious Online Dating Profiles.

I am a reliable, hardworking editor and am eager to expand my skills at ABC Press. Check that your personal profile fits with your resume and cover letter. Read over your completed personal profile to make sure it matches the skills and experiences discussed in your resume and cover letter.

  • 10 Great Dating Profile Examples (Templates For Men To Copy!)?
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Rather than repeat any points in your resume, your personal profile should act as a summary of your career goals and your skills. Attach it to the top of your resume and send it out with your cover letter. Use a recent photo that shows your face. You want your profile picture to be appealing and show you at your best. Action shots also work well as they show off your interests in an active, immediate way. Choose a shot of you playing ultimate frisbee in the park or dancing at a concert.

You can also abbreviate your name for an easy profile name.

10 Great Dating Profile Examples (Templates For Men To Copy!)

Ask a close friend to help you write your profile. It can be difficult to describe yourself well in words. A close friend may know you better than you know yourself and be able to add in details about yourself that you may not be aware of or feel awkward about putting in your profile. Be specific about your hobbies. Play up your love of anything sporty, outdoorsy, or public, like concerts and art exhibitions. Focus on concrete and specific details, like your favorite books, films, celebrities, or sports.

Be honest and be bold. Honesty is the best policy in any dating situation, especially online dating. Lying in your profile will make for a very awkward face to face meeting if things end up progressing with a potential mate.

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So be honest and upfront about yourself. Avoid posting a list of highly specific and inflexible demands.

Online Dating Tips - How to Write a Great Dating Profile Essay

This will make your profile more interesting and engaging to potential dates. What was the high point of your day today?

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Keep the profile short and sweet. Imagine you are meeting someone in a bar and only have five minutes to tell them about yourself. Stick to the main points of your biography and your hobbies or interests. Avoid rambling on for paragraphs about yourself. While sarcasm can be great in person, the tone can get a little lost in an online profile.

Good Dating Profile Examples

Avoid a negative or snide tone and try to always be positive about yourself. Commitment-phobes and flakes stay away. Check your grammar and spelling. Before you post your profile, copy and paste it into Word and use spell check to make sure your profile is grammatically correct.


Not all users will know what these are. If you do want to use them in your profile, here are a list of several common ones: Face to face IRL: In Real Life ND: Let's just be friends GTSY: Glad to see you GMTA: Great minds think alike. Our professional online dating coaches have helped over 10, singles improve their online dating lives through our online dating services. Get Your Profile Makeover.

Let us help you meet that special someone. Our expert online dating coaches will work with you to create a unique, personalized online dating profile that will attract the right match for you. Our expert profile dating advisors will revamp your existing profile to improve your visibility and attract the right people.