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  • BIGFLO's Euijin says he wants to break the prejudice that idols can't date.
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These trainees regardless, are still investments, so i personally understand it from a management perspective. Granted not all will abandon the team, training time to walk a different path, but still Finding talent is already difficult as it is in such a saturated market.

[Mnet Present Special] NU'EST W_N minute blind date

Easier said than done. Hyuna and Edawn's situation was full of chaos and drama and that was despite Hyuna being a celebrated and experienced idol in the industry, so I can only imagine what it would be like for idols that are not that well known.

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I dont know him, is he that famous now? How can he break the prejudice if he is not successful like Bts? The only people who can break the prejudice are those popular kpop idols because they have lots of bias fans. To break the prejudice they have to risk their career. If he gets popular with music that caters more toward the public of all ages, then he will easily be able to date.

If his music caters to only his fans and 14 year old teen girls, then he can still date but he will loose a lot of popularity.

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Upvote if you think more people should see this post! Posted by KayRosa Saturday, November 24, Afterwards when he introduced himself, all the other cast members told him that he definitely looked and had the aura of an "idol". When the topic of dating as an idol came up, Euijin spoke up confidently during the interview: I want to break away from that image and instead dream of a comfortable relationship, one that is based on mutual trust. Euijin then added that since he is " a bit on the older side ," the time has finally come for him to date.

Mnet's 'Somebody' is a dating reality show that features 5 male dancers and 5 female dancers to showcase their charms for a successful dance partnership.

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  5. At the end of the program, the 5 male-female couples will film various genres of dance videos together. Kurare Sunday, November 25, 0 Sunday, November 25, E'dawn is no longer an considered an idol; just a solo artist if that. So I'm afraid 'you' are wrong.

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    7. Anythingyg Saturday, November 24, 0 Saturday, November 24, Mkm Saturday, November 24, 5 Saturday, November 24, Nina14red Monday, November 26, 4 Monday, November 26, Mkm Monday, November 26, 1 Monday, November 26, Nina14red Tuesday, November 27, 0 Tuesday, November 27, D Even after all above incidents, they SM didn't put any sort restrictions on their artists dating life rather it's the artists themselves controlled for their fans!

      Nina14red Monday, November 26, 0 Monday, November 26, Asianfan Saturday, November 24, 0 Saturday, November 24, I mean at least he's trying to break the predijuce. Go him, I'm proud. Most companies have a verbal contract of no dating; and frankly it makes sense. Crashingshores Saturday, November 24, 0 Saturday, November 24, Sehunicron Sunday, November 25, 3 Sunday, November 25, Sehunicron Sunday, November 25, 1 Sunday, November 25, Stopudelulu Saturday, November 24, 2 Saturday, November 24, This nugu is stupidly ambitious.

      This meant that viewers were able to find two of the most popular genres on global television - reality and talk shows - all in one place. They were replaced by two new premium, HD channels in the M-Net stable: Vuzu Amp and M-Net Edge.

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      The reason for their closure was that M-Net wanted their premium content to be available together, as opposed to on genre-specific channels. Food , Reality Competition Channel: The battle is on to find the most promising, undiscovered talent in Australia, as ambitious kitchen enthusiasts take on demanding challenges. Reality , Reality Competition Channel: A number of contestants compete for the title of America's Next Top Model and a chance to start their career in the modeling industry. Reality , Docu-Reality Channel: Join the Braxton sisters — Toni Braxton, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar — and their mother for a look at their lives and the drama of family chaos.

      Toni Braxton , Tamar Braxton.