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Miss Swan- Dating Game - Top 10 Funnies Youtube Video

Jesse Ventura Sasso dispels rumors about himself; Scared Straight program is used beyond prison walls; Alex Borstein introduces a new Scandinavian pop group; Rusty Miller McDonald is a peer counselor probing his patient Sullivan ; VH1 goes Behind the Music to reveal how "Party All the Time" became a success; Kenny Rogers Sasso hosts his own psychic show; at a press conference, Hillary Clinton Sullivan makes some personal observations; a handless masseur Kilbane prepares to massage a client Collins.

Pandemonium erupts outside The Today Show ; Illeana Douglas regrets appearing on Mad TV after studio executives embarrass her in the green room; the Vancome Lady Sullivan insults trick-or-treaters; Scandinavian supergroup Hoppy Potty performs a special Halloween song; Richard Simmons Sasso tries to make a hapless woman's dreams come true; Lenny Kravitz LaMarr reads stories and performs new songs.

Rebecca Gayheart , Martin Short , Bush. The Homecoming continues as Ms. Bush performs " The Chemicals Between Us ". Artie Lange , Mitch Pileggi. Swan performs with Blondie; A youngster Borstein visits Santa's third-world workshop; a parody of "Heartbreaker"; a woman Sullivan insults her husband Kilbane while he tries to string Christmas lights; Darlene McBride Sullivan promotes her new Christmas album; William Shatner Sasso recalls Martin Lawrence's brushes with death; Debbie Harry plays a mini-mart owner whose customers are Doreen and Stuart Larkin; a man LaMarr sends his friend Sasso on a blind date with a girl Borstein.

Blondie performs " Maria ". A parody of Being John Malkovich ; skanky slut Rosa Collins interferes with Lida's marriage plans; Todd Bridges stars in ads for a candy bar; while Will Sasso makes a video letter to his girlfriend, his sister Borstein makes embarrassing comments about him; Mark Hamill guest stars as the father of Ms. Q-Tip performs " Vivrant Thing ". Now you can enjoy the atmosphere of movie theaters in your own home courtesy of Spishak Industries; Steven Seagal Sasso stars in a movie with an entire scene filmed in letterbox format; Charlton Heston Kilbane is a guest on Reality Check ; a parody of Girl, Interrupted ; lost footage from The Wizard of Oz ; Elvis Presley Sasso stars in a musical version of Planet of the Apes ; Master P Spears and Mystikal Wilson play the leads in a remake of Casablanca.

Celine Dion Collins announces her replacement Borstein during a farewell tour; William Shatner Sasso promotes his own sperm bank; Elvis Presley Sasso reminisces with his bandmates Kilbane, McDonald ; the Stick Chicks confront a plutonium thief Sasso ; a Turkish man Kilbane posts a personal ad; a woman Sullivan interrupts a funeral with incessant phone calls; a crime drama focuses on two cops, one entirely covered in white Borstein and another covered in black Spears.

Creed performs " Higher ". Celebrities list their favorite one-hit wonders; Jewel Collins hosts her own show; Jack Nicholson Kilbane , Prince LaMarr , and Steven Seagal Sasso will not let Eddie Murphy Spears join their slumber party; a Scotsman Sasso reveals antiques' past uses at an Antiques Roadshow; a nerd Totman is ecstatic to meet Shania Twain Collins ; during a wedding reception, a woman Totman makes out publicly with her lover Sasso ; Allison Borstein sings before being promoted to chairwoman; Bunifa Wilson goes to trial before Paternity Court.

The Sopranos are contestants on Family Feud and frequently act impolite; scaredy-cat Mickey's laugh causes another patient Borstein to have a heart attack; Lida Sullivan and Melina Wilson roller-skate into a gym with several buff members; Stuart Larkin McDonald joins his mother Doreen Collins and her coworker Linda Sullivan at work; Mrs. Frizzle and Phoebe The Magic School Bus receive hostile comments from callers while hosting their own talk show. Goo Goo Dolls perform " Broadway ". In another sketch, Ms. Swan goes to a restaurant with her sister, Kitty, to meet two American men, and the two converse in Hungarian and Czech.

Sign In Don't have an account? In the sketches, people usually ask her questions, but she never gives a straight answer, driving them insane. She usually says, "Okay, I'll tell you everything.

Swan also tends to purse her lips, saying, "Thanks to you. In one sketch, Ms. Swan auditions for the Spice Girls and is unable to follow simple directions and spoke the lyrics incorrectly as well , rather than singing them, which caused the director to scream at her. It should be noted that when on Lowered Expectations, she ridiculed the cameraman. Interupts once more You go now.

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I'm gonna go now! Opens her mouth to answer Ms. Interrupting her once more But we all waiting, go. I know, shut up, ok! No, you shut up! Stopping argument Ladies, what's going on over there? I don't-- Chuck Woolery: She knows the rules - Rick, just keep it moving along, please. I don't know, Chuck, nothin' like a good cat fight. Impatiently Just ask the question. Interrupts Rick Ok, what is the capital of, maybe Idaho. No, no, no, no, Rick asks the questions!

Ok, you no say Rick before, ok, ok. You know, I kinda like this one, she's quick on the draw, and so am I. You wanna think about that one for a second? Realizes what he has just said Shut - alright. Clearing throat 3, I've been away at sea for six long months Swan pins down the front of her dress, flirting at Rick.

Pressing imaginary answering buzzer Doot - doot - doot - doot - doo. Confused Bachlorette 2, what is she doing? I don't - I don't know, I have no idea.

Miss Swan Dating Game

Swan - Doo - doo - doo - doot. Hey, that my answer, you steal it! I'm not gonna steel your stupid answer! You're stupid - wait, wait, when do I get to answer? Ok, Pat, I like to solve the puzzle. Impatiently There - there is no puzzle!

Miss Swan at the Candy Store

Music plays Chuck Woolery: Ok, and that's all our time; thank God, Rick, just pick one and let's get out of here. Well, let's see, Rick knows a sexy lady when he hears one, and my gut tells me that sexy lady is 3.

MADtv Miss Swan Candy Store

Ecstatic Oh, oh, I win! Ms Swan come on down! Ok, well, first, let's meet the ones that you didn't pick: Bachlorette 1 is an aerobics instructor who is double jointed; say hello to Michelle Robinson! Sneering Ha, ha, ha, loser.