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If you were in a long-term monogamous relationship, would you consider your partner "open mouth" kissing someone else cheating? Your significant other is traveling and has the opportunity to stay with a good friend that you know they find to be very attractive. What's your stance on the situation? Five years later, you realize it was a mistake. Discussion and counseling haven't made a difference. You just don't love your partner anymore. How important is it to you to have your own unique "thing" like a weekly Girls' Night Out or Guys' Movie Night that you don't share with your partner s?

Would you consider connecting with someone whose relationship status is 'seeing someone' or 'married'? Is it a requirement that you communicate with your significant other daily, in some way phone, email, in person, etc. Which of these options most closely describes what you're looking for in your next relationship? What do you do? Straight women who kiss or fondle each other in clubs in the hopes of attracting men are How would you feel if your partner asked you to get tested for STDs before having sex with you for the first time?

You're in a romantic relationship with someone you really like. As far as you're concerned, how long will it take before you'll have sex? Which best represents your opinion of same-sex relationships? Would you ever change your religion or adopt one because your significant other wanted you to? If your best friend began talking of suicide and asked you not to tell anyone, would you be willing to honor their request? When a woman chooses to abort a pregnancy, should she be required to inform the father? If it comes to having children, would you prefer to adopt or to be one of the biological parents?

Would you ever consider adopting a child or being artificially inseminated on your own if you gave up on finding a life partner? If you were to die, would whoever goes through your personal belongings be shocked by what they find? Does finding a long-term partner give you license to "let yourself go," lower your standards of personal hygiene or appearance or gain large amounts of weight? Do you ever feel the need to get really drunk? How often are you open with your feelings? Do you keep a budget of your finances?

Without using a dictionary or other tool, can you choose the commonly misspelled word? It's okay if you don't know. Do you have a problem with racist jokes? Do you and your ideal significant other enjoy making sarcastic jokes at each other's expense, knowing that it's all in good fun? What is your back-up plan if you can't find a date on a Friday night? In mid, Chris provided new answers to hundreds of questions on his LevelUpKing profile. In the table below, Chris's answers are marked with an underline.

Action games to be more specific; sports games vary to me motion control on Playstation or Wii are good. But I would be honest of lack of interest, or give a chance for better decision obese doesn't count. Desperate times call for desperate measures; I feel pity for those that are so poor that they have to. The exception being hate campaigns fabricated by Internet Trolls, Cyber-Bullies and corrupted police people a. Wrongfully; I was found innocent, but the one overnight in the cell was emotionally scarring.

The charge was minor and was dropped. If a Hermaphrodite, I would raise it to be male regardless since it would not have any eggs anyway. Plus big bonus for him in sex with all women lesbians included I would imagine. It depends on which of good or bad people you've been more exposed towards, and your own shyness or aggressive response. I really loathe those corrupted Jerkops!!! My internal clock has been out of order for a long while, and would be appreciated towards realignment towards a day schedule.

I like doing good when I can. My late father appears often in my dreams. My self esteem has been low for a long while,. I Really Loathe the damn, corrupted Jerkops!!! I would cross dress more often if my mother was not against me doing it panties and bra included, but wear them anyway. As long as she was born female and was still female or a tomboy. You talk some TV?

Specifically, my own Sonichu and Rosechu characters and my city of Cwcville. The Trolls have tricked and blackmailed me into doing out-of-my-character deeds I am not at all proud of, and I would like to feel a Lot Less Stress from them if I can forget them.

In late , after Chris came out as a "lesbian identified male," he answered over more questions. An incomplete sample is provided here. As in the previous table, Chris's answers are marked with an underline. You would be an idiot for thinking the two to be the same. I do not believe it as an inevitable, but I do feel an open relationship is healthy for the happiness of my woman partner, especially if she feels need to take a break from me for a while, or if I am unable to please her at the time.

As long as we were mutually honest with each other. I would still be loyal and supportive to her. I sincerely wish it was not acceptable for Men to be topless in the first place. Not ideally, my internal biological clock is fickle. It tasted like chicken grilled. Punish the damned corrupted Jerkops!

As long as the person has the right parts for their half of the reproduction. The higher force messes with everyone's heads , and we all have Random Access Memory in our Biological Computers, so it can pop up even at random. My relationship would be open, and I would want her to be happy, as long as she was honest with me. It takes a lot of that something true, honest, caring and special to turn me around and keep me happy more often.

That's talking about Males hugging me; I would feel bothered if a male hugged me. Retrieved from " http: Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 23 September , at Content is available under Public Domain unless otherwise noted. No, it is unhealthy. No, it is against my beliefs. No, it is both unhealthy and against my beliefs.

No, I expect others to speak my native language. Imagine you are having sex with a partner, who begins to give you specific instructions on how to best provide satisfaction. Assuming there is no danger, would you follow these instructions?

How OkCupid shows off your individuality (in ways other apps don’t)

That would be the end of that encounter. I'd continue doing it my way. Yes, but I would be offended. I'd be greatful for the communication. Yeah, I like to read. What, me read if I don't have to? If I have nothing better to do. Do you believe that courteous behavior, such as saying "thank you" or holding a door, is important even when the other person involved does not deserve it? Yes No Only when no one is around Only when someone is around. A box of chocolates.

A carton of cigarettes. A creative item made by them. Imagine that one week prior to your birthday, you receive a package from a friend. If you knew with certainty that you could go to a wonderful afterlife and everything would be fantastic, would you kill yourself? Most of the time. Would you be willing to engage in mutual masturbation with someone? You would be pleasing yourself and watching them do the same, but no touching each other. Are some sex acts with consenting adults inherently wrong or immoral? Assume no unusual risk of injury.

Imagine that your partner has a horrible accident and is left in a coma and on life support. The odds of improvement are nil. Your partner's living will states that life support should be removed in this scenario. Which would you do? Remove the life support immediately. Follow proper procedures to get it removed.

Walk away and let others decide. Fight to keep partner alive. Embraced as an art form Accepted as free expression Censored to protect society. Freak out, grow apart, and eventually leave them Sympathize and make the relationship grow stronger Ask them to stop living in the past Thank them for sharing the secret. If you saw a really fantastic magic trick performed, would you want to know the secret behind how it was done? Not at all important. Intercourse Oral sex Masturbation Sheer force of will. Imagine your first face-to-face meeting with someone you met online has just gone well, but lacked the spark of your prior online contact.

Would you want a second meeting? Dating multiple people at once Dating one person at a time I only have serious relationships; I don't 'date'. You are unloading the dishwasher. You remove an item that seems entirely clean, except for one long hair caked to the surface of it. Wash the item by hand. Put the item back in the dishwasher. Scrape the hair off and put the item away. Leave the hair there and put the item away. See who's calling and decide if you'll answer. I don't have a cell phone. Right this minute, how clean is your main personal bathroom, say the one you use every morning when you wake up in your own bed?

Spotless, shiny, germ-free, clean clean clean.

How OkCupid shows off your individuality (in ways other apps don’t)

Clean-ish but could use a quick touch-up. Not awful, but it could use a good cleaning. I don't carry a wallet or purse. All the time Occasionally Almost never, unless explicitly asked about them. Never, even if explicitly asked about them. No Slightly, but that doesn't keep us apart. Yes, but anti-histamines solve that problem. I keep my distance from them. Mostly, occasionally it's really a Yes in disguise A No is just a Yes that needs a little convincing!

Never, they all want me. They just don't know it. Get up and do something Sleep late and relax It varies. I like to try a few times just to make sure. After the 10th time I call it quits. If someone intentionally damaged your property, would you be more likely to call the police, or to fight them? Which of the following do you consider to be the best explanation for the existence of human life on Earth?

Humans evolved from other species. Humans were created by a higher power. Humans were brought to Earth from the stars. I would rather be one of the biological parents. I would rather adopt. Either would be equally fine. Neither - I'd prefer to not have children at all. Voting power should be proportional to taxes paid.

Which of the following "solutions" do you think would provide the biggest reduction in crime rates? More and better trained police More and better armed civilians More and better implemented social programs More severe punishment for convicted criminals. While shopping at a superstore e.

Where do you donate the money? Right to free speech. Right to bear arms. Always start with frosting Always starts with the cake I don't have a consistent way of eating a cupcake. Imagine that it's your first date with someone you are very interested in. Which of the following works best for you? I'd meet them at a mutually decided location. I'd have them pick me up at my place. I'd pick them up at their place. Somewhere in the middle. Soft and in the background. I prefer to not listen to music. Yes, I'm scared of birds Yes, for some other reason or no reason at all No, what's the big deal?

No, and I hang a feeder 20 feet away. You stop to pick up a newspaper and notice that the coin-operated dispenser was not completely closed. No one is around so you have the opportunity to take a paper without paying. Which of the following would you do? Pay for a paper and close the dispenser. Steal a paper and close the dispenser. Steal a paper and leave the dispenser open. Steal all of the remaining papers.

Upon leaving a store, you realize you were not charged for an expensive item. Go back and offer to pay. Nothing, it was their mistake. Attempt to return the item for a full cash refund. Only if the recipient initiates the break up. How often should your significant other buy you gifts, jewelry, or other things more expensive than, say, dinner, cards, or flowers?

From time to time. On special occasions birthdays, Christmas, etc. If you had the opportunity to join the first manned mission to Mars but in exchange would never see earth again, would you do it? Of course, let's bring mankind to glory. Yes, there is nothing here that holds me. No, I'm not interested in space. Kids are precious - they love me and I love them! They're okay, but keep the unruly ones at bay. Which of the following types of toys did you generally like best when you were about eight years old?

Action figures, dolls, or model vehicles. Balls, frisbees, or other sporting goods. Would the fact that a partner insisted you were perfect had no faults and refused to acknowledge your shortcomings, bother you? I don't spoon - I only fork. It would be totally unacceptable. It might be ok, but I'd want to discuss it first.

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It's fine - I don't see any problem. It sounds sexy - Hopefully they'll hook up. Some is - Some isn't. I don't care either way. Have you ever used a fake ID to do or acquire something you were legally barred from as a result of your age? I'd prefer to do the searching. I'd prefer that someone find me. I do not approve of this. I approve of this. I might approve under special circumstances. I could not care less. Yes, as much as possible. No, they do not interest me. I only watch certain events. I only watch athletes from my country. When you are at the movies with your date or your friends, how much talking does it take to make you upset?

No talking allowed upon the start of the film Talking during and usually about the trailers Little comments during the movie. Constant chatter, to you, others, or a cell phone. Not thrilled, but go ahead. You come home and discover that somebody's broken into your house, and they're still inside.

Find the handiest weapon and confront them Call the police and let them handle it Spy on them from up the street, see where they go Hurry to a neighbor's and get their help. Imagine on your birthday you receive three books. One is a religious text. One is a scientific text. One is a novel.

Without knowing anything more about the topics or authors, which do you think you would enjoy the most? I don't think I would enjoy any of them. Is a welfare system a good idea? Or does taxing for it just take money away from hard-working people who earned it? Do you think that western medicine is better than alternative medicine such as chiropractic, massage, naturopathy, herbology?

Yes No, they are both valid. No, Western medicine is too invasive I don't know. Ideally, what portion of your total hobbies and other recreational activities would you like to share as common with a partner? I usually pay with cash. I usually pay with a check or debit card. I usually pay with credit or a credit card. I usually steal products rather than pay for them. Yes, but only rarely. I haven't, but I might try it. I'd be too embarrassed. How could that be any fun? Once, twice, or three times per year.

Four to ten times per year. More than ten times per year. You've been chatting with someone and are hitting it off. They e-mail you nude pictures of themselves. Very negative Sort of negative Sort of positive Very positive, maybe even send nudes back. Could you date someone who loved you with all their heart, and whom you liked a lot, but who was terrible in bed? Would you be willing to lie on a job resume or application if you thought it would get you the job and you were sure you wouldn't get caught? It plays a crucial part in who I am It's interesting, but not really Who I am is completely independent of my heritage I'm adopted.

I smoked in the past, but no longer. With tea and toast With a Champagne cocktail With words With oral sex. I don't like movies. Have you ever donated your money or your time to a political campaign or political organization? Yes - I basically agree with it. Yes - I basically disagree with it. No - I am not familiar with this idea. I have very deep knowledge of a narrow area. I know a little about almost everything. I know a lot about a lot. I am basically stupid. It really depends on the circumstances.

I can forgive, but I never forget. How often do you find yourself holding back your knowledge of a subject because of how it might affect your image? A first date has gone relatively well so far. You discover that your date has absolutely no awareness of any significant current affairs from the last month. How might this make you feel? How often do you find yourself becoming annoyed because other people just don't seem to understand the obvious?

All of the time. Once in a while. People on the internet don't understand me at all; they hardly gave me an in-person chance. They look wrong together. I actually like it that way. Interesting, but it really doesn't matter. Imagine while on a first date, your date brings up a controversial political issue that you feel strongly about. Before you can respond, they apologize and try to change the subject without revealing anything about their opinion. Give my opinion anyway. Try to find out their opinion. Both of the above. Go along with the subject change. True - Everyone thinks this of me.

It's probable that many think this of me. It's possible that a few may think this of me. False - Nobody would ever think this of me. Yes, all the time. Yes, if it's not too strange. If an acquaintance mentioned something negative about a person you just met who otherwise seemed nice, how open would you be to give the person you just met a chance? Somewhat open, I'd be very cautious. There would be no chance for this person.

Arrogance Being boring Immaturity No sense of humor. Imagine you are on a first date and accidentally discover your date is packing condoms. Which would be closest to your reaction? I'd tease them about it. I'd acknowledge it, but politely. I'd pretend I didn't see it. I'd end the date. I like to be taller. I like my partner to be taller. I like us to be about the same height.

It doesn't matter to me. Let's say you ask your partner a question and know with certainty that their answer is a lie, what do you do about it? Discreetly probe for more information.

Call them out and see where it goes. Terminate the relationship, effective immediately. Just a few close friends. More than people. I'd meet right away if their profile were cool A few days A few weeks A few months [or never]. Would you do something outrageous, stupid or adventurous simply because it would make a good story to tell later? Assume there would be no serious consequences to your actions. Yes, but nothing too crazy. Maybe, depends on what and who with. No, and please don't run with scissors. Pick the lowest of the following distances between you and a partner that would satisfy your personal definition of a "long-distance relationship".

If you had to pick one of the following locations for a first date, which would be most appealing? A bar or lounge. A city, state, or national park. Imagine you are in a serious long-term relationship and have decided it is best to break it off. Just before you can tell your partner, he or she gives you the following news: I'd still break it off as planned. I'd stay with my partner and never mention it. I'd reconsider, but eventually discuss it. You walk out of your home first thing in the morning, late for work and in a serious hurry because you greatly enjoy your job and don't want to lose it.

At the same time, a bird with a broken wing is struggling in some bushes nearby. Keep moving - sorry bird, I gotta roll. Stop and do what you can to help. Kill it - put it out of its misery. Keep moving, but feel bad about it.

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God My family or friends Myself I don't worry about such things. Less than five Between five and fifteen Between sixteen and fifty Fifty or more. When I go out to eat, I go to a large chain restaurant:. Exclusively Sometimes Once in a while Never. Yes, very Average No, not really. Very important Somewhat important A little important Not at all important. Yes, everything No, violence solves nothing Most of the time Almost never, but sometimes.

Yes No Not usually, but some beers I won't touch. Yes, solidarity is important No, everyone has their own responsibility It depends on the kind of suffering. One night A few months to a year Several years The rest of my life. Would you consider dating someone who had spent considerable time in a mental health facility? Antiperspirant or subtle deodorant only. Which is the smallest amount of money you would stop to pick up if you saw it laying in the street?

Get married yes, settle down no. Get married no, settle down yes. Well, a little Nope, but I see why you're asking Why would it? Catch it and put it outside. Find someone else to deal with it. That's so much fun! That sounds pretty lame. I don't do it but I suppose it could be fun. If you don't like it, don't watch it! Do you believe that it is possible to experience romantic love for more than one person at a time without loving one less because of your love for the other?

If you were to get married, would you want your partner to change his or her last name to yours? I would want them to make their own decision. Would you ever consider a relationship where you would take on an exclusive sexual role as master or slave? Yes, as the master only. Yes, as the slave only. Yes, as the master or the slave.

I don't have a favorite. It depends on the car or on the situation. It makes no difference to me. I sit quietly and enjoy the game. I cheer loudly to rally my team and fans. I yell obsenities at the other team and fans. I'm not a sports fan. Have you ever lived outside the country of your citizenship for a single period that exceeds three months? Would you be interested in visiting an Intelligent-Design theme park, where dinosaurs and humans are portrayed as having coexisted?

You and a friend take out a board game, and you realize that the pieces are missing. How do you feel about substituting with things like small cookies, toys, coins, etc.? I wouldn't even be playing board games. Just a fact of life. It'll be better for both of you. Sure, it's good to do stuff together No, we should maintain our own identities Maybe, but only if it seemed cool. Telling the complete truth. Not telling any lies. None of the above are close. I like it or love it. Sarcasm is formulaic and lame. Have you ever taken free furniture somebody else left at the side of the road for use in your home?

I like it extremely spicy. I like it hot. I like it a little spicy. I prefer it be mild. Doing and figuring it out myself. Watching someone else do it. Listening to someone explain how it's done. Reading about how it should be done. Imagine that you and your partner cannot agree on the choice of music. If you were driving and your partner a passenger, how should the music be chosen? I would play the music I like. I would allow my partner to choose the music. We should take turns choosing the music. It would be best to keep the stereo off. When in a relationship, what importance do you place upon celebrating weekly or monthly anniversaries?

Yes, all the time Yes, some of the time Rarely or never I don't ride bicycles. If a partner would not respond to your emotional needs unless you made them known verbally, would you have a problem with this? Would you consider dating someone who is already involved in an open or polyamorous relationship? I'm an information sponge Sometimes As long as it works, who cares why?

Role playing or strategy games. Sports or action games. Card or puzzle games. I dislike all of the above video game types. I've tried, but never finished a story. I've finished at least one short story. I've written many short stories. Regardless of where you grew up or now live, which of the following best describes the way you see yourself at heart? I am an urban or city person. I am a suburbanite.

I am small town or country person. Yes, I would be reluctant. No, not at all. A little, but I would be honest with them. I've never burnt incense in my home before. Have you ever recited a poem that you did not write to someone as a means of expressing your mood or feelings? Would you date someone who was currently in a relationship, knowing that you would "be a secret?

Depends on the person. Have the button replaced. Wear the shirt without the button. Give the shirt to those less fortunate. When you are angry or frustrated, do you ever throw, smash, kick, hit inanimate objects non-living things? Yes, frequently Sometimes Used to, but not any more Never. Completely free Have some censorship Be very censored Only say what the dictator wants! On a global scale, which do you believe provides the greater hindrance to world peace and unity?

White such as Chardonnay, Riesling. Red such as Merlot, Cabernet, Shiraz. I don't drink wine. If after years of being with a partner, you found out that they could not have children and would not be willing to adopt, would you want to stay with them? Do you believe that some people can see a person's soul, just by staring into their eyes for a few moments? If someone asked you, "What's the worst thing you've ever done?

Good timing; they only land between calls Body materials that are insulated from current Not touching anything else at the same time They do get hurt; they just express it poorly. One, two or a few. Really awesome, actually Very good Okay Crappy. Imagine you have a significant other who reveals they have a video of a sexual encounter from a prior relationship and offers to show it to you.

Would you want to see it? Once a day or more A few times a week A few times a month A few times a year or less. Hesitant, but I'd certainly consider it. I'm not interested in meeting in person. It's your first date with someone you recently met. Have you ever fired a real gun? If so, which most closely describes the deadliest type you have fired? The profanity The grammar They both bother me equally Neither one bothers me. Biological - Brain, senses. Spiritual - Soul, heart, spirit. A good topic for debate; my answer is too long.

A big, scary word. If your own toothbrush was not available, would you feel comfortable using a partner's toothbrush? The cat's out of the bag. The cat's feet are out of the bag. All the cat's are out of the bag. A friend has become homeless. Would you let them stay with you until they are back on their feet? If you were in a coma with little chance of recovery what would you like your significant other to do? Pull the plug immediately, I don't want to linger Pull the plug after months, gives them time Don't pull the plug at all, a chance is a chance. Yes - male vocals. Yes - female vocals.

I prefer instrumental or non-vocal-driven music. Just having some girlish fun. Sometimes, it depends upon the circumstances. Yes No Yes - And More. I'd rather be pursued. I prefer a little of both. Yes, I am quite certain of who I am. No, I'm still searching for my identity. I'm on the verge of finding myself. No, I have no clue who I am, I'm an empty shell.

I do drugs regularly. I do drugs occasionally. I've done drugs in the past, but no longer. I never do drugs. A person in a committed relationship who cheats on their partner or a single person who leads someone in a relationship to cheat? The person who cheats on their partner. The single person who leads someone to cheat. They are equally bad. Assume you have a homosexual friend who is the same gender as you.

Would it bother you if they hugged you? Only if I thought the hug was more than friendly. I am my own person. I consider their opinion but go my own way. I almost always do what my parents think is best. I always do what my parents say. My partner cooking my favorite meal.

My partner taking me to my favorite restaurant. Neither - I would appreciate both equally. Yes, I'm a culinary genius. Yes, with a cook book. No, but I try. No, there's always fast food. As long as you both agreed that nobody else would ever see the video, would you let a partner film the two of you having sex? Imagine that you have to move somewhere far away. You'll need to pack all of your stuff and take it with you. All your things could fit nicely inside Yes, I have many collections.

Yes, I have some collections. Yes, I have one collection. No, I do not collect anything. Tickle me until I cry. It really turns me on. I like being tickled during sex. I do not like being tickled during sex. I don't like to be tickled, ever. If a trusted partner asked you to submit to them sexually, would you? Assume that this would involve letting them collar you, command you, and have control over you during sex.

Your significant other has a hobby that you find boring. They're busy doing whatever it is they like to do, and you're bored. Go do something I like, alone Sit and watch to figure out why they like it. Sit and watch, resentful. Bug them for attention. Are you more concerned about possibility of being killed as a result of a terrorist attack or a traffic accident?

I wanted to retake it for fun now that I m older, but it seems OkCupid doesn t have it around, and all links I can find to it are I wanted to retake it for fun now that I m older, but it seems OkCupid doesn t have it around, and all links I can find to it are broken. Does anyone know if another site has an archived version of the test? Are you sure you want to delete this answer? You idea on this is the BEST. Please follow the same test.

Add your answer Archived version of OkCupid dating persona test? Any better dating sites then okcupid. Is there any free dating sites besides okcupid and plenty of fish.? Does the online dating site OkCupid. Why do single moms say this on okcupid dating site? Answer Questions What might lead to or onset avoidant behavior in childhood?