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Plus I'm getting really tired of doing all these problem sets. It's full of fucking tools. What's wrong with girls from PwC?

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It's like you've never truly experienced real, deep, unconditional love. The type that says "I want what's best for her even if it means we're not together. The type that makes you the person you are meant to be, and so much more. And it changes you forever. People say the worst feeling in the world is being lonely. The worst feeling is being forgotten by the one you'll always remember. And then you'll know money never was nor should be a primary factor, but rather, whether you two have that type of bond.

Would you guys marry a poor chick from a poor family? Poor chick are the worst. Poor chick ruined my life. I would never discriminate anyone because of his or her background. I know girls from poor background who excelled academically and now have handsomely paid jobs. Background really shouldn't matter, but apparently, it does considering the shitstorm this topic has brought. If you are madly in love and she has you wrapped around her finger, I don't think your mind will be able to overpower your heart. My cousin works for PwC. Poor girl will probably never get hitched Dude, so many white girls like this in Penn biomedical engineering haha.

Seen one you've seen them all. Don't know how she gets through the psets though. And the labs, my friends say they're six hours long - this chick has resilience. I am a poor "chick" i prefer the term lady, I am only twenty-six years of age and after reading your "outstanding" Paragraph on why you would not marry a poor women, I would just like to mention how i find you very shallow.

Money cannot buy everything, you are living proof , I suppose if money could buy anything you would of bought yourself an education? As long as you like her for who she is and she likes you for whom you are, who cares? To add on to what I said here.. Marrying a poor chick and marrying a chick from a poor family are two different things that need to be clarified in this thread.

Sorry for helping to bump and old thread. No, I would only consider PB models and the like. I know this is an old thread, but I stumbled upon it during a Google search and thought I'd comment. OP, you sound exactly like the jerk off who dumped me years ago because I was a poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks. He, like you, wanted a rich bitch with a trust fund and a pedigree, and I wasn't her. He felt that a woman like me, as impoverished and "low-class" as I was, would make him look bad. So to the curb I went.

How to Date a Rich Girl: a Guide from Gurus

You say a poor wife would be a liability to you? How do you know all poor women would foist their impoverished families on you? Isn't that an unfair blanket statement? What if you married a rich woman who was a complete head case and as manipulative and selfish as all hell? And my friend, I've met a lot of rich women who fall into that category! Wouldn't a woman like that make your life equally hellish?

A person's financial resources, or lack of them, don't equate to the quality of her character. Sounds to me like you'd much rather have a wealthy woman who doesn't give a rat's ass about you over an impoverished woman who worships you. I see that jerk off I just mentioned all the time, as he and I live in the same town, and the effects of his gold digging have mentally, physically, and emotionally broken him. Turns out his rich, pedigreed wife is an abusive, selfish, manipulative monster, molded and shaped that way by her parents' money.

By the way, as impoverished as my background is, I eventually graduated Summa Cum Laude from a private college and now have a "real" career and live an upper-middle-class life in an upper-middle-class suburb. Oh, and did I tell you that I worked menial jobs throughout school to achieve this lofty dream? While you consider that, observe how well-written this post is, devoid of errors of grammar, spelling, and syntax.

I'm sure you believe that high intelligence I obviously possess is found only among the upper class. In conclusion, I hope you never find a good woman to love you and that you get saddled with the same kind of evil rich bitch the jerk off is saddled with. You are a shallow, mercenary, social-climbing phony.

I just had to leave a comment. I am a young lady coming from a foreign country. I look like a supermodel I am Eastern European: I have a PhD in engineering. I had to get the scholarship for my Ivy league uni, and I had to work while I was studying. I made it on my own, and today I can have any man I want. A guy that thinks like you, is a douchebag, plain and simple.

They sacrificed so much to give me the life I have today I work in a hedge fund and have likely much bigger paycheck than you do. A man that would not be able to respect the fact that I do not forget my family, my blood and people that did everything for me is simply a person I do not want to waste my time with. Not for a second would I mind my future husband helping out his family. I would be proud of him, and it would show me he is a good man.

It would reassure me that he is the right person to share my life with. You will end up with a pretty bad person, but that is where you belong, it is just the natural selection. My partner is a portfolio manager in a hedge fund, and also helps his family they are not poor, but he always wanted to fulfill some dreams of his parents , and I could not respect him more for that.

Instead of thinking who will spend couple of thousands of your money, make things happen. Make more money so you actually do not feel endangered when you help others. That's what I did, and giving back could not make me happier. I transfer around dollars to my parents each month, and I even do not feel the difference as I make much more than I need. If a guy even tried to stop me from being a good daughter, I'd ditch him in a second.

My money, my problem. My parents will always come the first. That is loyalty, something you obviously never experienced. Good luck living your selfish life and sharing it with another ungrateful brat. Hi Lyna, I think you might be misunderstanding this thread. You don't fall into the "poor chick from a poor family" category as your income clearly demonstrates. Sending your money to your family, though truly admirable, has precisely zero relevance to the discussion at hand. You are an asset. The problem only arises when you start sending his money to your family.

That's the moment whereby you transform from an asset into a liability. You sound like you come from a great family with strong values but please remember that this is not a universal condition. Many otherwise wonderful people can rapidly develop greed, jealousy and hatred when they see their child or their child's significant other lead a lifestyle they could never even dream of. How would you feel if you were in a committed relationship with someone who was unemployed and whose parents ask you to "loan" them some money? Could you say no? What if they need it to keep their house?

What if they ask you for more next month? The fact of the matter is that money is a huge source of tension and drama that can ruin relationships and turn loving people into bitter animals.

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I have dated both ends of the spectrum, from the daughter of immigrant parents who's combined income was below the US poverty line to a girl with a nine-figure trust fund who's fathers name has been mentioned on this board. The latter situation clearly comes with some downside protection. Now I would never reject a girl on the basis of low socioeconomic status, but to pretend that there isn't at least some potential for drama and disaster is ignoring the truth of the issue. I get what you are saying, but there is a clear difference between an abusive partner and a partner that needs help.

My parents didn't need help as life in my home country is cheap , but I always wanted to make up for everything they did for me. And nothing on Earth makes me happier than things I do for them. They never asked a thing, I decided to give back on my own. I simply couldn't be happy while I am travelling around the globe, thinking that my parents left my country twice in their life.


So I take them to nice trips with me. And my partner actually appreciates what I am doing for my family. He just bought a new expensive car for his mom, because she always wanted to have that kind of car. I think he did so sweet thing for his mom. As an engineer, If I had a partner that has parents that are struggling, I would work through a logical algorithm:.

Is my partner making a decent amount of money and his parents are living in poverty? I am leaving him. He is selfish, and he is a liability long term. He could be selfish and ungrateful as he is not using his chance to help them or he's some version of a gold- digger that is actually abusing me. He's a liability long term. He's doing his best to make money and help his family, but he's e. I step in, and help! He's an asset long term, a good man, and I am happy to share my life with him.

Therefore, not all people are fortunate to make as much as we do. And I would not like to miss on good guys from that category just because I am scared that I will invest money to help his parents sometimes. Good man usually comes from a good family, so the chances that he's a nice one and his parents are abusive is low. And I'll take the chance.

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If this girl is independent and ambitious enough she will be able to support her own family. If she herself makes 25K a year why would she be begging you for the food on table? I agree, it is something to not take lightly and very important to evaluate your situation on an individual basis, no man wants feel like he is providing a life for somebody and taking every bit of the risk on when dating somebody. If it is true love and you feel comfortable with it, then more power too you.

Its not the amount of money she earns. Anyone can earn money if they put their heart and mind to it. Its the class they possess as a result of their privelaged upbringing which attracts me personally. And no amount of money or drive can buy that. You either grow up with it or you dont. I've only had two liters of Bombay so far today You seem to be winning. This is just silly. You're implying that there is a ceiling to a level of class someone can have based on the conditions they grow up in?

Take it from me here. I used to date a chick, in no small part because she was a Sweet Briar alumnus and thus had a decent amount of "prestige" cred. It wasn't even close to worth it. Instead look at what someone brings to the table Look at it this way: Those can more than make up for what a girl brings to the table money wise.

The girl I married grew up in a family that went through some hard times after her father came down with a medical problem that left him unable to work. As far as her level of "class" she's in an entirely different league from almost all of the girls from elite east-coast schools that I've met. I've never once had to make excuses for her conduct, whereas with every girl who had the "prestige" that the OP seems to want in a girl I eventually found myself having to repeatedly explain why said girl was acting like a bitch.

I guess I somewhat appreciate the conception of assortative mating. Marriage is more than just love from my perspective. Just to add one more thing. I think girls coming from a background of poverty are not shameful, but girls hoping some wealthy men will take care them are pretty hateful.

This Story Of A Poor Boy Who Is Rejected By His Rich Love Has The PERFECT Ending

Therefore, being independent while not being materialistic is very important. From my perspective, love is not just the only concern for marriage It is not only about a couple but also about two families. As long as my parents appreciate the girl, I don't care whether or not she is poor. Anyway, I do come from a upper or upper middle family, but my parents did suffer in a condition of poverty back in the old days. My dad just got his multimillion US dollars by capturing the upward trend of China's economic growth in the past twenty years. Hence, I do have lots of relatives that are poor.

The jerk off OP won't find a real wife. I'd find a woman with a humble background who is now successful than one who is successful because she got everything prepared for her and shits handed to her all life. It is true in many ways, but I think it is not always the case. Plus, money makes anybody greedier in general. That's why the rich goes on to be even richer. Anyway, it would also be least likely for me to marry a poor chick. But for different reasons that you said. The most important things for me is: The drive to succeed. If she is poor but determined to success through hard work, she's good to go.

The same goes for if she's rich but wants to be rich through her own hard work, not his father's. She sees value instead of price in things. I go for real connection with somebody that is actively working, wants to be working, and wants to have a future together full of love. A lot of women in the workforce that are attractive are looking for a paycheck so the ideal women scenario you seek will never pass you up because their will always be somebody with bigger pockets trying to flash cash in front of her.

If you are dating outside of college you find the dating pool shrinks, and the opportunities to establish a real connection with somebody diminishes. So, if you are outside of college and working a lot when you find somebody you are attracted to and have a connection with go for it. You don't want to pass the woman of your life because you are worried about one of your bullet points on your long laundry list of what a woman should have.

If I do hit it big and can afford my woman to stay home I would honestly do it. I see plenty of PM, traders doing the same, but I see that they married somebody with a alot of college debt from a fancy college. Having a lawyer, doctor or somebody uber successful as your marriage partner complicates thing. A woman earning more then a man in the relationship has its own dynamics. Well i am poor myself which it would Not matter for me, and with so many very high maintenance independent very spoiled and selfish women that very picky too certainly tells the story which many of them Are these days.

So many women these days are very high maintenance, independent, selfish, and spoiled which is a real turn off for me, and i would certainly rather be with a poor woman that could love me for who i am since they certainly would make a much better wife too. A lot of these comments are ridiculous. I come from a poor family, and my soon-to-be fiance come from a wealthy family. I'm glad my girlfriend doesn't judge my upbringing like all the people in these threads. IMHO, its more impressive to have drive and work your way up, than be born with a silver spoon, and I'm glad she sees that.

Anyways, my parents would never ask me for money, nor would most lower-middle class parents. They worked hard and are proud people, just didn't make much money. The concern that women from poor families would have families siphoning money off you is ridiculous. I'm sure it happens occasionally, but it's not the norm. I'll buy my parents presents and such, but I spend about the same my friends spend on their rich parents. You are they type of prick that makes everyone hate us - bankers. For me you people who talk about poverty only know monetary values, and not worth.

Where would you be if war broke out and the money you own isn't worth more than toilet paper. How about if you had to live off the street because the house's we're all blown to bits. All of your cars couldn't work because, money could not buy fuel to run them. Those poor guy's would share the little they had because they know how it feels. I know you mean rich guys would hold out the little you have until you had nothing but you would expect the poor to give you what they have because you simply think you are entitled to it.

What about the opposite? Would marrying a rich girl with inheritance or contacts help the man who marries her? What if you found some woman who you don't like and aren't attracted to who has that stuff. Would it be easy to use her for her money and contacts to move up the ladder then divorce? Or is everyone trying to do this competitive? I mean women do this so why can't a man? Popular Content See all. Log in or register to post comments. Consulting Case Interview Course. Crowdsourced from over , members. Trusted by over 1, aspiring consultants just like you.

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Poor guy dating a rich girl

If you do that than everything else will fall into place. Jul 20, - 1: Also, good women love you for who you are, not what you have. I just realized what it meant. Can't believe I am that fuckin stupid: You can tell a lot about a person by what their job is: She more than likely is smarter, will be more fun, and will want to get out and do something with herself instead of just sitting around and living off you which in turn makes her WAY more interesting Now of course if I'm just out for a good time well then I don't give two shits about what she does. Investment Banking Interview Case Samples.

Investment Bank Interview - Toughest Questions. Jul 8, - I'm marrying the girl i fall in love with Nothing worse than marrying some woman with some below average vag Jul 25, - 6: Jul 20, - 3: Jan 27, - Just found this thread, and I think yours is a great answer. I am very much in love. Jun 17, - Nov 2, - 8: Jul 20, - 2: Jul 20, - 4: Both had daddy issues, and because of that, were total beasts in the sack.

So the bottom line is: Jul 20, - 8: Jul 20, - 7: OP is a striving, insecure little middle class nobody. It's really this mentality that destroys this site IMO. Tougher to everything what https: Yep aug 27, dominated much more he s best millionaire dating. Similarly, dating site and women and off men. Nothing really are a girl chloe reece ryder is sure to compatibility or get her dec 2.

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I can never love you so forget about me. Go find and marry someone else of your level. Can you beat that? The man, hearing those painful words from the woman he used to care for, held back his tears and said nothing. I have important things to attend to. Have a great day! Because of that, he worked really hard. Furthermore, it is just like a mirror — you can only see as much as it reflects. Can you do a work of art in just 15 minutes? This is exactly what popular Filipino comedian Michael V. However, little is known about his other gift - his talent on visual arts. A year-old cycling woman from Germany cheated death with the help of her underwire bra.