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The West Memphis 3: This Is A True Story: New Movies on Demand: The Marie Kondo Book Debate: Who Is the Raven on 'the Masked Singer'? After eight seasons, 80 episodes, and countless bizarre characters, Portlandia wrapped up its final season earlier this year. No matter how weird or over-the-top this constantly silly series became, there was a note of optimism buried underneath its jokes.

'Portlandia' Season 8: The 10 Best Sketches of Its Final Season

Armisen, Brownstein, and director Jonathan Krisel loved to mock hipsters, progressive thinkers, and Portland, but few sketch shows were as loving as Portlandia. To celebrate this oddly sweet and constantly hilarious addition to the world of comedy, below are some of the best sketches from this new season. From celebrity cameos that will make you gape and rewind to jokes that are so pointedly stupid they become funny, Portlandia ended on a high note.

The perfect Portlandia sketch is equal parts annoyingly hipster, pointedly self aware, and unabashedly stupid. The more you watch these hipsters fake phone calls and bang on chimes in an attempt to make the police station more podcast friendly, the more you want to punch them.

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Framed against a white background and dressed in minimalist clothes, the Valley versions of Fred and Carrie argue about why ordinary sandwiches are too floppy. Funneling liquidized food through a sprinkler is clearly a better option. Brownstein plays a confident businesswoman in a conference room surrounded by men. Thanks to Fred and Carrie, her casual swipes transform into a well-oiled operation complete with a dick pic reaction plan.

Carrie Dates a Hunk

If love is war, then online dating is the nuclear option. While in a meeting, three businesspeople keep getting distressing texts. But instead of excusing themselves from the meeting and given their respective disasters the full attention they deserve, all three decide to text under the table.

Wyatt Cenac and the history of comedy and social justice

The premise alone is hilarious, but what elevates the sketch to the next level is pausing to read sad message. Oh the horrifying trials of a workaholic. Click here to find your IFC station number.

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Put a Bird On It! Trucks Piled with Junk Pile on the garbage.

Broken Windows I just supply the stickers, I don't know what happens here. Twins For twins of all shapes, sizes, and relation.

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Newly Divorced Singles Goodbye carpool lane, hello dating lane! Filthy Cars Time for a car wash on-the-go. Carrie Brownstein Co-creator, co-writer and co-star. Fred Armisen Co-creator, co-writer and co-star. Jonathan Krisel Co-creator, writer, executive producer, and director.