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A site that strives to be a big sister or mom to its readers, Good Women Project is open, welcoming and honest with its touching and real stories.

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With a mission to provide the best godly advice, tips and resources for unmarried Christians, Christian Dating Expert puts a lot of focus on how to find a Christian match who is on the same path as you. By relating dating to Bible scriptures, the site encourages readers to submit material that covers the gamut, including church life, parenting, discipleship and life ethics. While that seems pretty overwhelming, Boundless does it in a way that gives readers solutions they need for their problems through interesting podcasts and blog posts. The site uses passages from The Bible to make a connection to Christian dating and shows readers how to take a leap of faith in their life and spirituality.

The official blog of OneDaySix. From advice on relationships, singleness, dating, courting, praying, and finding purpose, these 8 bloggers are going to have your spiritual journey covered as a single woman from all aspects. Before I get into the list, I want to give you an explanation as to why these bloggers and even vloggers have made the list.

There are plenty of blogs for single women out there, but these made a list because I felt they were the best, more personal and they really encourage you to get yourself right with God above all else.

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Sometimes advice such as being celibate can be hard to hear because we live in a world where it is so easy to do what you want to do good or bad and no one sees anything wrong with it. These blogs help women understand that Christian singleness is not a curse and encourage you to get closer to God, get to know yourself, and they practice Biblical base teachings.

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Heather has been around for such a long time and I have been her followers for years. Now, Heather has over k Facebook followers and has an annual conference that she calls Pinky Promise. One of the biggest things that Heather is known for is not kissing her husband until their wedding day, and in case you were wondering neither of them were virgins. I also wrote about her in my Successful Christian women with a purpose blog. I was a , to say the least. I struggled by jumping from relationship to relationships on a crazy search to be whole.

And I broke up with my then boyfriend in March I knew it was a distraction. I knew that I had a call on my life to go into Ministry—there was no question and whoever I married needed to have the same vision. On January 4th, after church we started talking for the first time about the church fast that was coming up. I asked him if we could eat honey or soy milk.

So, YES— Cornelius started flirting with me on the low! Heather does not update her blog as much as she used to but she does deliver fresh content via her YouTube Channel. Check out her latest single sermons she had at one of her conferences. You know that you could not be reading this blog if I did not put myself up here. The remarkable thing about my blog is that I seek to empower single woman in ALL areas of their life and your relationships status is just one of them. I want you to have the best man, the best relationship, the best job, and I even want you to look your best.

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If you are a reader of my blog, I feel like you need to be at your best for God to bring you His best. You can read my about me page here, but a little bit of my story is that I am a single AND I am a single mom.

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I go so sick and tired of him, and the bad relationships that came before him and after him. The last straw was when I found out he had a wife yes as in married and a girlfriend, and me on an endless string of stupid. That is when I stopped focusing on me and starting focusing on doing the best thing for my life.

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You can also check out my single mom story here. You can check out my video on being single over This video was recorded a few years back. In a day and age when girls and women receive so many conflicting messages about their value, purpose, and identity, they desperately need to know that the only one who can define them is the One who created them.

The owners or married and young are well… married and young. BUT much of their site is dedicated to singles as well. Married and Young was started out of the desire to share their marriage journey with others.