Things to know when dating a russian woman

Expressing yourself within reasonable limits will not only become some sort of therapy, helping you release the emotional tension, but will also create an emotional connection with your partner which is, in fact, very important in any relationship. A Russian girl is not only an ideal wife, but also a best friend. Any man who was lucky to date a Russian girl will confirm this to you. Do you dream that your wife shares your interests? Do you want her to watch matches of your favorite team with you or at least not disturb you?

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Or maybe you want her to understand your problems, give advice and support you? All this is real, my dear friend, if you marry a Russian girl. Their approach to life is not as "businesslike" as our girls have, it is more sincere and meaningful. Agree that this is a very good bonus to dating a Russian girl. Family for a Russian girl means more than you can imagine. If most European and American girls "dedicate" themselves to careers, then to "fitness", then to useless diets, then Russian girls have clear and understandable priorities: Therefore, you can be sure that your time devoted to a career, does not go to the detriment of the family.

A beautiful creature will take care of it and she was born just for this.

Dating Russian women

And even hinder you, if you do not listen to her words. Responsibility must be your second name if you want to be successful in dating Russian girls. Do you want your children to have an ideal mother?

You need a Russian girl. No man, even with the icy heart, will stand before the charm and warmth that exudes the Russian girl who has become a mother. Her love is enough even to stop a military conflict, but this is not necessary for anyone.

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The maternal instinct is more developed in Russian girls than in other women. They are brought up in the spirit of traditional family values and this makes them special. Once in Russia, some entrepreneurs tried to open a network of courses for future mothers. So, this venture completely failed. They remained unclaimed because Russian girls are ideal mothers created by nature itself. If know how to date a Russian girl, she will make you the happiest father ever. A Russian girl is an ideal opportunity to get acquainted with a unique culture.

Russian girls are very kind to traditions. They are well aware of the history of their country, folk customs and culture. This is a very interesting topic that will help you not only better understand Russian girls , but the world around. In addition, there is a big difference between Western and Eastern cultural values. You will be surprised at how interesting it is to learn about another view of life.

Full Guide How to date a Russian Girl

Compared to their Western counterparts, Russian women are more open to male chivalry — and are more likely to expect it from you. Opening the car door for her, helping her with her coat, letting a woman go first when entering or exiting a building — all of this is standard operating procedure in Russia, but they help to make a good impression nonetheless. And speaking of entering and exiting: In this case, the male is supposed to enter first. This is probably so that in the unlikely case that there is no elevator, the female will remain safe.

First of all, buy them for her. Secondly, do not buy them in even numbers.

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If your date is minutes late, take it easy — she is more or less right on time according to local standards. The reasons may vary. What do you know about Russian superstitions? After all her mother told her that any girl who knows her worth never arrives on time.

Keep in mind that trying to find out what really happened is useless and might even be seen as rude. All women, including Russian women, like a man who can put in effort both in their day-to-day life and in their appearance. Why not dress to impress with your photos? Have a shave, brush your hair or at least iron your shirt! Remember first impressions count and your photos are probably the first time potential matches will be laying eyes on you.

Depending on your date, have you thought about a well-fitted suit, maybe updating your wardrobe or investing in some decent aftershave? Again, this is not rocket science. All women appreciate a man who is willing to go out of their way to please.

A survival guide for dating Russian women

Yellow flowers signify a break-up and red carnations are reserved for war veterans. Not too many women are looking for a man who will just stand back and go along with the flow. Russian women appreciate men who can stand up, take charge and be assertive. Again, being honest is a strength and showing that you are capable and assertive will be well appreciated.

Of course, flexibility is important but understand what you are looking for, is it marriage? Is it a future mother to your future children?

Dating a Russian Woman: Rules and Guidelines

These are important questions. If you know the answers to what is important to you, you will be better placed to understand whether she fits the bill. At the end of the day, you are looking to meet a genuine woman who appreciates you for you. With that in mind our biggest tip we can give you for dating Russian women is to be yourself.

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