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So you best learn how to seduce nos and maybes! Dates to have sex: Overall, this video gets 2 huge thumbs up from me. Never seen him infield unless he just handles management and not actually a pickup artist? I actually thought that was Social Kenny before I seen him on a justin video and realized he was white lol. I am mostly on the forum and not an actual member of jw inner circle of game guys but I know kenny wayne is solid but not going to get into what he does and all that.

Kenny you are from new york city too and you should have a history of piciking up girls here in the city. Of course I have that experience.

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Justin had a video once where he tried stopping the target and she kept it moving. A great tip is to learn pacing instead of trying to stop them to talk. You walk with them instead, and then get her to stop. Thanks for that tip Socialkenny.

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Re watch the justin video and check out the Bruce Wayne section where he approached the Japanese girl. Will help you too. Yo that was some solid fucking shit when Bruce was feeling some social anx and justin got him to go back and re approach the asian broad to then pick her up. What part of manhattan is the guys running game? I may be wrong.

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I know Union Square was his favorite. I pick up white girls and Asians as you can see in my videos of the past. My mindset is that all girls are seducible. Why the fuck did bruce not take that bitch home that he kissed in his last part? That was strange as fuck and shorty was already sold on the whole thing.

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So that was the case with Bruce. You become so good that you only want to pick up the hard to get HBs.

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I think I can see how that happen when the girl aint challenging at all. Bruce hit on some 1 night stand tips at the very end of the video but didnt go into it as much I expected. Never said I represented them. I actually said the opposite that I am not a part of his inner circle nor the company. I post on the forum. His forum was free and shit but now you have to become a vip member. We got like a million forums in the pickup community and dudes just losing credibility when doing shit like love systems been doing and failing.

New york has quite a few pickup companies but none really with credibility of actual proof of the instructors picking up chicks.

This is called frame battling and frame control. His frame [his mindset] is dominating hers. The third segment of the video features Bruce under the instructions of Justin doing some day-game pickup as he approaches and opens a Thai girl.

Then he turns her [classic PUA tactics]. This classic technique is subtle yet super powerful!

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So he passes her Congruence Tests by virtually admitting to being a player. Notice how the girl is very reserved and subdued opposed to the other high-energy girls. Also, because this is a seated set [the girl sitting], the dynamics are totally different, and your game and approach will have to be somewhat more subdued as opposed to high energy. He created such a good impression that she offers to give him her without him even asking for it [this is a HUGE sign of interest]! Very powerful seduction concept. This is a vintage seduction technique called Reward and Punish.

And notice how he naturally and smoothly leads into the hug without hesitating. The average guy, whenever he picks up a girl, he gets the and leave. Pay close attention to how Justin handles it. Most men will flop at this point. The beauty about this 17 minutes video is that it ends with the reality of game, which is that you will fail more and get rejected more than the average guy who has no skills!

However, the hidden beauty is: Visit the site Justin Wayne Dating , where you can browse some solid articles to get your skills to the next level. Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website. Yea that was priceless! The Thai HB was totally clueless to the plot.

It really takes diligence and careful observation to consistently pull her into your frame, especially when shit-tests come into the picture. Great analysis btw; your breakdowns are straight mathematical.

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Good observation Killer Instinct. I was focusing on his frame control too and how he rocks it. As you said, it takes observation. It really is a numbers game. Some guys only show videos of them having successes and never failures and that kinda creates a perfection mentality which discourages guys as you eluded to. Next time Kenny Pua, email me links bro. Yea jusin and Bruce are solid from what I see in the video.