I want to hook up with my best girlfriend

I slipped off my floral shorts and felt the air thicken as she flipped me over and began going down on me. I went numb as she pulsed my lady flower with her buzzing tongue repeatedly.

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As I reached the moment of climax, I saw the world twirl around me as moments of pure ecstasy and bliss combined and overtook my body. Just like that, my one and only lesbian encounter was over and I went back to my life.

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I guess for some people, girl-on-girl experimentation comes freshman year, but for me it happened the summer before college. Regardless of the timing, our encounter may be over, but the hickeys live on forever okay a solid week. This featured image is a stock photo from our database. The people photographed are not in any way associated with the story. That is, they tend to reference the men in their lives to make it clear they're not looking for a lesbian relationship.

Often, they'll self-identify as straight right off the bat because it helps them find the sort of GWB situation they're looking for.

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They're also prone to tossing out offers for girly BFF activities like brunch, shopping and mani-pedis, none of which are particularly relationship-y type activities. Girls, it seems, just want a best friend they can fuck. This makes cubic boatloads of sense, because usually, casual sexual relationships don't work with men.

Emotions tend to permeate the boundaries of the friends-with-benefits negotiation, and one party eventually starts to feel more than they were supposed to.

The Hook Up: All My Friends are Partnering Up, And I’m Still Single!

Furthermore, female sexuality is so poorly understood by the majority of men, that many women feel the only way they can express themselves sexually is to be with someone who understands their body and thought process. Call it gay if you want, but it's not as much about labels and sexuality categories as it as about casual sex that can be pleasurable without the wet blanket of emotion. GWB situations offer freedom from that, as well as a space where sex can be experienced as sex and nothing more. However, the amount of women who have had same-sex hookups is much higher — closer to 12 percent, according to the same data.

The numbers are higher yet among women 25 to 29; nineteen percent of ladies in that age group have had oral sex with another woman.

Discovering "Girlfriends with Benefits" — the sexy new sex trend

The idea that sexuality is a spectrum, not a category, and that a person can fall somewhere between kinda-sorta straight-ish or a teeny bit gay goes way back to the days of Alfred Kinsey, the famous sex researcher. He argued that while some people have definite sexuality categories gay, straight, bi , many others experience a range of sexual interests that fall somewhere in between them. Sexuality, according to Kinsey, is fluid.

Yet still, that decades-old idea has yet to catch on in mainstream America, who loves nothing more than to point a finger and ask, in a comically Southern accent, "What are you? Of course, that idea is media gold.

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What are they fighting about? I think we kids sometimes assume our parents have it all together, but life is rarely ever so clean. If it helps, bring your sister along when you have this talk. She can be a helpful ally and backup if the conversation gets tough. As the amazing lesbian poet Adrienne Rich described relationships worth fighting for:. It is important to do this because it breaks down human self-delusion and isolation. It is important to do this because in doing so we do justice to our own complexity.

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It is important to do this because we can count on so few people to go that hard way with us.