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I targeted attractive women in their twenties, with no kids and living in Bangkok. I generally tried to become their friends on Facebook, as you can learn a lot about someone from that site. I ended up meeting six of them. No big deal though, as I had plenty of choice.

I discovered that Thai good girls are ridiculously flakey. I had seven nights in a row when dates were rescheduled or cancelled mere hours before we were due to meet. This rarely happens to me in Sydney. Having a date organised with me is obviously bad luck, because the amount of sickness, rain, deaths in the family, urgent work demands and so on that follow is staggering. They were still interested, just at a different time.

They flooded me with encouraging messages, even after having just cancelled a date. They kept me up to date with their every movement, and assured me how much they liked me.

The 3 Rules of Thai Dating Websites [Essential]

If you like women who are in constant communication, then Thai girls are for you. N was the first girl from TLL who I met in person. Everywhere I went with her, I saw guys staring, their eyes popping out of their heads. We arranged to meet at her workplace just as she was finishing up. We went to a nightclub for a couple of hours before I invited her back to my room.

She ended up staying with me quite a few nights. She does have a tendency to get embarrassingly drunk though. A few nights after we met, she dropped a bombshell on me. She then sent me a message no man wants to receive: This was a serious accusation. If she repeated it to someone in authority it would certainly mean big trouble for me.

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I briefly contemplated fleeing the country as images of the police knocking at my door and handcuffing me raced through my mind. She told me it was okay and asked if she could come over because she missed me. M was the second girl I met. I'm looking for long term relationships.

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Who will be my partner. KofiT , 35 y. Bualin , 38 y. I am Taurus, cm 5' 2'' , 58 kg lbs. I'm easy going and a simple person. Jamjar1 , 21 y. I am Cancer, cm 6' 2'' , 68 kg lbs.

Online Dating in Thailand - #3 - Dating App Review

Recently moved to Bangkok. Looking to have a good time with like-minded person. I am Cancer, cm 5' 4'' , 55 kg lbs.

I have a good relationship with other people easily. I calmly and have humor. And various other personal characteristics that might be important to different people. Also, for the person looking, it probably opens the doors to a much broader pool of potential matches than you're likely to meet just hanging out on your own. Guys who work here perhaps have the advantage of being able to meet women in the work-related setting.

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But if you're retired or otherwise not working here, it helps to extend your network. Well Thai women are masters of photography and the art of the selfie. Combine that with a very fickle nature and female inboxes full to the brim with messages from willing suitors and it starts to feel very much like a wild goose chase! I have had great success on some of the dating sites, and by success I mean dating, finding a GF or partner, "not" getting laid each date.

If you want casual sex, go and get a bar-girl. I dont think there are that many alternatives for meeting normal Thai girls, they are ideally at work all day, they probably dont go to bars or clubs much, that only leaves the produce aisle at BigC. Online dating can still work but it has been ruined by guys wanting naked photos and casual sex, and hookers looking for customers.

I tried the produce aisle at Big C once, but got my face slapped when I started squeezing some melons.

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