Not connect to matchmaking servers cs go

Cs go problem not connected to matchmaking servers

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Please head over to our official Planet Coaster forums by clicking here: Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Cannot connect to matchmaking server. Whenever I try to enter a play mode an Elite I am met with a very long load screen before being told I cannot connect to the matchmaking server This issue seems to have started after the latest mini update. Is there any advice that people can give if they where able to fix a similar issue? Hopefully this information is able to help anyone else who has this issue.

Login to reply to this thread. What platform are you on please? After getting the "cannot connect to matchmaking server" several times in open and solo play I decided to try something else: I logged in and instead of trying to go into supercruise I jumped directly to a different system instead. Then i jumped back to the original system I was in and that also worked. I've been playing in this system for awhile now and I've not been disconnected yet.

We're looking into connectivity issues along these lines with the PS4. Odd that it's only just started up for you though and interesting that a jump doesn't trigger it the same way supercruise does. Looking at the time you answered I think time-zones are going to make it hard for me to communicate.

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Something else I have just noted is when the problem occurs it briefly shuts down my internet. I am now able to enter the game using a Private Group I have created. For now I should be able to play and hopefully the issue doesn't show up again. Matchmaking I also am having this issue on Xbox One in solo play.

I just purchased the game 2 days ago and installed the game with whatever the most recent patch was. A cursory look on the forums tells me this has been an issue since the game's release so I am shocked that the same problem is still around. I have reinstalled the game and restarted my console and router to no avail. I have been issued a ticket with support but the estimated time for a CS rep to even look into this is 72 hours. At the moment I am more inclined to ask Microsoft for a refund.

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You are not connected to matchmaking servers cs go

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CS:GO Your connection to matchmaking servers is not reliable One Click Fix

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