Rv sewer hook up

I have been using the Rhino Sewer Y-Connector. This makes it possible to connect all of my waste tanks to the sewer at the same time instead of moving 1 sewer hose back and forth.

How to Hook up and Use an RV Sewer Hose

Even if you only have 1 sewer connection on your RV you will still find some useful information here so keep on reading. If you have 2 toilets the only way to do this is to install 2 black tanks. This usually results in having 2 gray tanks as well. In my RV, the kitchen and rear bathroom sink share a gray tank. In the front, the main bathroom sink, and shower share a gray tank.

Why does your RV need 2 sewer hoses?

Each bathroom also has its own black tank. Obviously, you need a sewer hose, but there are a few other items you should have to keep everything flowing smoothly if you know what I mean. Then set your hose on top.

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Technically nothing, for the first year I had my 5 th wheel I would move the sewer hose back and forth between the 2 dump locations every time I needed to empty the tanks. This got old fast, the last thing I wanted to do while camping was play with a sewer hose every day or two.

16. How to hook up your RV Sewer Hose

The picture below shows my typical setup It includes all the parts listed in the 2 sections above. In this case I used the 3rd sewer hose. Leaving the valves open seems convenient right? You will never have to worry about dumping your tanks, everything will naturally flow to the drain.

How to Set Up Your RV at a Campground the First Time

You need a decent amount of water to get all the solid waste out of your black tank. If you take that cap off with the valves open, you are in for a surprise. Connect RV sewer hose.

Most RV sewer hoses have bayonet-style fittings and generally make a tight seal. Make sure to use an elbow not yours, a fitting that fits snug and deep into the dump station opening.

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You may need to use a soft sewer gasket depending on the dump station and location. This is an important step. Depending on how full your tanks are, you can expect there to be a good pressure surge as sewage enters the hose and makes its way to the dump station.

Tips for Full Hookup Sewer Connections

Keep an eye on the elbow going into the dump tank for leaks, raw sewage shooting into the air, etc. Allow the tank to completely drain, giving it adequate time to trickle out at the end of the process. Drain the grey tank. Doing this second cleans out all that raw sewage from the hose. Just like the black tank process, keep an eye on things for leaks. Take the time to learn how your RV works. You should be able to fix any minor problems and know how many amps your breaker can handle.

RV Full Hookups with Dual Sewer Hoses – How To

Take a practice drive if you are a beginner and bring tools and spare parts in case something happens. Remember to keep it fun and enjoy the road. Skip to content How much can you make renting your RV? Checking in at the Camp.