Why is goofy dating a cow

However what the Disney establishment isn't telling you is the goofy is really a cow. To be specific an Aberdeen-Angus Cattle. A fact that Disney would love to cover -up considering that Goofy's national origin is anything but American. In with American nationalism at an historic high, Goofy's true heritage could have created a huge scandal for Disney. A Scandal that would have finished Goofies career just as it was starting to take-off. Goofy's full name is Dipalwa Dawala. Born in Scotland, Dipalwa is the son of Egyptian immigrants and comes from a long line of hornless cattle called Aberdeen-Angus cattle.

Dipalwa came from a meager beginning and was discovered by Disney talent scouts during a livestock sale in Scotland. The talent scouts noticed his raucous laugh and clumsy charm and convinced him to travel with them to America to be a part of a comedy team headed up by up and coming cartoon comic, Mickey Mouse.

Once back at Disney headquarters, Dipalwa underwent extensive training. The Disney team worked with Goofy on English but could not entirely eliminate his accent. To solve the "problem" Disney trained him to adopt his trademark voice to cover up the hints of his Mideastern heritage. The Disney marketing team saw the American public thought of dogs as lovable and thought of cows as food.

Looking to induce laughs and not appetites. Disney team decided they would market him as a dog and shorten his name to Dippy Dawg. Although Dippy gained some fans with his debut book "The Story of Dippy the Goof", the response was underwhelming. The lack of interest left the Disney team split on Goofy's future. They decided to try one last time by changing Dippy's name to Goofy and gave him a starring role in the with the film "Goofy and Wilbur".

Goofy was a hit. After starring in his own series of "How to" films such as "How to be a rock star" and "The Art of Skiing", his star seemed to be on the rise. Goofy's career hung in the balance in the s with the birth of his son Max. While Goofy's screen persona was that of a dog he could not deny his bovine heritage. One day after filming he met his true love Clarabelle the cow. Clarabelle was an actress on the rise at Disney but saw Goofy for what he was, a handsome Angus bull stud.

Goofy was enamored with his new girlfriend and at the height of their romance, their son Max was born. The Disney team was outraged. The Walt Disney company was on a roll producing hit movies and planning to open a theme park in the 60's. They could ill afford to have a scandal that not only revealed that Goofy had a calf out of wedlock but also revealed his true identity. If the truth was exposed the public trust would be violated and the lines to buy tickets to the Disney blockbusters would dwindle.

Goofy was quickly cast with his son with and a dog wife in the short series Mr. After the failure of Mr. Geef, Goofy was taken out of feature films and reduced to an actor in film shorts.

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Once a headliner, Goofy films were now only being seen during previews and intermissions. Although his merchandise sales remained strong, Goofy decided to take more of a production role with the Disney team and spend time with his young family. He was able to spend time with his son and co-star Max and did not have to hide their relationship. Goofy, Max and Clarabelle were allowed to be together on set. Things finally seemed to be getting easier of the Angus cow family.

There was even talk of giving Clarabelle the role of Goofy's dog wife, Cuddles. The entire family was going to be on screen again until Clarabelle was suddenly stricken with Mad Cow disease. Clarabelle's illness forced the cancellation of "Goof Troop" so that Goofy could spend time with his ailing companion.

Despite great risk to his own health, Goofy spent day and night with his love Clarabelle. It was said that Goofy was often up at all hours of the night chewing cud and waiting for Clara's fever to break. Miraculously after weeks in bed, Clarabelle recovered but not before their son Max was stricken with the terrible disease. In , Max lost his battle with Mad cow disease on a farm in Northern Scotland. Goofy was devastated and most feared he would never return to acting again. Clarabelle was cast as a cow but Goofy was still playing the half dog, half human character he made famous over a 70 year career.

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Goofy and Clarabelle live happily in the Florida pan handle during shooting but return home to Scotland in the off-season. You can see Goofy and Clarabelle in the mornings on Disney Junior. The Disney channel also re-runs his classic "How to.. The physical evidence of Goofy's bovine heritage is obvious. His buck teeth are rounded and flat.

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Both characteristics of a herbivore. His cow nose is larger than that of a dog with flaring nostrils like that of a cow. Remember he comes from a hornless breed of cattle so it would not be unusual for him not to have horns. Goofy's love interest in the Mickey Mouse clubhouse is Clarabelle the Cow. The on-screen chemistry is obvious.


Disney often couples characters with the opposite sex of the same species. Mickey and Mini, Donald and Daisey both follow this pattern. So why would the writers at Disney have Goofy and Clarabelle coupled up? Could it be an attempt to reward the cattle couple for their years of loyalty to the Disney brand?

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Is this just a conspiracy theory or an extensive cover-up in the Disney corporation reaching all the way to the top? Has the lovable mouse been the mastermind behind the cattle controversy? Is Goofy A Dog? You be the judge? Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. This page is one of the first to come up when googling "is goofy a dog". Which is pretty scary really as people i know try to use this to claim goofy is a cow.

Which is utterly ridiculous. If anything goofy would be a bull and as such would have horns like a bull. He also wouldn't have dog whiskers, long droopy dog ears, or a dog nose. So conspiracy this is not. Ambiguity there is not. Goofy is a dog. Y'all can't tell me nothin' about goofy. How does he have a dogs nose if he's a cow?! Passionate about disney over here and I'm not afraid to take somebody down for talking some bs about goofy being a cow.

Mickey and Mini, Donald and Daisy both follow this pattern. A cat and a rabbit. Goofys original name was dippy dawg. Which makes him a "dawg" lol and he doesn't have flaring nostrils he has a small nose that looks wet. Just like a dog. Dogs and cows have always had a close relationship. Goofy is an anthropomorphic dog. Pluto is a regular dog. Animators are creative and play with perspective. This is not complicated.

I still don 't now wot goofy is he mat be a dog wolf or cow or diffrent animal. He has buck teeth and a big nose, because it's funny.

Clarabelle Cow

He's paired with Clarabelle occaisonaly because of the ambiguousness of his species. Although Clarabelle is more often paired with Horace Horsecollar. He was drawn, not discovered. He is whatever Disney wants him to be, and they want him to be a dog. Donald dates a duck.. Mickey dates a mouse.. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Goofy is more liberal and open minded.

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OR Maybe Goofy likes a woman with some junk in her trunk. Goofy is very into the wild side. Did you notice goofy is a "dog. This all runs like the impossible happy ending to "The Isle of Dr. Goofy has a girlfriend??? Well I guess if Micheal Phelps, who is very goofy in his own right, can get a girlfriend anything can.

Personally I am not sure what Goofy is. Maybe he is a goofy looking cow.

Is Goofy Dating Clarabelle - Clarabelle Cow And Horace Horsecollar

I actually thought Goofy WAS a cow! Well, that would be a bull actually wouldn't it! And he is in love with a thick gal not there's anything wrong with that Now Gymmy, you of all people would understand the diversity of love.