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I have always used this link http: The year of manufacture for serial number is Thanks for the input guys, and a big GunguyDan for doing your part to save our country. I guess my question really is "Why do you trust one source over another?


I tend to like what Schwing does as he explains that he is not giving the date of manufacture of the gun but rather the date of manufacture of the receiver of the gun. He goes on to explain that one would expect the receiver to be used to make the gun before too long, but also states that in some rare cases, the receiver could sit in the parts bin for conceivably a year or so before being used.

I guess my thinking has been that on the average, it would be used within a few months rather than a couple of years So, why as late as as the Bluebook and other sources state?

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Educated guess, or do they have shipping dates from the warehouse or some such they go by? On the other hand, why is it not possible that gun could have been assembled the following month after the receiver was manufactured I would have guessed as being the most likely year of manufacture for that model ' Of course, my thinking may be defective.

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I usually look up the dom as an afterthought. That is I don't look for any thing in particular, I stumble upon "bargains". I get antsy sittin round the shanty and head on down the highway stopping at any and all gun shops along the way. I've found a few "goodies" this way. Generally I can tell if its something ni ce but rarely can I guestimate the yom. LGS around my area are getting few and far between and making trips back and forth to validate particulars gets expensive.

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  4. I tried to find a book on dom's for all guns but that search was futile. And around here, unless you're a dedicated collector it doesnt seem to matter a whole lot If it's a firearm that can be lettered, at Cody, be careful with the "oldguns" link. If you go by Madis and his serial number dating it shows that this rifle should be a production rifle, but Bert Hartman went through all the polishing room records and compiled production ratios, for the first , Model 's. This is a standard , 32WS, and a takedown.

    There were 31, chambered in 32WS. There were 26, takedown rifles. Here's the link to all the data if any of you are interested. Now that's some good information Originally Posted by Old Man Pete, thanks for the information.

    Nothing like first hand experience. I heard my name mentioned, so I thought I should add a few comments; First, the serial number versus DOM information contained on the Oldguns.

    Second, Ned Schwing used the bona fide Winchester Polishing Room Serialization records when he researched and wrote his superb reference books on the Winchester. Lastly, I have personally examined the original historical records that are in possession of the Cody Firearms Museum, and I have copies of most of them. I am currently preparing a new Winchester serialization reference book that will dispell all of the confusion.

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    Some of you may have noticed that the Blue Book now has two different sets of serial number dates for a number of the Models. Now, and back to the question at hand Model 61 serial number was applied stamped on the receiver in the first few days of November By federal law, that is its date of manufacture, even though it may not have been assembled into a completed ready to ship rifle for several weeks.

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    Serial number was that last one made on October 31st, I do not have the day-by-day production numbers for the Model 61 or 62, but I do have them for the Models and and a number of other models as well. A name change, from the Model 62 to the Model 62A, occurred in the middle of when Winchester changed the breech bolt mechanism. This occurred around serial number 98, After that date the slide pump forearm increased to 8" and the number of grooves cut into the wood on the forearm were increased from 10 to There are three recognized models types of the 62 Winchester Rifle, and they vary somewhat in value.

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    7. In appraising the value of your gun, you must initially determine if you have a pre-war or a post-war production gun, and then if it is a Standard or Gallery. Then, if the gun has any factory variations. After selecting the appropriate Model, you will be easily guided to the value range. There are 4 steps to this process. Determine the Model of your 62 Winchester firearm Step 2: Determine any Variation of the model type Step 3: Determine Condition of your 62 Winchester firearm Step 4: Determine the Book Value of your Model Click Here to Begin at Step 1.