Asian guy dating black girl

To be clear, based on this article and many comments from Asian men, you understand the hurt associated with negative stereotypes and being considered unworthy dating candidates based on race, right? So please help me understand how you could complain about racism in dating preferences and then turn around and do the same thing to women of another race? I understand how the negative stereotypes have harmed you and continued to harm you and you do NOT deserve that. I also understand you have done nothing to start the rumors challenging your manhood and masculinity.

Knowing that you are not to blame for this stereotyping and that most, if not all of it, is untrue, why are so many of you so willing to accept it about another race? Pause, let me be clear — I am not interested in answering this question for myself. Thanks, white supremacy — you the real destructively divisive MVP. Also, never once did I concern myself with the negative stereotypes widely spread about Asian men — also thanks to White supremacy — or more accurately feelings of White male fear and inferiority.

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My only goal is to expose a hypocrisy here and hopefully get you to think outside the box or at least stop asking for special consideration. To be clear, preferring to date intraracially is not inherently negative. Perhaps it is due to the spell of white supremacy starting to fade.

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It may be, also, based on the increase of positive Asian representation. It could also be that Asian men are listening to the valid concerns of Asian women, centering their needs and desires and acting upon that. Asian women, I am happy for you in that your men, based on these results, seem to be seeing you with new loving eyes. I have seen the harm in threads of Asian men shaming Asian women for interracial dating, especially when it comes to dating White men. I will continue to strongly support your right to date whomever you choose.

Dear Asian Men: Stop Perpetuating Dating Racism

What I could not ignore was the negative increase in anti-Blackness in the study. It is odd, as the increase in love and admiration of black culture is steadily increasing, but the love of Black people, especially Black women, is not improving. The reason for my focus here was the framing of the issue with Asian men feeling less desirable and emasculated, which was the intended goal of the negative stereotypes associated with Asian men. Black women are feeling a similar burn on the spectrum of negative stereotyping that associates them with masculinity, and they are being hit worst of all, with even Black men not favoring them more than women of other races.

I am not expecting an overnight shift, I am simply trying to get people to realize how hypocritical it is to complain about a situation that the individual plays an active part in.

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You are worthy and deserve partners that are bright enough to look past negative racial stereotypes introduced under a White supremacist model meant to tear you down and present you as the opposite spectrum of purity and beauty as they would have others do for them, that can love and appreciate you no different than they would a person of their own race, and that sees your humanity and values your diverse uniqueness.

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Inside the Underground 'Asian Men Black Women' Dating Scene

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