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Most black models have a shiny finish, however there was also a black matte or crinkle finish model produced for a short period of time during WWII, shown on the right, and it is very collectible and commands a premium price. White models range in color from creamy white to ivory to "celery" or a pale green-white. Tan models range from creamy beige to light brown.

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White and tan models tend to fluctuate in popularity so prices can be up and down, but typically they bring similar prices to comparable condition black Featherweights. Featherweights were never produced in red, blue, purple, raspberry or anything similar. Nor were they ever produced with floral decals or polka dots. Some people like them for their novelty, but they are not original or rare, and they are not something we buy or sell.

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Singer and sewing machines came in a "leatherette" covered rectangular wooden carry case which make them "the perfect portable". The serial number on the bottom of the machine can be used to figure out the approximate production date of the sewing machine. You can find dating charts on various internet sites, including Singer's own site.

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Although often referred to as the machine's "birth date" it is more accurately the date the production run for that series of machines was assigned. Although the basic design of the Singer sewing machine stayed the same over the years there were several variations in cosmetic appearance. Earlier machines had what collectors refer to as the Egyptian scrollwork pattern etched on the chrome plated endplate. - Singer Serial Numbers

Later machines had a striated or striped design faceplate. The pattern of the gold decal around the perimeter of the bed also went from a more circular scrollwork design to a more geometric linear pattern. Machines that sew well but show loss to the gold decals, or scratches, or chipped paint sell at the lesser end of the range. It's all in the details of condition, and even minor blemishes makes a huge difference in price. Singer model s and machine that are unusual variations sell for much more.