Dating your step brother wrong

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My mate has a kid with his step sister although their parents are not married but all live under the same roof. Follow 3 Part of me thinks its fine bcus im reality jt is, but then when i start to think about it more, i shudder with discontent Posted from TSR Mobile. Follow 4 Original post by Anonymous My stepsister and I have been close ever since our parents married which is about 10 years, up until now it has just been normal but it is changing now. Follow 5 Follow 6 Genocidal Follow 13 followers 16 badges Send a private message to Genocidal.

Follow 7 Webbed hands and six toes are on the way! Mimsycrafts Follow 5 followers 11 badges Send a private message to Mimsycrafts. Follow 8 I can't see this ending well. You've been brought up as siblings and you should respect this.

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Follow 9 Technically speaking, there is nothing wrong with this. It is not as if for the past 10 years you have not known you were not related to each other, something that the other posters here don't seem to realise. It's like you've been living wit a friend for 10 years, and now you want to date said friend. As long as you and her feel good about this there is no problem. Some may say "But your parents raised you as brother and sister!

You raised in the same house and have grown close as a result - that's it. You can only be brother and sister through blood relation, so you two are not related and you should do what you both feel is right.

Is it terribly wrong to date your step-brother?

Ndella Follow 52 followers 18 badges Send a private message to Ndella. Follow 10 You're not blood-related, do whatever you want. Follow 11 Original post by Genocidal Webbed hands and six toes are on the way! Follow 12 Would hate to have a hot stepsister. Follow 13 Original post by ChaoticButterfly I don't think you understand how genetics work. Are you hoping someone will convince you otherwise? At 17, she might just see you as that really cool college guy who's ahead of her in school like the freshmen dating the seniors.

Socially acceptable shouldn't be a factor. There are a lot of things that are socially acceptable in certain parts of the country that would be totally offensive in others. That sounds like a whole can of worms that you don't want to open. She sounds like she has a few of her own problems to sort out, you even state several times that it makes you feel uncomfortable, just imagine that times for your whole family.

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I know it's awkward, but you need to talk to her asap and get this settled straight, before you lead her on. Something about this seems sketchy, not on your end, on hers.

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Maybe she is doing this just to cause trouble for her mom's new husband. Something just does not seem right here beyond the step sibling aspect. It's a strange situation, yes. To be fair, you two didn't grow up together and you're not blood-related so given the context, it isn't as bad as it sounds. You have to talk to her about how she feels about it. You two can go on one date and just feel it out, a bit. Does it still feel right? Does it feel strange? You two can see each other but withhold any sexual contact 'til you both feel right about the relationship.

Keep in mind that she is still 17 and you are So withholding sexual contact is your safe bet. I think you should only pursue the relationship if you think it can be a serious one. Casually dating your step-sister isn't a good idea.

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  • Is it wrong to date your step brother?.

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Is it ok to date my step-brother?? - relationship advice

You may also be permanently banned. You can state your opinion in a constructive manner. Never go for a relative even if they aren't blood related. Well step brother can be k, so long as you were not raised together, or else you're more like brother and sister, which is form of strange, however naturally ok, due to the fact that there is no chance of beginning defects because of inbreeding But i might say step dad is off limits given that mom commonly would not appreciate it except you are each estranged from her, which then out of the blue it becomes ok morally, and there is no obstacle with having his youngsters considering the fact that you don't seem to be quite associated genetically.

I'd say it is crossing the road, and correctly I knew any individual who had her step father's child, which made for an ugly obstacle loved ones smart. I might prevent it if at all feasible. As for the last identify factor, I really do not know. The identify factor is always so complicated. Normallysince you are in no way related it doesnt seem to be a problem but now he is your step brother? I mean i guess it would be weird but hey if its not illegal why that hell not?

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You said your mom has been dating the her boyfriend for a year right? So there not married therefore i see nothing wrong with that.. You know kind of reminds me of the movies lol also wouldnt this be the same type of question if twins married other twins would that be morally wrong im a twin but no way i would marry my bro girlfriends twin if she had one that is. It is possible he can be your new father. It would be wrong.